Roasted Spring Vegetables



We’re gonna start by roasting some spring vegetables. You can use any sort of vegetables that you want. Here I have radish, asparagus, and cauliflower. You’re gonna drizzle them all with olive oil. Sprinkle on some salt. And in the springtime,


my favorite seasoning is lemon pepper seasoning, so if you can find that, use that. If not, you can just do regular pepper. Once you’ve got everything seasoned, you can just pop this in the oven and roast them up until they are nice and golden brown.

While they’re roasting, we’re gonna make our dressing. And the dressing is a base of tahini. Duh, I always make tahini dressings! Along with the juice of one whole lemon. We’re also gonna add in some spices, like garlic powder,

Tumeric powder, and red pepper flakes. And of course, salt and pepper to finish things off. Add everything into that bowl, stir it all together, and it will get thick because of the lemon and tahini that tends to get almost seized. It thickens up a lot. So I like to thin out my dressings with some water. So just add a splash or two of water, stir it together.

If you feel like you want it to be thinner, add a little bit more water. And just keep adding a little bit of water, stirring in between, until you get the consistency that you’re looking for. I like to do just kind of like a drizzle-able sauce,

so it’s still kind of thick. It’s like a thick, creamy, almost Caesar-style dressing, but doesn’t taste like Caesar dressing. And then once we’re ready to serve up our bowls, I always do a base of greens.

So in the springtime, I love arugula, ’cause it’s got like a bite and it’s kind of spicy, but you could use any green you want. And then, of course, our quinoa, So you’re gonna add in your quinoa, top that with your roasted vegetables.

And again, you can use any sort of roasted vegetables that you want here. And I always finish off my bowls with some sort of healthy fat. So I like to do avocado here. And the protein that we’re using is quinoa.

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