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PC gamers often turn this off for more predictable and linear in-game movement, but on a Mac, it isn’t always as simple as ticking a box. To turn off acceleration, open your Terminal app, which is found in the Utilities folder in Applications. For free options, check out the best free games on Steam and best free browser games. Need a new system to play these games on? You can build an entry-level gaming PC for around $750, or our. Browse the top-ranked list of Mac Pc Games below along with associated reviews and opinions. The Sims 4 - Mac, Windows. ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+) Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars with 1252 reviews (1,252 reviews) Top comment.

Emulator is the software that helps us to run multiple OS on a single hardware. It typically helps one OS to behave as another for as much amount of time as we want and then switch back to our original OS. This in turn helps people to run different apllications exclusively for various OS on a single platform. Like if you have an Windows PC emulator, or the iOS one, you can run Windows or iOS appliactions on your Mac computer, especially good for app developers.

Mac PC is now common around the world, and it’s not surprising that some people would want to play game with it. But there are some games that only built for Windows, Nintendo or other devices, and hence you may need the game emulator for these games to run on Mac OS. So, here in this article, we will show you some of the best Game Console Emulators for macOS.

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Top 15 Gaming Emulators for Mac Computers

1. Virtual PC for Mac

This emulator by Microsoft aims to emulate Windows OS on your Mac giveing you the freedom to run those programs specifical for Windows OS that you can not use on your Mac OS.
This game emulator will successfully take out your worry about the fact that you cannot run your Windows games on Mac. This Windows emulator will work as Windows 7 version, which may be a bit outdated but still it can do your job perfectly.

Download: Virtual PC for Mac

2. XBOX 360 Emulator for Mac

As the name suggests this is an XBOX oriented emulator completely made for Mac OS. For playing XBOX games, XeMu360 emulator is the most widely used emulator. This is comparatively a new software and it does support almost all XBOX games.
This is a very powerful emulator so that Mac OS users can enjoy playing XBOX games on it flawlessly.

Download: XBOX 360 Emulator for Mac

3. Playstation Emulators for Mac

PCSX-Reloaded is one of the the best emulator that can be installed on your Mac OS ideal for playing Playstation games. As an open source software, this emulator gives you the freedom to install it on all versions of Mac OS. Things become much simpler and easier after its installation process has been modified recently.
It would be better to keep all your playstation games inside one folder on Mac. Then after installing PCSX-Reloaded all you have to do is to drop the game you want to play in it. The emulator also has a built-in BIOS and the ability to edit memory cards as well.

Download: Playstation Emulators for Mac

4. Nintendo 64 Emulator for Mac

Mupen64 is one of the well-known emulator for Nintendo 64 to use on Mac OS. This emulator is very stable and compatible with all types of Mac OS.

However, you will require to install the GTK+ for this Nitendo 64 emulator to work smoothly. GTK+ is a graphical toolkit that needs to be installed on the Mac to process graphics. GTK+ will remains in the background and rightly handles the graphics of the N64 ROMS on Mac.

Download: Nintendo 64 Emulator for Mac

5. GameCube and Wii Games Emulator for Mac

Dolphin is one of the best game emulator for macOS to run GameCube, Wii and Triforce games. This emulator is very much compatible with multiple platforms including the macOS. It is also free to use as an open source project. The emulator works well with macOS 10.6 to 10.8 and is very user friendly as well.

The only thing the user needs to do is to specifiy the BIOS file which comes always with the ROM. When you start playing the game, Dolphin emulator automatically senses the game file and starts playing it on Mac.

Download: GameCube and Wii Games Emulator for Mac

6. OpenEmu

OpenEmu emulator is one of the most reliable emulators in the market, compatible with Mac OS 10.7 and higher. Being very user friendly, it also has an iTunes type menu. This is the ultimate gaming emulator that detects the game Roms according to their requirement.

OpenEmu – How To Run Emulators on a Mac N64 PSP SNES NES And More!

OpenEmu supports a great number of consoles like:

  • Game Boy
  • NeoGeo Pocket
  • Game Gear
  • Sega Genesis and lot more

Download: OpenEmu

7. RetroArch

RetroArch seems to be an all-in-one emulator for macOS that helps the users to play any kind of retro games. The emulator even can be used to play PlayStation 1 games and older ones as well. In the handheld game console RetroArch even supports Game Boy Advance games. It is totally based on the number of cores with each of the core emulating a console.

Download: RetroArch


The name PPSSPP stands for Playstation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably, which is an emulator for playing PSP games. The emulator was originally created by Dolphin developers and is widely used across the globe. PPSSPP is very easy to install and to use on Mac, and also it supports a wide number of PSP games.

Download: PPSSPP

9. ScummVM

This emulator is speifically designed for those people who like to play point-and-click games. SucmmVM is supported by macOS and uses the Scumm scripting language shown as its name. The emulator also supports many of the adventure games like the Monkey Island 1-3, Sam & Max and much more.

Top games for mac and pc gaming

Download: ScummVM

10. DeSmuME

DeSmuMe is another emulator for macOS that helps users to play with the dual screens of Nintendo, i.e. by simulating dual screens on the monitor itself. The emulator also supports games that we want play on the devices sideways.

The best part of this emulator is that its constantly being modified by developers and new features are getting added to it on a regular basis. And now over the years this has become one of the best game emulators for Mac in the market.

Download: DeSmuME

11. DosBox

As the name suggests this emulator is purposefuly made for DOS based programs. Many DOS based games are still played by users; so to make those games available even on macOS this emulator has been created.

Download: DosBox

12. Xamarian Android Player for Mac

This is an Android emulator that can be run on macOS so that you can play the millions of Android games onto your Mac. Xamarain Android player also supports OpenGL and actually virtualizes the device instead of simply emulating it.

This also helps to enhance the performance of your Mac. The emulator has a great integration with both the Visual Studio and the Xamarin Studio, and this one has a native user interface.

Download: Xamarian Android Player for Mac

13. PS3 Emulator for Mac

PS3 emulator typically supports macOS and allows users to play PlayStation 3 games on Mac. It is completely free and only need you to have any PS3 supported game. This gives complete freedom for users to choose whatever PS3 game they want to play on their Mac.

Download: PS3 Emulator for Mac

14. iOS Emulator iPadian for Mac

As its name suggests, this is an emulator that helps you run iOS applications on your Mac. By downloading this simulator, users can use iPad applications on a Mac as well. The best iOS emulator currently available is the iPadian.

This emulator is based on Adobe AIR and readily creates an interface similar to iPad on your Mac. iPadian is a very good emulator if you are just looking to run iOS appliactios and games on your Mac flawlessly.

Download: iOS Emulator iPadian for Mac

15. Visual Boy Advance

The Visual Boy Advance, also known to be the Mac Boy advance, can play almost all games of the Nintendo consoles on Mac. This GBA is written and developed specifically for the OS X and is compatibile with almost all kinds of macOS.

Download: Visual Boy Advance

So, here are our top 15 picks of game consloe emulators that you can readily download onto your Mac and seamlessly enjoy Android, DOS, Windows, iOS and much more experiences. By this way, you do not have to buy other kinds of OS, but just an emulator that will help you to run other applications on the single macOS.

Each of these emulators for Mac has its own advantage, and gaming on them is another treat to be honest. With such wide variety of support for games, you can download each of them and find out your favorite one and play all along. If you have any other good suggestion or question, welcome to comment down.

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Some say that Mac computers and gaming don’t always go well together. They believe that the best gaming experience can only be provided by a Windows-based machine. Well, a part of it is true. Long ago, Mac didn’t have enough power to support these games. But as we said, it was long ago. Mac gaming has already come a long way.

Recently, Mac’s gaming library has been updated. More free Mac games have been added, impressing a lot of loyal Apple users. We’ve come up with a list of the best games to play on Mac for all you devoted Apple fans. Take note that these games are listed in no particular order. So, try whatever Mac game captures your liking.

1. Subnautica

If you find yourself on a mysterious planet without humans and dry land, what would you do? We’d understand if you’d panic at first. But, human instinct suggests you better find a way to survive.

That is the plot of the game Subanutica. Since it was released last January, it has drawn so much praise and attention from critics and players. It is a survival game that puts your survival instincts to a test. When playing the game, you will be challenged to explore what’s waiting for you in a thriving ecosystem underwater. After all, it’s a game of science and survival.

Play Pc Games On Mac

2. Vagante

If you are a fan of dark-themed games, Vagante may be the perfect game for you. Though its concept is more like a rogue game, at least, you have company to go at it. You can conquer levels alone or with the help of other players via local connections or online. Now, if you also like your game literally dark, don’t worry. Vagante is set in a dark, dreamlike world if demons, monsters, villains, and a cave. Yes, a cave that is believed to house unfathomable treasure. We cannot tell so much at this point since nobody has ever yet returned from its depths.

For those players who wish to customize their characters, here is something that might excite you. Character customization is made possible. That way, you can be stronger and be able to pick up enchantments that could be the key to solving certain levels. Be warned, though. You can quickly get frustrated whenever you face challenges. But if your character is strong and smart enough, you could easily get past different obstacles and you will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment.

3. Delver

Sometimes, we’d rather go on mischievous adventures alone. So, if you feel the need to tackle shifting dungeons by yourself without assistance from your friends, explore the newly released action-adventure game Delver.

Just a friendly advice: this game is quite difficult to master. You also have to be deadly serious when playing because it has permadeath, which means if you die, you go back to the beginning of the dungeon. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you. Again, it’ll be just you until the end.

4. Farm Together

Farm Together is more like a virtual community garden. You begin with a small plot of land and you cultivate it to expand. What’s interesting about this game is that it expands widely that even if a tornado hits a portion of your land, you will never have any idea.

The usual everyday routine involves raising animals, growing crops, and constructing buildings. As you advance, you could unlock new items. Don’t worry, though. You need not do all the work by yourself. You can set up multiplayer farms and invite your friends to play with you.

5. The Station

While studying a responsive alien civilization in the middle of a civil war, an entire crew of a surveillance space station mysteriously vanished. To know what happened to them, you need to succeed in the Mac game known as The Station.

The beginning of the game’s plot is already mysterious. But as you go through the ship, you will slowly pick up the pieces and solve the mystery. Make sure you pay attention to the setting and be wise as you go from room to room. If you really want to feel as if you are in the game, the developers suggest you use headphones.

6. Stardew Valley

The Harvest Moon farming series disappointed the first-time developer Eric Barone so much that he decided to create his version of the game. This time, it is complete with interesting characters, involves marriages and combats, and has post-launch support available.

It seems like Stardew Valley exceeded expectations because it is more than just a typical farming game. As a role-playing game, characters can level up in different areas, such as mining and fishing. Professions can also be customized and new areas can be unlocked as the game progresses. And should you ever decide to just focus on farming and improving your home, you can do so. Customize your abode to your liking as well as the farm that surrounds you to create your own kind of rural havens.

7. Heroes of the Storm

Top Games For Mac And Pc Windows 10

League of Legends and Dota 2 are, by far, two of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena games today. However, Blizzard has one free, friendly game that can top that. And the good news is that it works on Mac and features a plethora of familiar characters.

Like most multiplayer online battle arena games, Heroes of the Storm is a battle for map domination. You team up with five players to destroy the turrets of your enemy, and then take down their base. Since it is free-to-play, it is indeed worth giving a shot. Wait, before you go playing this game, be sure you check your system. It has minimum system requirements that change over time.

8. Minecraft

Free Pc Games For Mac

Since its basic version was made available in 2009, Minecraft has become immensely popular among gamers. Although you begin the game with nothing but just your hands, you have the freedom to explore the vast random map. While foraging, you will find different resources that can be used to survive. As you make your way deeper into the enormous map, you may encounter enemies such as creepers and zombies. They are just around, waiting for opportunities to wreak havoc on your landscapes.

This game is so simple, but at the same time addicting. Even if you’ve got nothing but blocks, you can build towering buildings and skyscrapers in minutes. Though its pixelated graphics may often discourage some people, we’re confident that its gameplay is more than enough to capture the interest of gamers. It’s perfect for all ages!

9. Celeste

Released in January 2018, Celeste is a 2D game that has been received positively by many Mac gamers, so you don’t want to miss it! The game centers around Madeleine, a young girl who survives her inner demons and goes on an adventure to the peak of Celeste Mountain.

On her way, she will encounter difficulties. Secrets have to be unlocked and 700+ screens need to be trampled. If you die in the process, do not worry. You will respawn immediately. So, just jump, climb, dash, and advance. Be sure you don’t get hooked on the game because it can leave you breathless, especially when you reach the top of the mountain.

10. Battle Chef Brigade

We’ve played many different puzzle and role-playing games before, but it seems That Battle Chef Brigade topped them all, thanks to its unique cooking game elements.

True, the game is a strange concoction similar to what you make in the game, but it can be rather appetizing. You’ll be a part of an out-of-this-world cooking contest, where you prepare and serve dishes by simply matching elements and collecting ingredients by beating monsters. It’s pretty straightforward, but the combination of all these elements makes the game unique and special.

Wrapping Up

The year has just recently started, but we never ran out of fun games to play on a Mac. Whether you are a fan of sci-fi mysteries or puzzle adventures just to thrill you, we hope you enjoyed going over our list. And we know you are already very excited to download and install these Mac games, but before you do that, be sure your Mac performs well by scanning it with Tweakbit MacRepair. Your computer will thank you for doing that.

Now, tell us what you think of our list? Did we miss anything good? Comment below to let us know.

Best Games For Mac

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