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admin 12/12/2021
  • ACT v3.4.8.269 is released. More localization implementations. Mostly miscellaneous additions/changes. days ago
  • ACT v3.4.7.268 is released. Further localization expansion, more is in-progress. Some minor plugin/API additions/changes. 248 days ago
  • ACT v3.4.6.267 released. Start of a localization refresh, some API additions, some more checks to make sure files a… days ago
  • ACT Version is released. Misc fixes/enhancements. Release 265 included the new Notifications tab/API and… days ago
  • ACT Version is released. Again, misc fixes and small API additions. 383 days ago
  • ACT Version is released. Misc fixes and small API additions. 412 days ago
  • ACT Version is released. Different/additional error reporting to the user. Misc QoL changes. Misc API additions. Misc fixes. 420 days ago
  • ACT Version is released. Added some sound config options. ACT can offer to unblock manually downloaded pl… days ago
  • If you are *not* using Windows 10 and get a message similar to, 'Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.'... pleas… days ago
  • ACT version is released. Added a -portable command line switch for ACT. Plugins have arrows to change the… days ago
  • ACT version is released. Mostly miscellaneous fixes and some plugin download functionality help. days ago
  • ACT version is released. A small update adding and separating the '-*' suffix versions of {maxhit}, etc.… days ago
  • ACT version is released. Added new formatting options for numbers in graphs and text export formats. Ad… days ago
  • I guess EQ2Flames(old forums) quietly died, so I put up some new(very empty!) ones... days ago
  • EQ2 English plugin updated. Added new export formatters such as {ENCDPS-m}. Plugins that use ACT defaults have these new formatters already. 1283 days ago
  • ACT version is released. Custom Trigger Benchmark window added. Misc fixes. 1294 days ago
  • I was looking at some stats for fun and found that v3 of the main ACT program has now reached 2 million downloads~ (exe, zip & updates) 1549 days ago
  • Version ACT now supports damage amounts over 2 billion. Some plugins will have to be updated to work or take advantage of this. 1660 days ago
  • Plugin authors: a potentially breaking update is available as the ZIP file to test. Int32<-Int64 overflow potential days ago
  • Version is released. Minor enhancements to the Custom Triggers UI. Misc bug fixes. 1733 days ago
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An open source multimedia parser based on the Qt framework, just like mp4info tool on Windows platform. MediaParser is released under the terms of the Apache-2.0 license. See License for more information. Getting Started 1. Before starting build process, QT enviroment should be installed. Brew install qt. Download the latest version of Parsec for Mac - Remote gaming service application. Read 0 user reviews of Parsec on MacUpdate. JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format. It can represent numbers, strings, ordered sequences of values, and collections of name/value pairs. JsonCpp is a C library that allows manipulating JSON values, including serialization and deserialization to and from strings.