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Since my update to Catalina i can no longer play .mov or .mp4 videos. I've been told its from apple dropping 32bit support from quicktime but i can't see apple being this thick headed. Quicktime records video in .mov so why can i record a video and not watch it back let alone watch video codecs that most of the world uses! Ive only updated my laptop and not my mac pro which i was considering dropping back to high Sierra for Nvidia graphics support anyway. Seriously if anyone at apple is actually reading this you guys need to think about this stuff. The community was proud of you for making the mac pro modular but you keep pulling stuff again.

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MacBook Pro 13', macOS 10.15

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QuickTime Player lets you make common movie edits like trim, rearrange, and rotate. You can also split a movie into multiple clips and manipulate each one individually. How to edit a movie. Record your Mac screen. Need a quick way to show someone how to do something on a Mac, or maybe just show another person what you’re seeing on your screen. Download Link (Windows): Download Link (Mac OS X): (if link is hidden by YouTube. Go to comments or paste this.