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Playstation 2 Emulator For Mac Os X

Downloads of the PCSX2 emulator port for Mac. PCSX2 Mac 0.9.7 Alpha - 2 July 2012 HOT. Build from 2 July 2012, the first alpha version for 0.9.7. PCSX2 for Mac is a Playstation 2 emulator for PC. The compatibility rates for the emulator boast over 80% of all PS2 games as playable. If you own a reasonably powerful computer then PCSX2 for Mac is a great emulator. The application also provides support for lower end computers as well, so all owners of Playstation 2 consoles will be able to. What PS2 Emulator to Download on Mac? If you want to play PS2 games on Mac, the best thing you can do is download and install the PCX2 emulator. This emulator is absolutely free and compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows. Moreover, it supports a broad selection of PS2 games, so you’ll never get bored.

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Playstation 2 Emulators

The Sony Playstation 2... Successor to the original and is considered by the most as the best & most popular console of it's generation.
The PS2 has the ability to play the games of the older Playstation 1.
  • CPU: Emotion Engine 300MHz, 128-bit INT, 128-bit FP, 24KB L1, 16KB Scratch, 8KB VU0, 32KB VU1, 450 MIPS, 6.2 GFLOPS, 66M Vertices/Sec, 2.4 GB/s Internal, 1.2 GB/s Graphics, 3.2 GB/s Memory
  • Graphics: Sony GS 150MHz, 1.2G Texels/Sec, 32-bit Color, 4MB (48 GB/s), 1.2 GB/sec Bus
  • Sound: SPU2, 48 2D Voices, ADPCM, 2MB
  • Data: 24MB (2.6 GB/s), 16MB (81 MB/s), 4.7GB Discs, Expansion 56K Modem Ethernet

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PCSX2 Windows Freeware Rating: 7.1(1115 Votes)
Playstation 2 emulator
PS2emu Windows/Linux Freeware Rating: 6.6(303 Votes)
Playstation 2 Emulator
Play! Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android Free Rating: 6.5(80 Votes)
Playstation 2 emulator
NeutrinoSX2 Windows Freeware Rating: 5.9(111 Votes)
Playstation 2 emulator
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Playstation 2 Emulator For Mac

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