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  1. How to Send and Receive a Fax in Mac OS X. Mac OS, like Windows, offers built-in faxing capabilities. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using your Mac OS computer or laptop as a virtual fax machine and sending a fax anywhere in the world: In order to follow these steps, your computer needs to have a modem connected to a phone line.
  2. Sending Faxes Using the Fax Utility - Mac OS X. You can send a fax from a Mac OS X printing program using the FAX Utility. You can fax up to 100 pages at a time, including a cover sheet. Open the file you want to fax. Select the print command in your application.

Send Fax From Macbook Air

You can send fax from a Mac computer quickly and easily without subscription in just few simple steps. You can use WiseFax online service or WiseFax app for Mac. WiseFax app for Mac is available in Mac App Store for free. Using WiseFax you can quickly and easily send fax from a Mac. Send fax free download - 4-Sight FAX Client, Send SMS, Any Send, and many more programs. Send to Kindle for Mac. Send personal documents and ebooks to your Kindle from your Mac.

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If your Mac has a built-in, dial-up fax modem, you don’t need a dedicated fax machine. Just connect a telephone cord to the Mac’s modem jack, and you can fax without printing a document and sending it through a dedicated fax machine. Instead, you send faxes directly from any program with printing capabilities.

1Open the document you want to fax and choose the File command and then Print. Click the PDF button and choose Fax PDF from the pop-up menu.

A sheet, such as the one shown in the figure, appears.

2In the To field, type the fax number of the person to whom you want to send the fax, including 1 and the area code. In the Modem box, select Internet Modem (or whatever) as the means for dispatching your fax.

If you need to access an outside line, add a dialing prefix, such as 9, in the fax number box. Alternatively, choose an entry from your Address Book by clicking the shadowy silhouette icon to the right of the To field and then double-clicking the card of the contact to whom you want to fax.

3If you want a cover page, select the Use Cover Page option and type a subject line and brief message.

Send Fax For Mac Computers

If you click the pop-up menu that says Fax Information, you can choose other options to schedule the delivery of your fax or alter the layout.

Send Fax Mac Os

4Use the preview window to review the fax before sending it and then click the Fax button.

Send Fax Online Mac


Free Fax For Mac

You should hear a faxing sound.