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After the Awakening, magic has been re-discovered, and human beings have accepted the existence of those they thought to be fantasy creatures. Mega-corporations and cyberworlds had to give space to elves and Native American shamans. Jake Armitage was a seemingly ordinary data courier, assassinated by a hit squad in the year 2050 in Seattle, Washington. Miraculously, his true story began after his death. A mysterious figure approached Jake and cast a spell on him; after that, he woke up in the morgue.Jake doesn't know what happened to him, he doesn't even remember his own name. He is contacted by a shamanistic Dog totem with a cryptic message about his mission. Wandering through the large city where monorails, computers, and street gangs armed with automatic weapons co-exist with orcs, dwarves, and vampires, he begins to unravel the mystery, gradually learning about dangers awaiting him around every corner, and his own past.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut is the perfect entry point to the setting for those with no prior Shadowrun experience, while providing plenty of classic Shadowrun characters and tech for veteran players to sink their teeth into. Command Your Team: Lead a small team of shadowrunners - each with their own outlook, motivations,. Shadowrun: Hong Kong is the third standalone game in Harebrained Schemes’ critically-acclaimed Shadowrun cRPG series. Experience the most impressive Shadowrun RPG yet with an all new crew, expanded magic and cyberware, a completely revamped Matrix, an upgraded release of the Shadowrun Editor, and much more! This is a group for fans of the underrated FPS game Shadowrun by Microsoft Game Studios and the now defunct FASA. Sure this game drove the canon nuts crazy, and I fully understand why, but hey, at it's core, the game play is just that damned good. I was able to get past the lore loopholes. Maybe if Steam were to ever acquire the right to sell a digital download version of this game, they could.

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- 'One of the most memorable and complex RPG stories of the decade.' - PC Gamer
Shadowrun: Hong Kong
- 'This is a game that transcends its name and should be spoken of in the same breath as the genre’s best.'- Hardcore Gamer, Best Strategy Game of 2015
Complete your tactical RPG Shadowrun collection from developer Harebrained Schemes with this definitive bundle which contains: Shadowrun Returns + Deluxe upgrade (includes Anthology pdf + Official Soundtrack), Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut, and Shadowrun: Hong Kong + Deluxe upgrade (includes Art Book pdf + Official Soundtrack). All for one low price and the bundle automatically adjusts for the Shadowrun games you don't already own!
© 2013-2016 Harebrained Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Shadowrun is a trademark of Microsoft.

Shadowrun For Pc


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