Steam Skins For Mac

admin 12/13/2021

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Steam Skin For Mac

There are thousands of customized skins made by users around the globe and making your own is a fairly simple process. Of course, some skins are better customized than others, but at the end of the day, isn’t your own always the best?

The first step is to go to Steam’s Online Skin Customizer. Here you will find yourself on the landing page. I recommend signing into Steam through the web browser to have a better idea of how your custom skin will look. By signing in, you can also save and submit your skin to the online gallery. Next pick a color to start your theme, and don’t worry, you can change this color again later.

Steam Skins For Mac Catalina

Follow the menu on the right, where you’ll find different views of your skin, user interface customization tools, and even a section to upload your own image to the skin.

After you have completed your customization and you are happy with how it looks, you’ll need to download the Steam Customization Tool.

Lastly, download your own skin, with the link in the top left on the customization web page and double click to open the skin. At this point, the computer may automatically sign you out of your Steam account, restart the program and you’ll see a status bar indicating that your skin is being applied.

As you can see, I created my own skin, which i’ll leave below in case you want to download it for yourself.

Overall, the process to customization is simple. I like the ease of access and the ability to preview your skin live. Unfortunately, the program is still in beta and you will probably not be able to change your Steam skin on a Mac, although, they are said to be “working on it.”

But of course, not everyone likes the color Purple, so I have included my top 5 Skins for Steam below:


The first one, besides my own, is Pressure:

Pressure is a great looking Skin with a soft feel. There is not much going on here, but some like it simple, and if you do, this one is for you.

Next up is, Digitally Unmastered Skin:

I am a real big fan of the Digitally Unmastered Skin. The green and black goes great together and definitely is one of the most attractive skins I have seen.

Thirdly, the Invert Skin:

Invert, has more of an old school Windows feel and is definitely something I would recommend for all of you who like the lighter themed skins.

Coming in fourth is the Metro Skin:

Laptop Skins For Mac

Metro Skin for steam has more than just a custom skin. You can download this Skin and customize the customization. If you are looking to get deep into the looks and UI, check out Metro.

Lastly, AirSkin:

Last, and certainly not least, I give you Air Skin for Steam. Wow, what can I say about this skin that the picture doesn’t already tell you? If you are looking for something relaxing, Air is certainly sleek and gives off a cool and calming vibe.