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The ability to virtualise Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is important and very useful as it is the only way to use Rosetta MacStrategy presents a special guide to doing just this. This is a legal requirement by Apple. You are legally allowed to virtualise the server version but not the normal, client version. Now during MAC OS X booting you will see the ModCD boot-loader. Select MAC OS X & Enter busratio=20 cpus=1 command. And press Enter as shown below. Again you need to press Enter to continue, Here we go MAC OS X Snow Leopard under VMware workstation. Previously, VMware Fusion supported virtual Macs running Lion, Lion Server, Snow Leopard Server, and Leopard Server. Apple’s operating-system license policy during the Leopard and Snow Leopard eras.

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VMware interpreted Snow Leopard's original end-user license to NOT allow Snow Leopard non-server Mac OS X to be run in a virtual machine. ONLY the Snow Leopard Server license explicitly allowed it to be run in a virtual machine.

  • With VMware Fusion, Intel-based Mac users have many capabilities. Run your favorite Windows and Linux applications on any Intel-based Mac, without rebooting – VMware Fusion runs on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Leopard, and supports over 90 operating systems, including Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7.
  • Before using VMware Unlocker, you can see whether Apple Mac OS X is available in the Select a.

So VMware Fusion knows you are not trying to run the server, and VMware is refusing to do it. It is not a technical problem, just a business decision on the part of VMware. Parallels and VirtualBox took the same position back when Snow Leopard was the current Mac OS X.

It should still be possible to get the Snow Leopard server DVD. VMware Fusion will install and run that without complaint

Mac Os X Leopard Vmware


With the release of Lion, the end-user non-server license explicitly allowed running in a virtual machine, and so does Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite. I'll assume El Captain does as well, but it is unreleased software at the moment.


Mac Os X Snow Leopard Iso For Vmware

Is there any latest official statement from Apple or VMWare (not community forums) which allows/decline 10.6.3 on Fusion.

Vmware For Mac Os X Leopard

We are NOT Apple, we are just Mac users, like yourself, so we are not in a position to give official statements. But if you consider that every commercial virtual machine software vendor refused to load non-server Snow Leopard clients, that their lawyers looked at this very closely and decided it was not worth a law suite with Apple. Again a business decision, not a technical decision.

Mac Os X Vmware Player

Otherwise How to do the installation.

Mac Os X Leopard Vmware Image

Since it is assumed running non-server Snow Leopard in a virtual machine is against the license, it would be a violation of the forum rules to give out instructions, if we knew them.

Vmware Tools For Mac Os X Snow Leopard

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