This Squat-Focused Workout Will Surely Ensure Your Butt Sore Tomorrow


This exercise is designed to Kick on your butt in the greatest possible way so as to strengthen, sculpt, and then lift your butt. So you can do it solo or as part of more work out plan, depending on just how long you’ve got to play. In either case, would be just peachy.


Timing: 20 minutes

Equipment: mat, chair

Good for: buttocks and lower-body toning

Guidelines: This really is an AMRAP work out, which means you’ll finish As many reps as you can of each move in 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds and continue to the subsequent one. Choose a 60-second rest, Whenever you’ve gone through all the exercises and start over the circuit. Do four rounds in total. For single-sided exercises, other sides for every single new set.

Warm-Up Move 1: Glute Bridge March

How to: Start lying back, Soles of feet into the ground and hands. Raise hips as high as you possibly can, scooping up tail bone toward the ceiling. Slowly lift 1 foot at a time roughly 6 inches away from the mat, keeping buttocks steady and feet bent. That is 1 rep.

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