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here’s a restyled and recoded version of raw2cdng. by now (17.04.2014) its of course a beta and i need as much response as possible to stabilize it. i’m fairly new to wpf and some crashes in beta1 were kind of myterious to me. nevermind, these are the features of 1.5.0:

  • native MLV and RAW Support
  • 10 12 and 14bit Support
  • multifilesupport
  • batch transcoding to cdng
  • transcoding to 16 bit and 12bit (original valuerange or maximized (with debias) cinemaDNG
  • audiosupport. if audio recorded, it will be saved as wav.
  • pink highlight fix for premiere CC (not needed anymore)
  • vertical banding fix (v1.6.1)->(optimized 1.7.0)
  • chroma smoothing (v1.6.3)
  • preview window – mouseover to scrub
  • thumbnail and histogram in listview
  • filenamegenerator for personal filename-creation
  • cr2-photo-whitebalance for the dngs (read raw2cdng1.3.0)
  • multithreaded
  • timecode in dng and wav (bext) – working in resolve
  • optional proxy jpegs with half resolution, rec709, not colorcorrected
  • proxy mpeg2- and h264-files with ffmpeg(1.6.0) Rec709
  • Whitebalancedata from Body (beta7)
  • implemented player. (drag/drop on app or do „open with..“)
  • Full Resolution Silent Picture (FSRP) compatible
  • its free, licensed under GPL, sourcecode on bitbucket

the files are compatible to premiere CC(pinkhighlightfix), speedgrade CC(conversionmatrix example in 1.4.5), resolve, photoshop, after effects, lightroom..

patch changes/fixes

  • RAW2DNG is an app for android based device that can be downloaded from the Google app store. It works on the cloud principle, where the image stays RAW, but can be imported into the Adobe’s Lightroom, allowing the image to sync with Adobes creative cloud.
  • Convert all major raw photo file-formats into DNG, JPEG or TIFF - while maintaining full metadata.Import raw photos from the camera directly per Wifi-connection.

1.7.5 beware! its a first fixed version after a long time. lacking splitted files i didnt tested it!
1.7.9 10 and 12bit supported

Once you download it, you can rename it to (.MLV) and it should work. Februar 2016 um 13:29 Hi, it keeps crashing when the batch list is too long. I want to use it as command line tool to avoid that problem. I fugured out i can start it with the parameter -nogui.


c# sourcecode on bitbucket

raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta1 – 10.04.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta2 – 17.04.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta3 – 23.04.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta4 – 11.05.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta5 – 18.05.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta6 – 21.05.2014
raw2cdng 1.5.0.beta7 – 08.08.2014
raw2cdng 1.6.0 – 09.09.2014
raw2cdng 1.6.1 – 21.09.2014
raw2cdng 1.6.3 beta – 21.11.2014 BUGGY
raw2cdng 1.6.5 – 25.12.2014
raw2cdng 1.7.0 – 28.02.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.1 – 04.04.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.2 – 06.04.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.3 – 07.04.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.4 – 08.04.2015
raw2cdng 1.7.5 – 24.02.2016
raw2cdng 1.7.9 – 21.12.2016

helper & diagnostics

mlvdiag 1.0.0 – 24.06.2014
mlvdiag 1.0.1 – 08.08.2014

bugs & todo

you’ll find discussions about cinemadng and magic lantern in the magic lantern forum. after changing to GPL and opening sourcecode, the issues should be noted on bitbucket.

* [b]stabilizing sourcecode
* [b]12bit maximized has an overflow – highlights come magenta&chaotic
* [t]implementing vertical banding (thx to ml-team)
* [t]implementing chroma smoothing (thx to ml-team)
* [t]finishing wpf-styling (fi gridview)
* [t]activating checkbuttons on listview
* [t]write more data into debugfile
* [t]filenaming conventions for resolve (auto audio/video-sync) (nearly done in beta3)
* [t]arriraw support (depending on next adobe update)


of course the development costs a lot of time. if you’re able to donate (if you’re a professional, you are for sure!), do! i was able to find my time writing this piece of code. now you!

by the way, thanks to g3gg0, a1ex, 1% and a lot more users on ml-forum, making this crazy thing reality. and of course the guys, who donated already..

July 17, 2019News

Great News For SJCAM and Mac Users!
RAW2DNG Converter Now Available on the App Store.

Many SJCAM and Mac users have been waiting for this for some time.
Now you can drag and drop whole SJCAM photo folders to convert them to DNG and utilize the power of editing RAW format.

Scan the QR Code above to go straight to the App Store and download the RAW2DNG Converter application.


For those not familiar with the RAW format, the file contains unprocessed information straight from the sensor without having a “viewable” output file like JPEG.
Due to the fact that it is unprocessed data, it is highly specific (proprietary) to the camera used, thus, the “.RAW” file is not a universal file. Each camera brand has their own version of how this particular file is written, and sometimes even different models from the same manufacturer may have different raw encoding procedures. A thing to note, is that since the file is unprocessed, there is no compression or anything that takes away data. Meaning, the filesizes are inherently huge.

If that’s a lot for you to digest, think of RAW as coffee beans. You can’t make a cup of coffee with unprocessed coffee beans, can you? It needs to be processed first. For that, you need a coffee grinder. Once processed, all that’s needed to be done is to brew the ground coffee, then probably add milk, add sugar, and whatever else you like before you serve it.

RAW is a very powerful tool. Any photographer worth his salt should how to use it. If you haven’t been using it yet, give it a try.

Some of the benefits of using camera raw files:
1. Save your image files for the purpose of editing later.
2. RAW enables you to play around with image adjustments without losing recorded detail.
3. Save multiple versions of your files and still retain all the image data on the original raw file, all intact, while you output your edited files for show either on the web, for printing, or whatever else you need.


There are several versions of this kind of converter online. This RAW2DNG Converter for Mac was developed by Yury Golubinsky, and it is meant to convert RAW files from SJCAM cameras, along with some camera brands, to a file that is readily-usable by your favorite image-editing software: DNG (Digital NeGative).

The DNG file format is intended to unify the interpretation of the wildly-varying encoding methods that different camera manufacturers use when writing unprocessed data. If you’re already familiar with TIFF files, then you already know DNG as it is based off of it.


Raw2dng For Mac Download Cnet

Without converting, you won’t be able to bring the unprocessed file into software you use for cropping, adding filters, etc. Like in our coffee-grinder analogy, you put your whole coffee beans in (which, here, is the RAW file), grind it (convert), and out comes ground coffee (the DNG).

With RAW2DNG, you will be able to convert RAW files of the following SJCAM models:

SJ8 Pro,
SJ8 Plus,
SJ7 Star,
SJ6 Legend,
SJ5000X Elite,
SJ5000, and

Raw2dng for mac download torrent

The version above is for Macs.
For compatibility, you will need a Mac with MacOS 10.14 or higher
Currently, it is in 3 languages: English, Chinese, and Russian.

Show us your RAW file edits in the SJCAM Community forums.
Join us there, and don’t forget to have fun!
Coffee, anyone?


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