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Nick Cave – Discography (1979 – 2016)
EAC Rip 59xCD + 9xDVD FLAC/APE Tracks & Image + Cue + Log Full Scans Included
Total Size: 71.6 GB 3% RAR Recovery
Label: Various Genre: Post-Punk, Alternative Rock

After goth pioneers the Birthday Party called it quits in 1983, singer/songwriter Nick Cave assembled the Bad Seeds, a post-punk supergroup featuring former Birthday Party guitarist Mick Harvey on drums, ex-Magazine bassist Barry Adamson, and Einstürzende Neubauten guitarist Blixa Bargeld. With the Bad Seeds, Cave continued to explore his obsessions with religion, death, love, America, and violence with a bizarre, sometimes self-consciously eclectic hybrid of blues, gospel, rock, and arty post-punk, although in a more subdued fashion than his work with the Birthday Party. Cave also allowed his literary aspirations to come to the forefront; the lyrics are narrative prose, heavy on literary allusions and myth-making, and take some inspiration from Leonard Cohen. Cave’s gloomy lyrics, dark musical arrangements, and deep baritone voice recall the albums of Scott Walker, who also obsessed over death and love with a frightening passion. However, Cave brings a hefty amount of post-punk experimentalism to Walker’s epic dark pop. ―Allmusic

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The Boys Next Door:

1979. Door, Door (200-, Mute, DOORCD1, 5016025680665, EU)

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds:

1984. From Her To Eternity (1996, Pony Canyon, PCCY-00915, Japan)
1984. From Her To Eternity(2009, Mute, CDSEEDS1, 5099923699229, EU, CD+DVD)

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1985. The Firstborn Is Dead (1996, Pony Canyon, PCCY-00916, Japan)
1985. The Firstborn Is Dead(2009, Mute, CDSEEDS2, 5099923699625, EU, CD+DVD)

1986. Kicking Against The Pricks (1992, Alfa Records, ALCB-650, Japan)
1986. Kicking Against The Pricks(2009, Mute, CDSEEDS3, 5099923699922, EU, CD+DVD)

1986. Your Funeral… My Trial (1992, Alfa Records, ALCB-651, Japan)
1986. Your Funeral… My Trial(2009, Mute, CDSEEDS4, 5099923700420, EU, CD+DVD)

1988. Tender Prey (1988, Alfa Records, 29B2-24, Japan)
1988. Tender Prey (1996, Mute, 9 61059-2, Canada)
1988. Tender Prey(2010, Mute, CDSEEDS5, 5099996465523, EU, CD+DVD)

1990. The Good Son (1990, Mute, ALCB-47, Japan)
1990. The Good Son (1990, Mute, CD STUMM 76, UK)
1990. The Good Son(2010, Mute, CDSEEDS6, 5099996465820, EU, CD+DVD)

1992. Henry’s Dream (1992, Alfa Records, ALCB-476, Japan)
1992. Henry’s Dream (1992, Mute, CDStumm92, UK)
1992. Henry’s Dream (1996, Mute, 9016-2, Canada)
1992. Henry’s Dream(2010, Mute, CDSEEDS7, 5099996465226, EU, CD+DVD)

1994. Let Love In (1994, Pony Canyon, PCCY-00547, Japan)

1996. Murder Ballads (1996, Mute, LCD STUMM138, UK)
1996. Murder Ballads (1996, Pony Canyon, PCCY-00885, Japan)
1996. Murder Ballads (1996, Reprise, 9 46195-2, USA)

1997. The Boatman’s Call (1997, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-50190, Japan)

2001. No More Shall We Part(2001, Mute, BCDstumm 164, UK, 3CD, Promo)
2001. No More Shall We Part (2001, Mute, lcdstumm164, UK, 2CD)

2003. Nocturama (2003, Anti, 86668-2, USA)

2004. Abattoir Blues-The Lyre Of Orpheus (2004, Mute, CDStumm233, EU, 2CD)

2008. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (2008, Mute, LCDSTUMM277, EU)

2013. Push The Sky Away (2013, Bad Seed Ltd., BS001CD, EU)

2016. Skeleton Tree (2016, Bad Seed Ltd., BS009CD, EU)Basic Scans

2. LIVE:

1993. Live Seeds (1993, Mute, CD STUMM122, UK)

2007. The Abattoir Blues Tour(2007, Mute, 724596935224, USA, 2CD+2DVD)

2008. Live At The Royal Albert Hall (2008, Mute, LTTN002, EU)

2013. Live From KCRW (2013, Bad Seed Ltd., BS006CDJ, EU)


1998. The Best Of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (1998, Mute, LCDMUTEL4, UK, 2CD)


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1983. Mutiny-The Bad Seed EP (1989, 4AD, CAD 301 CD, UK)

1990. The Ship Song (1990, Mute, CD MUTE 108, UK)

1992. What a Wonderful World (1992, Mute, CD MUTE 151, UK)

1994. Do You Love Me (1994, Indisc, 2100843, Belgium)

1994. Loverman (1994, Indisc, 2100992, Belgium)

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1995. Where The Wild Roses Grow (1995, Mute, 5016025601851, EU)
1995. Where The Wild Roses Grow (1995, Mute, CD Mute 185, 2101662, Belgium)

1996. Henry Lee (1996, Mute, CDMUTE189, UK)

1997. Into My Arms (1997, Mute, cdmute192, UK)

2003. Bring It On (2003, Mute, CDMute265, EU)

2004. Breathless & There She Goes, My Beautiful World (2004, Mute, WEB)

2004. Nature Boy (2004, Mute, WEB)

2008. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (2008, Mute, CDMUTE377, EU, CD-Extra)

2008. Midnight Man (2008, Mute, WEB)

2013. Mermaids (2013, Bad Seed Ltd., WEB)

2014. Give Us A Kiss (2014, Bad Seed Ltd., WEB)

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