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admin 12/11/2021
Program Features

Free drum kit included with download

This software includes a free high quality recorded drum kit that comes with extra kicks and snares. The drums were meticulously recorded at castle row studios in (studio A. located in Del City, Ok) and are a match to help showcase the software's capabilities. Supported audio formats WAV, MP3, OggVorbis.

Create odd time signatures

In version 2.0 the grid layout has been reigned to allow for different time signatures in the same pattern. DrumThrash has a wide division range allowing you to create practically any time signature.

Random hit velocities

Set velocity ranges. The software will automatically pick a random velocity for each new hit.

Full velocity control

Fine-tune/articulate hits. Change the velocity level for any hit.

Full pan control

Adjustable panning for any hit.

Humanize patterns

Make your tracks sound less like a machine. You can humanize sections or entire patterns.

Sample blender

The sample blender tool was added to help shape the sound of your snare drum. The sample blender works by layering multiple samples, allowing you to create a much fuller sounding snare.

VST host compatible

Add effects to your tracks. DrumThrash supports VST plugins up to the 2.4 implementation.

Master VU meter display

Real-time Vu meter for displaying accurate playback levels.

Automatic instrument choking

Use the automatic choke to close instruments. You can easily assign a hi-hat pedal to automatically close off an open hi-hat. Below is an example of before and after choking has been applied to hi-hats.

Add patterns to a song list

Build up a pattern library and reuse them in any order in add them to a song list for sequential playback.

Customize your drum kits

Import audio files or use the sample pack that comes included with the software. Build kits to suit your style of music.

Swap samples on the fly

DrumThrash makes it simple to change instruments in your kit even during live playback.

Swing time beats

Change straight beats to swing time with an adjustable swing percentage.

Export to Wav, Mp3 or Ogg

Export tracks to Wav, Mp3, or Ogg Vorbis format.

Adjustable hit length

Change the playback length of any hit. Useful for altering hi-hats and cymbal catching.

Playback in high quality 32-bit

Support for 32-bit audio playback. Included samples are Wav 48-kHz at 24-bit.

Midi drum files

DrumThrash can import and export midi drum files making it compatible with other midi programs.

Undo/Redo support

Full undo and redo is supported.

Auto backup and recovery

Projects will be periodically saved to a temporary file, so you won't lose your work.

No Limits have been set

You can have unlimited number of patterns, samples, measures, and tempo markers.

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