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  • These are best cross-platform messaging apps for not only Windows and Mac, but also for iOS, and Android too! The Best Chat and Messaging Apps for Windows & Mac. Some of the world’s best and most popular communications apps for Windows and Mac powered computers are listed below, just explore them! # WhatsApp Desktop.
  • Microsoft Messaging enables, quick, reliable SMS, MMS and RCS messaging from your phone. To get started, select Messaging from the All apps list. Note: The PC version of this app only shows SMS texts from your mobile operator about your data plan (billing, data limits, etc.), and only on devices built for high-speed wireless data (LTE).

New in iOS 14

iOS 14 makes keeping in touch with Messages more fun and personal than ever.

Create a group conversation

Start a group conversation with your friends and family, give the group a name, and add or remove people from the group.

Send a group message

Name your group conversation

You can name your group conversations and add a photo so they're easier to find.

Customize group conversations

Mention people and reply inline

In iOS 14 and iPadOS, you can reply to specific messages in conversations, and mention people by name to get their attention in group chats.

See how it works

Personalize your messages with effects

Create your Memoji

Make your own Memoji with fun new accessories, hairstyles, and headwear. Then create as many alter egos as you want in Messages and FaceTime.

Use Memoji

Send photos, video, and audio

Make your messages more fun and interactive with photos, videos, and audio clips.

Send photos and more

Messages App On Macbook

Add a personal touch

Express yourself with bubble, full-screen, and camera effects.

Use message effects

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