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Diagnostic software can be majorly classified into computer system diagnostic tools and automotive diagnostic tools. Automotive diagnostic tools help to scan various components of a vehicle and monitor their performance as well. The computer system diagnostic tools help to monitor as well as find defects in system components like CPU, hard disk, memory and many more.


Torque free obd 2 for mac free download - 60 Torque Themes OBD 2, Torque OBD, Torque Lite (OBD2 & Car), and many more programs. OBD Auto Doctor is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. OBD GPS Logger Useful for logging both GPS and OBD data, if you should wish to compare vehicle data and location. Exports data in a few useful ways. Available for Mac OSX and Linux. OBD Logger A basic software.

To know more about these software one can search Google using “car diagnostic software”, “diagnostic software definition”, “medical diagnostic software” or “types of diagnostic software”.


PicoScope consists of waveform library browser which enables to search global database and pickup relevant waveform for a model or manufacturer. It enables searching waveform and adding new waveform as well. It also provides guided tests which helps in performing tests automatically and gives relevant and elaborate technical and troubleshooting information.

Diagnostic Tool for the Microsoft VM

Obd2 scanner mac os

This Diagnostic Tool helps to scan multiple computers and to find the presence of MSJVM and its related software. It comes with wizard functionality which helps to scan the drives of local computer, remote computers as well as URLs on the web. The output details of scanning are presented in the form of HTML.



SIW is a comprehensive system information tool which provides details about hardware and software components. It provides deepest characteristics of your system like system files, programs, motherboard, CPU information, etc. It allows changing settings for displaying warnings and reports. It allows exporting the reports and allows checking the latest CPU and memory usage.

OBD2 Scan Tool

This scan tool helps to fix the issue and provides coverage options for forty eight carmakers. It allows accessing ABS, airbag, instrument cluster and many more controllers. It provides comprehensive report which helps the customer to understand the issues. It allows quick installation and comes with extremely easy-to-use as well as flexible interface.

Other Diagnostic Software for Different Platforms

There are various varieties of diagnostic software available for both system and automotive types. They are available for various versions like Windows, Mac Os and Android. The details of these automotive as well as system diagnostic software are mentioned below for each version and one can go through their features for better understanding.

Free Diagnostic Software for Windows – Fresh Diagnose

Fresh Diagnose can analyze and benchmark computer system components like CPU performance, hard disk, motherboard and many more. It can scan entire system and gives complete report about issues to fix them in time and help to increase the efficiency. It can also test registry settings, keyboard, printer, mouse, etc.

Free Diagnostic Software for Mac Os – TechTool Deluxe

TechTool Deluxe can test critical computer components like processor, RAM, VRAM, hard disk, etc. It can restructure disk and restore the directories. It is easy-to-use software and can perform system scanning quickly. It produces report for volume review and verifies drive mechanism. It also verifies cache, FPU, clock and networks.

Free Diagnostic Software for Android – Torque Lite

Torque Lite software monitors car performance and displays the results in real-time. It shows the engine defective codes and resets them. It provides engine performance data and helps one to control the driving speed. It comes with attractive dashboard with all the required information. It can identify issues with the car and helps to reduce breakdown situations.

More Great Diagnostic Software for Windows, Android and Mac Os

Some of the diagnostic software for windows version for automotive is “Automotive Wolf” and “PCMSCAN” & for computers is “ProScan” and “Sisoft Sandra”. Some of the diagnostic software for Mac Os version for computers is “OnyX”, “SMART Utility” and “TechTool Pro” & for automotive is “Movi” and Car Maintenance”. “OBDLink”, “Torque Pro” and “OBD Fusion” are some of the diagnostic software for android application.

Most Popular Diagnostic Software for 2016 is OBD Auto Doctor

OBD Auto Doctor monitors emission controls, engine performance and many more to detect defects. It is very easy-to-use software which helps in fixing the issue by reading the trouble codes. The engine performance is displayed in graphical representation and help to understand the issue quickly. It also monitors the fuel efficiency.

What is Diagnostic Software?

Diagnostic software performs checking the system to monitor the computer’s processor, memory, registry, keyboard, printer and other components to detect the defects. They can fix issues in time to save the valuable components. The automotive diagnostic tools perform vehicle component checking including emissions and engine performance.

Some of these software search the global database and find the best solution for fixing the issues. They come with flexible interface and easy to understand functions. To know more varieties of these software one can search Google using “list of diagnostic software”, “hard drive diagnostic software”, “diagnostic software tools” or “iphone diagnostic software”. You may also see Hard Disk Repair Software

How to Install Diagnostic Software?

Obd2 For Mac Os

Diagnostic software installation instructions document is either supplied by the vendor along with the software download or they are available on the software website. One can go through these instructions and perform installation easily. One should check the system requirements and predefined requirements mentioned in the software website before installing them.

Benefits of Diagnostic Software

Diagnostic software is the best tool to identify issues with related components either with the computers or vehicles. For vehicle checking they help to find the issues quickly and one can easily make the customer understand better by providing a comprehensive report about the defective components. They perform quick scanning of vehicle components and provide the defective code of the components to replace them.

The system administrators can easily monitor variations in system components and fix them in time to save them from replacement. They allow benchmarking the system resources performance and help to regularly monitor them. They are highly valuable tools for both computer and automotive industries.

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Finally, i managed to setup Forscan ElS27 on Mac OS X. Before this, i have read lots of posts and many have troubles with Forscan and Mac. Here is what i did – program stayed in memory. Hope it helps.
1) Installed xquartz http://xquartz.macosforge.org/ and xcode from Appstore (altough you can install just xcode tools)
2) Installed homebrew from http://brew.sh/
3) Typed


brew install wine
And took long bath
4) Did symbolic link for usb serial:



ln -s /dev/tty.usbserial ~/.wine/dosdevices/com1
5) Added this to ~/.wine/system.reg:

Obd2 For Mac Os High Sierra


[HardwareDevicemapSerialcomm] 1015709345

And voila! it detects ELM327 properly and I am pretty sure it will work with my vehicle (but
will check it in the morning).


PS. Attaching screenshot after today’s test – Forscan works very well!

Obd2 For Mac Os 10.13

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