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We created a free, easy-to-use software called Yamaha Toolbox for your PC or Mac which makes purchasing and downloading map & content updates possible. Download Yamaha Toolbox now to install free updates and purchase a wide variety of maps. Yamaha Toolbox needs an active internet connection. I am using Mac and the Lincoln Toolbox won’t start. What should I do? If you have updated your OSX for Catalina, the Lincoln Toolbox will work only if you delete the previous version of the Lincoln Toolbox and download the latest one. What do I need to pay attention at the first usage? NNG LLC (‘NNG’) and Naviextras is the official supplier of Renault regarding the navigation software (limited to specific vehicle models). NNG provides the map update for the navigation software via this website ('Site'). The tool (Toolbox) necessary to download.

BLOG-Now standard on many of the new 2014 Harley Davidson Touring Models is the Boom Box Infotainment System. Law Abiding Biker (LAB) Motorcycle Podcast and Media created a very detailed instructional video on how to set up and utilize the new Harley Davidson Boom Box Infotaiment System, as the instructions that come with it are lacking to say the least.


I purchased a 2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special, which comes standard with the Boom Box 6.5GT Infotaiment System. There was a ton of information lacking on this system and where you could update its software versions and maps. I had many questions from the Law Abiding Biker Motorcycle Community, so I decided that Law Abiding Biker Motorcycle Podcast and Media should begin investigating this matter. Of course, I also need to know for myself, as I have this system on my Harley Davidson. I spent much time investigating this through email chains and phone calls. I was frustrated many times, as I was being put through many phone trees and talking to many people, whom did not have the answers to my questions.

I was in contact with both Harley Davidson and NaviExtras, whom have partnered on this built in system. We will get to that in a moment. I advised persons I spoke with that I was going to produce a Law Abiding Biker Motorcycle Podcast covering this matter and write a BLOG, so they were really hustling to try and get me the answers.

People truly wanted to help me, but as I quickly found out, the Boom Box Infotainment System was so new that persons at Harley Davidson and at NaviExtras were undeducated on the system. In fact, persons at NaviExtras did not even know they supported the built in Boom Box Infotainment System, but it states in the Harley Davidson manuals you get when you buy a 2014 Touring Model, to go to NaviExtras website for all your map updates and additional maps. I was a bit embarassed for both companies at this point. I am a die hard Harley Davidson supporter and rider, but I am also fair and blanced. Harley Davidson is far from perfect, so I am just reporting the truth here.

I learned that Harley Davidson is going to handle all the downloadable software updates for the Boom Box Infotainment System on their website, while NaviExtras is going to handle all the GPS map updates (at a price) and the ability to purchase additional maps on their website. Wow, they sure made this more confusing for the consumer than it needed to be. So, Harley Davdison and NaviExtras have partnershiped in providing support for the Boom Box Infotainment System.

So, you grab a thumb drive/memory stick, 8gb or better, go to the Harley Davidson website, download the new Boom Box operating system updates, plug the memory stick into the USB port in your new Harley Davidson's Juke Box Compartment, and upload the new version. The same steps are taken if you want to update your maps or put new ones on your system, except you go to NaviExtras.

You can also go to Harley Davidson's Ride Planner and download your routed trip onto the memory stick and upload it into the Boom Box System's GPS the same wa



A huge amount of Law Abiding Bikers/Motorcyclists and Harley Davidson owners, and the general public for that matter, wisely use a MAC instead of a PC. MAC is all many people now have in their homes and businesses for good reasons. Why would such a large company like Harley Davison not support MAC and only support PC?. There is absolutely no excuse for that.

After much effort, I reached someone fairly high up at Harley Davidson, who could answer my questions-not really. He confirmed that Harley Davidson does not support the use of MAC for the new Boom Box Infotainment System and only supports PC. I dug further and asked him if they were working towards MAC support. Of course his reply was, “we really can't comment on anything we might be working on”. He could not give me any valid information on wether or not MAC support was coming. I considered this rather poor customer service and poor public information for such a large company like Harley Davidson that I have put my hard earned money into.

NaviExtras did finally figure out they are supporting the system-LOL. They now have a big slider picture of the Harley Davidson Boom Box Infotaiment System on their Harley Davidson section of their website. Imagine that? Here is a direct quote from an email they sent me: “We are happy to inform you that our company plans to release Toolbox to other platforms as well (Linux, Mac), but at the moment they are not yet available. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide you any information about a possible release date. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.” So this year? Maybe 5 years? At least they are working on it I guess.

So basically, NaviExtras is loosing a HUGE market share, because MAC owners can't purchase and download their very expensive maps at this point. You would think their marketing department would be smarter than this? I absolutely won't purchase or download anything from NaviExtras until they have MAC support and I suggest you do the same.

Naviextras For Mac

My suggestion is to call Harley Davidson 1-800-258-2464 prompt #2 and demand MAC support for software updates for the Boom Box Infotainment System. We are the paying customers and deserve this from Harley Davidson. If nobody complains then Harley Davidson will definitely sit on this issue. I strongly suggest you do the same to NaviExtras, who is partnershipped with Harley Davidson and also owes this to us. The only way to light a fire in them is to overwhelm them with inquiries and concern about this issue.

Make sure to tune into the Law Abiding Biker Motorcycle Podcast, where in a future episode we will be discussing this lack of MAC support for the Harley Davidson Boom Box Infotainment System. I will get much more detailed in my verbal description on the podcast and advise of any new information or updates on the matter.

Don't forget that if you want a full step-by- step tutorial video on how to set up and operate the Boom Box Infotainment System CLICK HERE.


-Ride safe and keep the rubber side down

Toolbox is a free, easy-to-use application that allows you to download and install available map updates on your Mazda Connect navigation system.

To update your map, follow these steps:

  • Download the Toolbox to your computer and create an account.
  • Eject the SD Card from your Mazda Connect navigation system and insert it into your computer.
  • Follow the Mazda Update Toolbox on-screen instructions to update your map.
  • Re-insert the SD card into your Mazda Connect navigation system.

iFor detailed instructions, see the Guide.

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