Parallels Vm For Mac

admin 12/14/2021

There are two big names in the virtual machine software industry who have both developed high-class, consumer-friendly virtual machine monitor apps and as such are competing directly against one another. These two are Parallels Inc. and Dell’s subsidiary VMware Inc, with the first to launch its software being Parallels in 2006, followed by VMware a year later.

Parallels isn’t the cheapest option or the one that gives you the best performance, but with a few reservations, I’d say it’s still the best way to run Windows on a Mac for most people, if. For Parallels 11.2.2 and macOS 10.12 Sierra as guest OS, I had the same problem. Once the VM is installed make sure you configure the VM, go to the Hardware tab, select the Hard Disk item in the lefthand column that represents the unnecessary 'OS X image file.hdd' file and click the minus sign button to remove it. VMware Fusion: Powerfully Simple Virtual Machines for Mac. VMware Fusion Pro and VMware Fusion Player Desktop Hypervisors give Mac users the power to run Windows on Mac along with hundreds of other operating systems, containers or Kubernetes clusters, side by side with Mac applications, without rebooting. Fusion products are simple enough for home users and powerful enough for IT.

Sold at the same price point in the U.S., both Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion pack in tons of features that make deploying and managing virtual machines a piece of cake – even for rookie computer users. If they’re both on the top of their separate games, then, how can you even choose between the two?

VMware Fusion
Parallels Desktop
Free TrialFree TrialFree Trial
Import Boot Camp Partitions
Windows Download
Windows Integrated Into macOS
Guest OS Support
Virtual Copy of macOS
Automate Snapshots
Customize Startup
Quick Look
Windows Data Transfer
Shared Folders
DirectX 10.1 Support
Microsoft Cortana Integration
iCloud/Dropbox/Google Drive Integration
'Open With' Option
Notification Center
Resource Optimization
TRIM Support
Disk Cleanup
Free Version14 days30 days
Free VersionNoNo
Money-Back Guarantee30 daysNo
Payment Methods
American Express
Wire Transfer
Liberty Reserve
Customer Support
Live Chat
On Call
Remote Desktop

Parallels Desktop

If the secondary platform you'll be using on the Mac is Windows, then Parallels Desktop will streamline its deployment. Thanks to its convenient one-click install option, users can just instruct the app to download a legitimate copy of Windows from Microsoft.

While both hypervisors do their job well, what makes the difference between Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion are the corresponding feature sets that they each pack. For example, with Parallels the guest operating system integration level goes as deep as having a button in Safari to open a specific website in Internet Explorer and a “Call with iPhone” option when using the Windows browser.

InstallerWindows 10Transfer FilesSharedFolder SharingApp SharingOpen in IE

Parallels Desktop Downloading Windows 10

Parallel Desktop 16

Shared Folders

Parallels Vm For Mac

App Customization Options

Running two operating systems on the same computer will obviously have an impact on system resources, but Parallels Desktop offers the option to optimize energy saving settings for more personally tailored performance. Parallels will also pause the virtual machine if it notices that no apps are running. But it is in the performance where Parallels really shines, with a noticeably speedy boot up time when launching Windows. Downsides include the Windows app appearing in the dock as an app folder and Coherence mode in need of some design tweaking.

Parallel virtualization

VMware Fusion

While it doesn't have the one-click Windows install option of Parallels’ software, VMware Fusion is a trustable hypervisor for a wide number of guest operating systems. Running this VMM will streamline the integration level of the guest operating system at a very early stage. Compared to its main competitor, VMware's isolated or seamless integration of the secondary OS is far more simplified and automated.


When it comes to performance, VMware Fusion feels just as quick; sometimes the reaction time is faster than Parallels' but the boot times matched that of its rival. It lacks the energy saving settings of Parallels Desktop, however, although it does also pause the virtual machine when it detects a period of zero activity.

InstallerSelect Operating SystemLack of Install DiskChoose FirmwareIntegration OptionsSharingHardware Allocation

Select Operating System

Choose Windows Firmware

Enable Shared Folders

When it comes to virtual machines, though, their ability to take snapshots of the guest operating system is one of the most convenient features, making troubleshooting much easier. Unfortunately, this is where VMware Fusion falters, since it doesn’t support automated snapshots as Parallels Desktop does and, therefore, means users are unable to restore their virtual machines without losing any data.

Parallels Vm For Mac


The heavy load of features makes choosing between these two virtual machine software packages a hard task since both have the same $79.99 price tag in the U.S. What makes the difference, though, is the pricing strategy that the two companies follow.

Parallels Desktop is available as a subscription, which means that users will always get the latest software and features, but the license is on a per computer basis. The lifetime license option is priced higher at $99.99.

Parallels Vm Location Mac

VMware Fusion's pricing strategy is a bit different, just like its feature set. The company behind the software charges users for a lifetime license, as well as offering an upgrade at a discounted price. However, it is worth noting that this license is per user, so you can install VMware Fusion on all your personal devices.

Parallel Desktop For Windows

Both virtual machines are available with a free trial, the only difference between the two being that Parallels Desktop provides a 14-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, while VMware Fusion can be tested for 30 days before you are prompted to buy a license.