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XMind is the most professional and popular mind mapping tool. Millions of people use XMind to clarify thinking, manage complex information, brainstorming, get.

  • Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for MindMaps.
  • When it comes to powerful Mac Mind Map software, MindView Mac is a must have for serious mind mapping users. Powered by its superior MS Office integration and 5 interchangeable views, this award winning mind mapping software transforms standard brainstorming sessions into.
Download Mind Map Softwareedrawedwin

Download Edraw MindMaster

Edraw MindMaster allows you to easily create mind maps and share mind maps online for free. It helps you organize thoughts and manage tasks in a more functional and effective way. Download Edraw MindMaster and enjoy its powerful functions like themes, rainbow colors, branch styling, Gantt view, slideshow, hand-drawn style, fishbone diagrams and timelines etc.

Download Free Mind

The latest stable release of FreeMind is 1.0. Downloading and installation instructions are given below. FreeMind is written in Java, so it will run on almost any system with a Java runtime environment.

Download XMind

XMind is a mind mapping and brainstorming software, developed by XMind Ltd. In addition to the management elements, the software can capture ideas and easily create concept maps and share them online.

Download iMindMap


iMindMap is a powerful program that gives you a huge set of tools you can use to create visual representations of your ideas. Download the 7 day free trial of iMindMap. Ultimate Mind Mapping software and explore the full feature set.

Download MindJet MindManager

Mindjet MindManager is a mind mapping software program that helps you become more productive. It is the World’s Most Powerful and expensive Mind Mapping Software.

Download Edraw Max

Mind Mapping App Mac

Edraw Max is an all-in-one diagram software that makes it simple to create professional-looking mind map, flowcharts, organizational charts, network diagrams, business charts. It is the world’s most popular and valuable diagram software.

Top 6 Mac Mind Mapping Applications

SubrinaMindmap For Mac Бесплатно

Capturing your ideas is a complicated task especially when you stimulate your mind views without limitation. Sometimes you might have a keyword to be explored, but on most occasions, you just have tons of ideas without any connections and links to integrate them logically. Thus, a mind map becomes a visual and intuitive overview of your various ideas. Today, we are going to recommend top 6 powerful Mac mind mapping applications.

Features ComparisoniThoughtsX
Free for Lite Users
Layout plan
Icon Libraries
Task Management
Full Screen Mode
Outline View
Import & Export


Keywords: powerful, task management, massive formats
Price: $49.99

iThoughtsX is a functional and powerful mind mapping application which fits for middle and high-end mind map users. The style is classic and gloomy rather than colorful and bright. iThoughtsX owns business style because task management feature is advanced with a milestone, task priority, and specific schedules and timing arrangement. The highlight of iThoughtsX is sequence and filter functions that you can change sequences conveniently by different logics. As for the filter, you can set different rules to brighten or hide some branches. Users can also replace words in whole maps by one-click. iThoughtsX also supports diversified files format from other mind mapping software which can be imported and exported easily.

Edraw MindMaster

Keywords: beautiful UI, perfect task management tool, abundant exquisite clip arts
Prices: Free version & Pro version from $9
Free Version is available
For a brainstorming fan, you may find that there are many free mind mapping tools which can be used only in Windows system. Amazingly, Edraw MindMaster performs perfectly in Windows, Mac, and Linux systems and reaches to be a veritable cross-platform tool. Edraw MindMaster is a simple-to-use mind mapping tool which contains several functions insert elements like clip arts, marks, hyperlinks, attachments, mind map examples, callout, boundary, and even a summary. Task management functions are well worth recommended as it can help you add information and tag group, set tasks and view in Gantt chart which are helpful in mind mapping designing. You can also easily create a slideshow or stylize mind maps.


Keywords: basic functions, cost-effective
Prices: $29.99

If you seek a professional brainstorming and note-taking application adapting Mac smoothly, Mindnode is your best choice. With beautiful UI and easy-to-master software, Mindnode performs out of users’ expectations with consistent praise. The whiteboard of Mindnode can be extended without boundary which stimulates your brain for more perspectives. Users can choose to hide some branches so as to have a clear focus without influence from irrelevant branches. That app is stable and cost-effective for users to have a friendly utilizing experience in Mac. However, rather than complex features, Mindnode offers basic functions which might be lacking for high-end mind mapping experts.


Keywords: tiny memory, real-time search
Prices: $29.99

As the name indicates, Simplemind is a simple-to-use Mac mind mapping application which has good performance in the App Store. It only takes around 1.9M of memory which becomes almost the tiniest app compared with common mind mapping software. With abundant icon and template database, Simplemind provides detailed adjustment tools for users to complete delicate mind maps. Therefore, users can manage several mind maps by adding a folder, in the meanwhile users can find what they want immediately by searching the keywords which makes utilizing more efficient. One weakness for Simplemind is that no professional features like task management could be used by specialists.


Keywords: online collaboration, teamwork, task priority
Price: $4.99

MindMaple is a greater functionality application which supports online collaboration. It revolutionizes the way people think and let brainstorm more professional. The UI of MindMaple is breezy which engages users. Furthermore, a task management feature is the bright spot for MindMaple. Users can track the whole process of task completion and see the timeline of the task accurately and vividly. Therefore, you can find that MindMaple is designed to benefit both beginner and advanced users to have a better user experience.

Mind Mapping For Mac Free


Keywords: concise, simple-to-use
Price: $14.99

Most mind mapping software tends to be more and more beautiful with plenty of colorful templates and funny icons, but they ignore the essence of the mind map. Scapple tries to pull back users to return to nature. When you first open this app, you can see one whiteboard offering for you to write down freely. Only two suggestions for you are double-click and drag notes which sum up two key functions of Scapple. It will not disturb you so as to design free-formed mind maps. Users will not fret about which templates to use, which icons to insert and all they need to care about is their points. After enumerating all the views, users can drag and drop a text to another so as to link and integrate. Thus, Scapple works are close to traditional hand-writing mind maps.

In conclusion, if you want to list your ideas easily in a logical way, you should choose Scapple. If you want to use a cost-effective tool with many useful functions, you should have a trial of MindMaster. And if you want to have a beautiful UI with basic functions, please check out Mindnode. For users who want to use tiny space and design amazing mind maps, Simplemind is your best choice. But if you do not care for the style, choosing iThoughtsX will help you benefit from mature task management functions.