This 20-Minute Butt Workout Is Bodyweight Only And Perfect For All Levels


This workout is designed to Kick on your bum in the best way possible so as to strengthen, sculpt, and then lift your buttocks. So, you can perform it alone or as part of a longer work out plan, depending on just how much time you’ve got to play with. In either case, is just peachy.


Timing: 20 minutes

Equipment: mat

Beneficial to: buttocks and lower-body toning

Directions: This can be an AMRAP work out, which means you’ll complete As many repetitions of each relocate 40 seconds, then break for 20 seconds and continue into the next one. Take a 60-second break Whenever you’ve experienced all the exercises and start finished the circuit. Do four rounds in total. To get single-sided exercises, other sides for every single fresh pair.

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