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In TerraTech you design, construct and command a fleet of unique vehicles, as you battle your way to victory across the lawless frontiers of new alien worlds, in a quest for glory and profit. In the distant future, Earth's natural resources have been depleted, and as an off-world prospector it's your job to travel to alien planets and scour them for valuable materials. These can be refined and shipped back to Earth in return for cash, or crafted into new components to augment your fleet. The rarest resources unlock the best equipment, so expand your territory and capture enemy bases, to secure your position on each planet.


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TerraTech is an open-world, sandbox adventure game, where you design and build your own creations through a mix of crafting, combat and discovery. Download TerraTec DMX 6fire USB Sound Card Driver 1.35.16 for Mac OS (Sound Card).

Used Terramac Carrier Website

Terratec For Macbook Pro

Terramac is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for accessing used rubber tracked carriers, www.usedterramac.com.

Terratec For Mac

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For the lowest APR you can choose 0% for 24 months or you can spread payments out while still taking advantage of low APR such as 1.32% for 36 months, 1.99% for 48 months or 2.4% for 60 months.

Terratec For Mac Pro

Terratec for mac osTerratec

Jett’s Slip Repair & Contracting, LLC Cuts Time In Half Using Terramac’s

'We rented some RT14R’s for our last project and they drastically improved our efficiency, cutting our time in half by allowing us to safely drive up and down the inclines without getting stuck...'

Discover the Difference

Terratec Mac Drivers

Terramac®, LLC is a manufacturer of rubber track crawler carriers with a focus on increased versatility and easy maintenance. We offer a full line of crawler carriers serving a variety of industries such as pipeline, general construction, environmental, drilling, utility, mining and more. By design, all Terramac tracked carriers utilize low ground pressure to conquer the roughest terrain and provide access to the most remote jobsites. Our exclusive designs allow for extreme customization to accommodate an array of specialized support equipment which provides hassle free solutions contractors around the globe.

Terramac values the importance of customer satisfaction providing exemplary sales, rentals, and aftermarket parts and service supporting our customers.

We’re confident you will cover new ground with Terramac, and stand firm in the belief our rubber tracked crawler carriers will exceed your every expectation. Find more information on our lineup of standard, rotating and purpose built utility carrier models here or locate a dealer near you.

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