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Apple's Mac mini is the 'budget' line of computers and actually does not come with a mouse and keyboard and instead, Apple tells you to 'bring your own'. From the current (2017) product page on Mac mini is an affordable powerhouse that packs the entire Mac experience into a. 'mac compatible keyboards'. Categories & Filters. Store Pickup at. Mice & Keyboards. Computer Keyboards. Keyboard & Mouse Combos. Keyboard Protection & Covers. Gaming Accessories & Peripherals. Mini Streak Professional Esports Wired Gaming Mechanical CHERRY MX RGB. Backlight 2.4G TV Wireless Mini Keyboard Air Mouse Touchpad for PC / Mac Android. 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard Backlit Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse Control B2AE. Shipping: + $3.53 shipping. Report item - opens in a new window.

Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo For Mac Mini

Sometime a Mac can't pickup the connection of a bluetooth keyboard or mouse is normal. Whatever your Mac is brand new or not.

I will do the following if the brand new Mac can't pickup the bluetooth connection, but make sure the bluetooth keyboard and mouse is not yet paired with other computer, that means you have to un-pair the keyboard and mouse from your MacBook before you perform the follow step:

- Switch off the Mac

- Switch off the Keyboard and Mouse which not yet paired with other computer, remove its battery, and re-install the battery after 10 seconds

- Switch on the Keyboard and Mouse first, make sure both devices have a green light flashes (the light flashed at intervals, like a pulse **...**...sorry my poor English), that means the devices is discoverable.

- Switch on the Mac asap if all the bluetooth keyboard and mouse is ready, and let the Mac pair both device (according the screen instruction)

Apple keyboard and mouse combo

If the method still doesn't work, the worst case is: i'm afraid you have to connect wired keyboard and mouse to finish the Setup Assistant, and pair both bluetooth devices by Bluetooth Preferences. Once both bluetooth devices connected, disconnect wired keyboard and mouse.

Keyboard Mouse Combo For Mac Mini

May 15, 2011 7:07 PM

Apple mac keyboard

Apple Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard, Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, and Magic Trackpad 2 work wirelessly with your Mac via Bluetooth when they're paired and turned on.

If your devices came with a new iMac, they're already paired with the computer. Just turn them on when you first turn on your Mac. To make sure that your device is turned on, check its power switch. If green is visible, the device is on.

If you bought your devices separately — or if they've become unpaired from your Mac — follow the steps below to pair them.

How to set up current Apple wireless devices

Follow these steps to set up your Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard, Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, or Magic Trackpad 2:

  1. Connect a Lightning to USB Cable1 or a USB-C to Lightning Cable to the Lightning port on the device2 and connect the other end of the cable to your Mac.
  2. Make sure that the device's power switch is in the ON position. (Green is visible under the switch when the device is on.)
  3. Choose Apple () menu > System Preferences, then click Bluetooth to open the Bluetooth preferences window. When the device pairs with your Mac, it appears in the list of devices.
  4. Check the Bluetooth preferences window to see your device's charge level. When the device is charged, unplug it for wireless use.

1. If your Bluetooth device came with an iMac, a Lightning to USB cable was also included in the box.
2. Magic Mouse 2 can't be used while connected to the cable.

How to set up earlier Apple wireless devices

Mouse keyboard for mac mini mouse

Mouse Keyboard For Mac Mini Mouse

If you're not sure which device you have, you can learn how to identify your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard, or trackpad.

Mouse keyboard for mac mini windows 10

Then use a wired mouse or trackpad — or the built-in trackpad if you're using a Mac notebook — and follow these steps to set up your earlier Apple wireless devices (such as the Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad):

  1. Turn on your device.
  2. Wait until your device's LED starts blinking, which means that it's in Discoverable Mode. (If the LED is on but not blinking, your device is already paired with another host. To unpair it, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Bluetooth. Hover the pointer over the device you want to remove, then click the button that appears next to the device's name. Turn the device off, then start again at step 1.)
  3. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Bluetooth.
  4. Wait while your Mac searches for your device. When your device appears in Bluetooth preferences, click Pair1.

1. Apple Wireless Keyboard requires the passcode that appears on your Mac. Enter the 8-digit passcode on the keyboard, then press Return. Earlier models of Apple Wireless Mouse or Apple Magic Trackpad will connect automatically or show a dialog. If you see a dialog, click Pair or press Return.

Wireless Keyboard Mouse For Mac Mini

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