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Digital Notebook is a lightweight software application that makes it easy for you to organize your personal information. Digital Notebook is designed to be simple and efficient just like your old paper notebook, but it has great features like history, search and bookmarks. SMART Board for Education Education Software SMART Board Pro for Business Podium Accessories. Download SMART Notebook Downloads and Drivers Professional Development Contact Support. SMART Notebook and add-ons.

OpenBoard is an open source interactive white board application primarily designed for. SMART Notebook 11.4 for Windows and Mac computers release notes Author: SMART Technologies Created Date: 12/2/2013 3:12:56 PM. Smart notebook 14 download social advice Mac users interested in Smart notebook 14 download generally download: SMART Notebook. Powerful and easy-to-use, SMART Notebook software is at the core of creating and delivering interactive lessons that engage students. Notebook 11; smart notebook trial for 10.6.8.

Quicken 2007 for mac compatible with snow leopard download. Has made its SMART Board software compatible with Mac OS X via a free update. The software works with SMART Board interactive whiteboards and SMART Sympodium interactive lecterns. The upgrade of the software -- which also features the ability to annotate over moving or still video in QuickTime Player -- is now shipping with all SMART Board and Sympodium products. If you own an earlier version of the SMART Board software, you can download a free upgrade of SMART Board software, which includes SMART Board driver 6.0 and SMART Notebook 1.3 software, at the. The new software will allow Mac OS X to integrate with the company's family of interactive whiteboards that include SMART Board, Rear Projection SMART Board, and SMART Board for Plasma Displays models.

Users can control computer applications by pressing on the interactive whiteboard's touch-sensitive surface, or they can write over top of any application using either their finger or a pen from the SMART Pen Tray. The SMART Sympodium IC-150 and IM-150 interactive lectern integration modules that integrate into podiums or desks, bringing interactive presentation technology to auditoriums and lecture halls. The SMART Expression IM integration module adds peripheral and laptop support to custom-designed cabinets, tables or desks. All equipment is ready to go at the flip of a switch, SMART president Nancy Knowlton said. The SMART Sympodium IC-150 integration module includes an interactive console and is powered by SMART Board software.

When the IC-150 is integrated into a podium or desk, the presenter works at the LCD screen using the tethered stylus to control, edit and annotate over computer-based material. With the room's projector displaying the presentation onto a larger screen, the audience can follow along. The SMART Sympodium IM-150 integration module includes all the components and functionality of the IC-150 plus the SMART X-Port 30 multimedia switch. Using the switch, a presenter can transition between three peripherals, such as a computer, laptop and document camera. The guest laptop can be connected to the X-Port 30 unit, gaining access to all the console's interactive features. The interface for SMART Board software for Mac OS X is also consistent with earlier Mac-based versions, eliminating the need for additional training, Knowlton said.

Mac OS X users can annotate over any moving or still video viewed with QuickTime Player on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard without buying additional software or hardware. Users can also play or freeze frames in either the player's window or in full-screen mode. The Screen Capture tool in Notebook software allows you to capture the entire area or a portion of the screen, so that video annotations can be saved in Notebook software. Notes can then be printed or e-mailed for future reference and distribution.

In the future, SMART also hopes to implement handwriting technology via the Inkwell features in Mac OS X 10.2 ('Jaguar'). For more info on SMART products, see our. This story, 'SMART Board software ready for Mac OS X' was originally published.

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Download smart notebook for mac

SMART Software

SMART software is used to control the SMART podium in the classrooms. The software has the capability of functioning as a digital whiteboard. SMART software is downloadable package that has many programs. IT only supports SMART Ink.


SMART Ink is a software that helps integrate writing and touch functionality into programs like PowerPoint. Users have the ability to annotate over documents, webpages, etc. Also, Users can create the digital whiteboard experience with PowerPoint or Word.

Uninstall Older SMART Software

If you have used Smart Products before on your laptop, the new installation is much more flexible and stable if the old SMART software is uninstalled. Please contact IT if you are unable to uninstall the old software.

Here are the issues you may run into with old software installed:

  • not able to deselect the Notebook software from the install package (both PC and Mac)
  • PC install may fail showing various errors.

Download SMART Package File

  1. Make sure your computer is on
  2. Make sure that you are connected to the internet

  3. Click on the provided link: (use Chrome for best results) and select 'Download for Mac'.

  4. Make sure that the software is downloading at the bottom left area of the screen. Click the box once the file 'smartesi2014...' is done downloading

Smart Notebook Software For Mac

5. Click on Education Software 2014 June.pkg for installation

SMART Software Installation Wizard

  1. Click 'Continue'
  2. You are now at the Installer Screen. You will go through the necessary steps to install the software on your computer. You will be asked questions and given choices. The decision will help to create a custom software that will cater to your specific needs.
    Click 'Continue'
  3. Click 'Agree' to the license policy
  4. Choose whether or not you want to be part of the customer experience
  5. Choose the software that you would like to use. You will need SMART Ink and Drivers. Click 'Continue'

    Old Software

    If you have not uninstalled the old software, you will not have a choice to deselect the SMART Notebook software. It will assume that you want an upgrade. To deselect the option, you must uninstall the software.

  6. Click 'Install'
  7. If necessary, put in your administrative credentials. Click 'Install Software' to continue
  8. Check Software to make sure that you have what you wanted. Click 'Continue'
  9. Allow package to be installed
  10. Installation was successful. Click 'Close' and begin using the software.


Download SMART Package File

Smart board notebook software download

Download Issue

We are aware that there have been issues with the PC download process. The best advice that we can give for you to navigate your way through the install process is to make sure:

  1. you are on campus
  2. logged into your computer and can access your (Z) exeter drive
  3. make sure that your exeter drive is synced

If you have ANY trouble in the process, please do not hesitate to contact IT. You may have to bring your computer in for a manual install.

  1. Make sure that the computer is on
  2. Make sure that the computer is connected to the internet
  3. Make sure old SMART software is uninstalled
  4. Click on the provide link: (If you experience trouble, please contact IT) Select 'Download for Windows'.
  5. Choose to 'Save File or 'Run' the install package once it downloads. (This may look different depending on the browser that is being used)

Free Smart Notebook Software For Mac

SMART Software Installation Wizard

  1. Click 'Next' on the installation wizard
  2. Accept the terms in the license agreement and click 'Next on installation wizard
  3. Click 'Next' on the installation wizard
  4. Make sure that SMART Product Drivers and SMART ink check boxes are activated. Choose whether you want to have the SMART Notebook Software by either clicking on the box to install or leaving it empty to not install. Click 'Next' on the installation wizard.

    Old Software

    If you have not uninstalled the old software, you will not have a choice to deselect the SMART Notebook software. It will assume that you want an upgrade. To deselect the option, you must uninstall the software.

    5. Make sure that the SMART System Menu Check box is checked. Click 'Next' to advance

    6. Choose whether the Ink Document Viewer is necessary for personal presentation purposes. Click 'Next' to Advance

    7. Decide of customer feedback is important. Click 'Next' to advance

    8. Choose a language package(s). Click 'Next' to advance

    9. Click 'Install' to advance

    10. Installation process will begin

    Old SMART Software

    If you have not uninstalled the old SMART Software, the installation may fail. You may see the error '%homeshare% network location not found' or 'bad environment failure. To fix this issue, uninstall the Old Smart Software.

    11. Restart computer and begin using software

Smart Notebook Math Tools Software For Mac


Free Smart Notebook Software For Mac