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Visual Studio Code is free and available on your favorite platform - Linux, macOS, and Windows. Download Visual Studio Code to experience a redefined code editor, optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. Visual Studio 2017 for Mac. Visual Studio Test Professional 2017. Visual Studio Team Explorer 2017. Agents for Visual Studio 2017. Visual Studio Express 2015 for Windows Desktop. Web Installer Download 2013 Visual Studio 2013 and Other Products. To download any product from the following list, click the download button and log in with your.

Visual Studio Code is not Visual Basic Express, nor does it recreate the underlying Microsoft Windows system features and libraries that Visual Basic Express expects. If the school requires Visual Basic Express, then you need to provide your son with a Windows solution on his Mac. Depending on the school's business relationship with Microsoft, they may offer a less expensive, and even potentially, a free version of Windows 10. Inquire.

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Visual studio 2010 express free download - Visual Studio Code, Visual SEO Studio, Real Studio, and many more programs. Enter to Search. My Profile Logout. With Visual Studio for Mac you can write in C#, F#, Razor, HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Typescript, XAML, and XML. Open the folder or file in Visual Studio Code. Run Device Simulator Express: Open Simulator from the command palette or icon in the editor toolbar. Select the device you want to use. Run your code on the simulator. Run Run Simulator from the command palette.

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Your options for running Windows 10 on the 2015 MacBook Pro with El Capitan, are:

  • Apple's Boot Camp Assistant (included) with El Capitan in /Applications/Utilities.
    • Creates a separate, bootable (not virtualized) partition on the Mac and installs Windows 10 into it
    • One can choose to boot into OS X, or Windows 10.
    • Apple provides specific drivers for Windows 10 for MacBook Pro hardware compatibility.
    • Thoroughly read the above link before plunging into a Boot Camp installation.
  • One of three virtual machines to run Windows 10 concurrently as a guest OS with OS X
    • Free
    • Expects a Windows 10 ISO (.iso) installer
    • Parallel's Desktop
      • Currently $79/year home/student
      • Purchased from Parallels Site
      • Parallel's Lite (free) in Mac App Store requires $60/yr in-App purchase to install Windows
    • VMware Fusion
      • Currently $79
      • Purchased from VMware Fusion site

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Your son can run any of these solutions on the 2015 MacBook Pro with El Capitan. If it is an 8GB RAM machine, you may want to caution about running any other applications while using the Virtual Machines, or your son may run out of memory. I currently run Windows 10 w/Fall Creator's update in VirtualBox 5.2.6 on a 2011 Mac mini with 16GB RAM.

If you go the VirtualMachine route, I would assign 50 GB - 75 GB of storage to the guest container because of the continuous inundation of bloated Microsoft updates, and additional software (development) installations. The Creators updates are close to 7 GB each. You might let Time Machine back this up the VM guest once, and then in Time Machine Preferences, add the VM directory to the exclusions. Each time you change something in the guest container, Time Machine will back it up, and it is a quick way to exhaust a Time Machine drive.

Feb 17, 2018 4:26 AM

Some gotchas:

  • I was trying to run these from visual studio terminal which should work but using the system terminal was better, less prone to error
  • “npm init -fy” didnt work on my computer
  • Only doing “npm init” was asking for package, so I did -y
  • server.js looks like
  • of course, make sure you have Heroku account beforehand
  • don’t forget to add a favicon.ico file on the root, Heroku app will crashe without it.
  • Package.json looks like this

Using Visual Studio On Mac

  • That’s it
  • REALLY!!
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