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Need for Speed – Most Wanted is a high quality game that works in all major modern web browsers. This online game is part of the Racing, Action, Emulator, and GBA gaming categories. Need for Speed – Most Wanted has 174 likes from 233 user ratings. If you enjoy this game then also play games Need For Speed – Underground 2 and Need For. Need For Speed World is the name given to the latest racing experience by the hands of EA. This time the most interesting feature is that it is totally free and online. Although the graphic apart is still stunning and scenarios are amazing, the new release of NFS catches our attention because of that online nature.

Need for Speed Rivals Mac OS X

If are you searching for a racing game to play on your MacBook computer then for sure you are in the right place. MacGamesBox is happy to announce Need for Speed Rivals Mac OS X! The most famous game of 2016 is finally on macintosh and everyone can play it free without emulators or softwares that can slow you computer. The game is available to download directly to your mac os x or with torrent. With a lot of players from all the world the game is played online like non other racing game. Check the requirements and download button in the bottom of this page.

Need For Speed World Online Mac

Need For Speed World Online Mac Download

Need for Speed Rivals Mac OS X arrived as full game with all packages unlocked and a lot of great cars. The game have a large file size, you will need almost 30 GB free on you macbook to install this game. No required activation, cd-key , crack or anything else. Just use one of the buttons above to download .dmg file and then open it and start playing.

Need for Speed Rivals Mac OS X Minimum Requirements:

Need for Speed Rivals Mac OS X [Full Game] Download:

NFS RivalsNeed For Speed World Online MacWorld

Need For Speed World. Lots of us have enjoyed so much with Need for Speed sage on its different versions: underground, underground 2, Carbon, Most Wanted. And after the latest Shift we missed a bit of action on the roads. A community project to restore Need for Speed: World. NOT AFFILIATED WITH ELECTRONIC ARTS. Soapbox Race World. Return to the streets of Need for Speed: World! Download the launcher. Multiple Servers. Our server list consists of various community-hosted servers, along with official servers operated by project staff. Welcome to the “Need for Speed World” for Mac game page. This page contains information + tools how to port this game so you can play it on your Mac just like a normal application. Since almost 6 month EA games, discontinued the service of the game. So the game won’t work anymore.

can be easy downloaded with torrent or direct. If you choose to download it with torrent then use the blue button and get torrent file and the go and get it through uTorrent software. If you choose direct then click red button to get the dmg image disk file. After is downloaded you are ready to play.

Need For Speed World Online Machines

NFS Rivals Gameplay on MacBook:

Need For Speed World Online Machine

Need For Speed World Online Machine Learning

A short demonstrative gameplay can be seen in the video above. The video has been recorded on MacBook Air and as can bee seen the game work perfectly and without lag.
Installer Package Contents:
  • Soapbox Race World: Game Launcher
    (Build - Appveyor)
  • Need For Speed: World Original Gamefiles
    (Build 1613 - Downloaded by Launcher)

Need For Speed Rivals Mac

  • Launcher Error: Launcher don't start or crash on start
    (This means your computer is missing java in order to run the launcher, just go download the appropriate version for your version of windows here:

  • Launcher Error: Can't copy module files, check folders permission, or run as admin
    (This error mean you don't have enough permission, to fix this problem, place your game files (data) on the desktop, it's the best and easiest solution!)
  • Launcher Error: Connection refused
  • (Make sure the server list has been loaded. If the server address is, that means you never loaded the server list and the launcher is trying to connect to a server on your computer. Load the server list again.)
  • Game Error: ERROR 7
    (Game thinks it doesn't works how it should be, just restart game)
  • Game Error: ERROR 10
    (Session expired or Login is invalid, just retry again)
  • Game Error: ERROR 13
    (Game Can't connect to XMPP-part of server)
  • Game Error: ERROR 500
    (This means, server declined a data received, usually pops this when you tried to cheat, so please, just don't do it, just enjoy the game how it would be played please.)
  • Can't See Players in freeroam.
    (SBRW Server turn on/off freeroam during weekends OR when it has to be tested.)
  • Can See Players in lobby but not in the race.
    (It happens when your trying to play whit more than 2 players or if one of the 2 players desync's due to his game experiencing anomalies. Anyway, if a game starts with no players showing up, the lobby will close automatically, and give it a try again whit only two players at the time)
  • Economy/Leveling & Rewards Systems does not works as expected.
    (Don't mind too much about it, its being worked on
  • Buying car slots puts game Into an infinite loading loop state.
    (Your player have unlimited car slots anyway, so just don't use it.)
  • No Cop's in freeroam (Game Alpha-Beta Feature).
    (Players can start pursuit
    missions anyway.)

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Need For Speed World Online Mac