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For some, it may be easy for them to specify the significant components of their PC. You can easily enumerate the name, model, and specs of your computer especially when you built it yourself. But when it comes to generating a detailed breakdown, you might need a little help. What more for the majority of the population who don't have much clue about their machine's characteristics? Lucky for us, there's Speccy.

Speccy's sleek dialog, gray tones, and small but crisp and colorful icons give a modern look to the familiar Windows interface. The left-hand navigation window lists Summary, which gives a handy. Speccy developed by software developers who also make CCleaner, ie Piriform. In its official page available in the professional version and a free but the difference between them not so much. Solid State Hard Drive For Mac Speccy for PC is a complete and reliable tool for giving detailed information about your operating system including Harddisk, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics Cards, Optical Drives, and much more. Speccy 1.00.125 Beta Released: 2nd Oct 2020 (a few seconds ago) Speccy 1.00.108 Beta Released: 2nd Oct 2020 (a few seconds ago) Speccy 1.00.089 Beta Released: 2nd Oct 2020 (a few seconds ago).

Speccy gives you the specifications of your computer down to the very last detail. It covers all parts of your machine including the processor, RAM, and more. It's perfect for power users and system administrators. This program can also be useful for normal users who need to know more about different parts of their computer.

Ease of use

Speccy delivers just what it promises. Nothing more, nothing less.

Speccy has a simple and straightforward design. Its user-friendly interface allows you to navigate around the program easily. On your left, you will see icons and their names according to the part of the computer you want to check. It includes details such as your current operating system, RAM, motherboard, graphics, and network. You can also check the make and model of your peripherals like your mouse, keyboard, and printer.

What sets its interface apart from its competitors like PC Wizard is the labels on its icon. This reduces the confusion and makes it easier for you to understand what you’re looking at. Its dark background is easy on the eyes and looks cool, too!

Downloading the program is also fairly easy. You can get the free version from Piriform's official website. If you want access to its full features including advanced PC insights, auto-updates, and premium support, you can opt to get the professional version. You can also get the pro version of the program along with CCleaner, Recuva, and Defraggler for a bundle that will save you a couple of bucks.

Once you're finished downloading your desired version, give it a couple of minutes to analyze your machine. After that, you're free to check each component of your PC including its stats and temperature.

What you see is what you get

Speccy is pretty straightforward with what they offer. It does what it says it does. While this is a good thing, the program doesn't offer anything more. Other programs of its kind like HWInfo64 and PC Wizard offer other features including real-time monitoring, data widget, and even benchmarking tools.


Nonetheless, Speccy is still an efficient tool especially if you're looking to know more about the components of your PC. The snapshot feature is handy when revisiting data captured at a particular time. Its intuitive interface makes it a better option for beginners. So if you're planning to sell your computer or want to upgrade some of its parts, it's best to know the existing condition and specs it's in. Systems administrators would also find this a helpful tool to get the general idea of the current state of each machine in their network.

Where can you run this program?

Speccy solely works on Windows computers. More specifically, it supports those running on Window XP or later. It currently does not have clients for Mac OS or Linux. Nor does it have mobile applications for Android and iOS. However, you can easily load its executable file on a USB drive for a portable alternative.

Is there a better alternative?

Neofetch gives you a more visually pleasing way to display your computer's information. This command-line system information tool identifies your operating system, software, and hardware among others. You can configure the software to use an image, ASCII file, or anything that you want to be included in your system's summary to suit your taste. You can also change the settings to see only the information that you need. It supports 150 different operating systems including Windows and Linux.

HARDiNFO is an award-winning Windows system info tool. It gives you a detailed report about your computer's hardware components and peripherals. You can also test PC's performance with Advanced Benchmarks and compare your results with other benchmarks online. It allows you to monitor your system including your hardware, services, processes, drivers, network, and battery. You can get its full features by availing the Pro edition while the free edition equips you with all your necessities.

SpeccyPrograms like speccy

Our take

Speccy is a useful software that helps you easily identify the information you need about your computer. This program takes the stress away from tinkering through your OS to know more about your machine. It comes in handy if you want to sell your PC or are on the phone with tech support who's asking for your processor's specs.

Should you download it?

Yes. Speccy's free version can be useful even for normal users. It's easier to understand and navigate compared to other programs of its kind like CPU-Z and Handinfo.


File Name : Speccy

Version : 1.32.740


Requirements : Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Site : https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy

Size : 6.56 Mb

Speccy For Mac

License : Freemium


Speccy makes it simple for anyone, especially a computer system professional, to view the specs of a computer system carefully. Different holds true with the built-in feature of Windows that displays system information in a record layout that thrilled for what it is, Speccy provides the info in such a way that it becomes more comfortable to check out as well as simple to absorb.

Speccy created by software application programmers who also make CCleaner, ie Piriform. In its official web page offered in the expert version and a complimentary but the distinction between them not a lot.

In terms of features, the distinction hinges on auto update function that can only be found on the expert version, while the rest is no more than just customer service in the form of premium support.

Attributes and also Usability Speccy
The appearance of the Speccy contains just two panels. The very first Panel presents the name of the hardware, while the second panel presents details for each and every equipment. The background is a bit dark with the shade of the message that is different to facilitate the individual in tracing the system info gathered by Speccy.

Speccy For Macbook

In addition in regards to appearance, other factors that make the Speccy transcends than attributes System Details belongs to the Windows is the deepness of details that additionally includes the temperature level as well as the wellness status of the hardware. In this situation the customer can see the temperature of CPU, motherboard as well as hard disk. By default the temperature is expressed in Celsius yet can be converted to Fahrenheit if necessary. Unique to the hard disk, there is likewise info about the condition of his health and wellness.

Speccy 64 Bit

The temperature of the hardware can additionally be presented in the system tray. This feature needs to be allowed initially via the Options menu where the customer can pick the hardware components to present the temperature. After this function is enabled it will certainly appear a little icon with a number indicating the temperature of the equipment in the location of the system tray.

Other functions that would need to be allowed is the Show metrics in tray tooltip. This feature offers to present the temperature level of the motherboard, the CPU as well as disk drive when the mouse arrowhead is routed as well as positioned on the symbol of the temperature in the system tray. One more remedy that can be taken is to install Core Temperature to display the temperature of the CPU as well as established It to display the temperature of the motherboard or the hard disk drive. Therefore the customer can see the temperature level of both parts of the equipment at once directly in the system tray.

Speccy Most recent
Last attribute is a feature to conserve the system details that have been gathered by Speccy. Such details can be straight published or saved in a format.txt or.xml.

Furthermore, there is additionally the choice to Release a Snapshot to release info online in the form of a websites that can be accessed by anybody who understands its URL. This option allows the individual to share the specifications a computer system with the various other celebration just by notifying the LINK of the website created by Speccy.

Programs Like Speccy

If the evaluation of the displayed information, other similar software application that is also free like HWiINFO able to offer even more comprehensive information than Speccy. Nevertheless, the benefits of Speccy that is tough to match is the design of the user interface that make the information a lot more simple to be traced.

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