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Express Scribe is one of the most popular choices when it comes to transcription in. It has over 100 effects and 22-amp models that bring out the amazing sounds of your guitar. This distortion pedal also features a stompbox with over 100 stage-ready effects. For computer recording, this pedal has a USB audio interface for Mac and PC.

View and add pedals

Pedalboard offers dozens of pedals in the Pedal Browser on the right side of the window. Pedals are grouped in the following categories:

Compare prices @ Amazon or Sweetwater The TC-Helicon Ditto Mic Looper is another great low cost looper pedal if what you’re looking for is a way to loop microphones. This is perfect for looping vocals and singers, but you can use it as an acoustic instrument looper as. E.thirteen components Plus Flat Pedals. Sale Current price: $99.99 Original price: $139.00 28% off. 3 colors available. Press enter for more information. Deity Components Compound Pedals. Deity Components Compound Pedals. 1 color available. 4.5 4.5 out of 5 stars from 18 reviews 5 18.

  • Distortion pedals: Include overdrive and fuzz. These pedals add “dirt” to the tone and can make the signal louder.

  • Pitch pedals: Include octave and wham. These pedals double the pitch or shift the pitch of the signal.

  • Modulation pedals: Include chorus, flangers, and phasers. These pedals create a swirling sound by shifting or modulating copies of the signal, played back over time.

  • Delay pedals: Also called “echo.” These pedals play back copies of the signal over time to create a sense of space or ambience.

  • Filter pedals: Include EQ and wah. These pedals color the tone by emphasizing certain frequencies.

  • Dynamics pedals: Include compressors and noise gates. These pedals let you control the volume of your music over time.

  • Utility pedals: Include the Mixer and Splitter. These pedals don’t affect the sound directly, but provide additional routing option for the signal.

  • View pop-up menu: Choose Distortion, Modulation, Delay, Filter, Dynamics, or Utility to show only pedals from that group. Choose Show All to view all effects.

  • Pedal Browser: Shows stompboxes in the category shown in the View pop-up menu. Drag a stompbox into the Pedal area on the left.

Hide or show the Pedal Browser

  • Click the disclosure triangle in the lower-right corner of the Pedal area.

Show specific pedal groups

  • Choose Distortion, Modulation, Delay, Filter, Dynamics, or Utility from the pop-up menu.

    The Pedal Browser shows only the stompboxes within the category you choose.

    To show all the pedal groups, choose Show All from the View pop-up menu.

Pedals For Mac

Add a stompbox to the Pedal area

Pedals For Acoustic Guitar

Do one of the following:

  • Drag the effect that you want to insert from the Pedal Browser to the appropriate Pedal area position. You can add a pedal next to or in between existing pedals.

  • With no pedal selected in the Pedal area, double-click a stompbox in the Pedal Browser to add it to the right of all existing pedals in the Pedal area.

    Note: You insert Mixer and Splitter utility pedals in a different way. For more information, see Control pedal routing.

The V range of products started with vP-1 in 2000, but now has grown into family of related products.

There are currently thousands of vPedals in daily use around the world

vPedal has a Windows Media Player Plug-in which makes

vPedals “compatible with windows default media player ” other brands aren’t

vPedal? A range of footpedals for both MAC & PCs bundled with free software


vDictate? A USB dictation controller that doesn’t require tapes or batteries

vPedals have FREE SOFTWARE plug-ins for:

  • IOS – vPedalPlayer App ( available from the Apple Store)
  • Windows Media Player ( installed by default on millions of pcs ) wav, mp3
  • iTunes ( Pc + Mac )
  • Quicktime ( Pc + Mac ….. .Apple Core Audio Format SUPPORTED )
  • RealPlayer (Pc)
  • Winamp (Pc)
  • IE ActiveX
  • HotKey Application which will allows the foot pedal to send keyboard commands to any windows application or can be used to click your mouse with your foot!!


  • no tapes to buy or tapes to lose
  • no tapes to jam or tapes to repair
  • no batteries to leak

bundled with a copy of Express Dictate software

vPedals are compatible with the following applications:


Rudder Pedals For Mac

  • Windows Media Player
  • transcribe – from
  • FTW Transcribe*
  • Express Scribe
  • iScribe
  • Dictation Buddy
  • InqScribe

On Macs:


Omni our OSX plug in makes vPedals compatible with Any Apple Mac application that has a Hot Key Click here to read more.

Plus several Mac applications now have native support for vPedals > Transcriva, InqScribe, LoopLoopx, Transcribe (for music) & Express Scribe.


The latest update to vP-4 MKII – IOS wireless pedal allows you to connect to your IOS device to record & playback audio.

More Information

vPedal has taken the approach of a free software solution, there is no need to purchase custom software.

Foot Pedals For Mac

Hardware Programmable pedals seem good but don’t allow you to use your pedal to control applications which don’t have focus. That’s why we believe plug-ins are a better solution.

Machine Pedals


Pedals For Acoustic Bass

vPedals are “Open Software Standards Based” so it is easy to add support to your application. To access the API for PC & Mac Click here