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Create a radiant base with Embryolisse Moisturizer. A staple in every pro makeup artist’s kit. Yup, I attended a 2-hour MAC Studio Talk makeup class at Bloomingdale’s in SF, and, like the Chanel master class at Macy’s a couple weeks ago, it was packed with makeup tips and new product information. Watching a video at the start of class. If you love makeup, brand-sponsored classes like these are a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

When it comes to makeup artistry MAC cosmetics is one of the most trusted brands out there. MAC Cosmetics products are one of the best quality products out on the market. They have a lot of colours to choose from and the pigmentation pay off is one of the best. It’s really reliable when doing makeup on clients for special occasions.

Whether shopping online or in person in a MAC store it can be overwhelming as to what to purchase especially if you are a first-time buyer. When I was in school taking my course on Makeup Artistry I was given a general guide of what colours to buy that would be used every day. I have set up a general guide as to what to buy for a first time MAC customer or a first-year student taking a beginners makeup course. I am going to do my best to explain suitable colours for all skin tones…

What Mac Products Are A Must Have

Makeup Tips For Mac

As a beginner in the world of Mac Makeup, it can get overwhelming as you have so much choice and the quality of the products make you want to go back for more.

There are certain makeup products that are a must have and they are Lipsticks, Foundation, Eyeshadows and Blushes. Let’s face it us girls can’t live without any of these they are the fundamentals to having stunning looks. I have gone through all three below and explain what I would recommend for beginners.

Skin Tones

I am going to start off explaining skin tone colours that way we can understand what colours complement certain skin tones. There are three types of undertones, warm, neutral and cool. You can have the same skin colour as someone, but the undertone of the skin can make a difference in applying make up. An undertone is a colour that sits underneath the surface of your skin. A person with a warm undertone would have more yellow, peach golden undertones to their skin. A person with a neutral undertone has both warm and cool undertone colours to their skin. A cool undertone is pink blue and red.

How Do You Know What Skin Tone You Have

One question you must ask yourself is does your skin tan easily?

If yes is the answer then the shade range to compliment your skin is more olive.

If your skin burns and then you get a tan then you most likely have a yellow undertone.

If you burn and don’t tan at all then you most likely have a pink undertone

Another way of determining your skin tone is by looking at your veins. If your veins are blue then your most likely a cool skin tone. If your veins are green then your most likely are a warm skin tone. Everybody’s veins are blue however when the colour blue is mixed with yellow (being a warmer colour) it makes your veins appear green. If you cannot determine if your veins are blue or green then you may be a neutral skin tone.

It’s really important to figure out your correct skin tone because not only will this compliment your skin but it will also make you look less aged. For example, if a person with a warm skin tone starts to wear a pink undertone on their skin it can look ashy and make them look aged. This is a really good tip to keep in mind when you’re doing clients makeup.

What Are The Different Finishes Of Mac Eyeshadow

The seven finishes of MAC pressed eyeshadows are Velux Pearl, Matte, Frost, Lustre, Satin, Velvet, and Velux. One of the many items that MAC is known for is their large variety of eyeshadows that have great pigmentation and how smooth the colours blend.

Velux Pearl finish MAC pressed eyeshadow with shimmer but no glitter.

A Matte finish is usually a flat colour with MAC’s pigments and has no shimmer or glitter. I personally used the matte finishes as a liner with MAC Fix Plus Setting Spray.

Frost: has iridescent shimmer which has reflective particles that give the eyeshadow a shimmery finish.

Lustre: has a more chunky texture and usually has glitter particles.

Satin: is a matte with a sheen finish.

Velvet: usually has glitter and is shimmery

Velux: is a matte finish but the pigment is buildable


These are usually a loose eyeshadow powder. This can be used either wet or dry. The finish is usually metallic when it comes to MAC’s pigments.

The following eyeshadows were a guide given to me as a student to have in my beginner’s kit.


Gold Eyeshadows: usually compliment brown and blue eyes. However, on special occasions, anyone can wear it.

Amber lights: which are a gold eyeshadow with a bit of peach and brown undertones to it. This is one eyeshadow that is used during wedding season amongst many makeup artists.

Goldmine: Another gold eyeshadow to check out is MAC’s Goldmine. It’s also an intense gold shimmer.

Black Eyeshadow: Can make a difference in any look and can transform it by giving the eye more depth. Black eyeshadow is also known as cake liner where it can be used as an eyeliner when applied wet.

Carbon: is a matte black eyeshadow that works well wet or dry as an eyeliner. It’s an eyeshadow that should be in every kit to change a look from day to a night time look. Its good to have for a smoky eye look.

Brown Eyeshadow: is a very universal colour for all eye colours out there. It compliments all eye colours.

Bronze: is a matte eyeshadow that is a soft brown.

Makeup Tips For Mac

Expresso: is a matte eyeshadow that is coffee brown. This colours can work well as a transition colour.

Purple Eyeshadow: is another colour that can really make different eye colours pop. This colour works well with every season.

Concrete: is a satin eyeshadow that is a muted purple it’s more on the darker side.

Cranberry: is a frost finish eyeshadow that has plum colour and a beautiful shimmer finish.

Base colour: A base colour is usually a colour that is placed all over the eyelid. This colour is usually the same colour as your skin and if it’s not its required so that your eyeshadow blends smoothly on the eyelid.

Omega: it’s a matte finish and is beige. It’s good all over the lid eye colour.

Blanc Type- is a matte finish that is a creamy beige. I personally find it brightens the eye area and works well as a base colour.

Makeup Tips For Mac

Highlight- A highlight eyeshadow usually helps brighten and brings out features of the eyes. A highlight colour usually works well for the inner corners of the eyes and as a brow bone highlight.

Vanilla- is a velvet finish (pressed pigment) or a loose pigment. Which is usually a soft white shimmer.

Nylon- is a frost eyeshadow with an icy gold colour.

Understanding Skin Colour and Skin Undertones

Makeup Tips For Mac Pro

Fair skin is usually almost porcine skin types the fairest of fair, this skin type usually burns quickly and is typically people with a cool undertone.

Light skin- usually burns and then tans otherwise your skin is pale

Medium- usually don’t burn. It usually tans easily and has an olive undertone. Most medium tones have a warm undertone. It usually tans when in the sun

Dark/Deep- the skin is dark and has a deeper complexion. The undertones can be from yellow to golden to true brown and even red.


Are essential when applying lipstick. It gives definition to the lips and gives your lipstick more longevity. MAC has three types of formulations MAC Lip pencil which is a creamy formulation and is used for Makeup Artistry, MAC Lip Intensity Pencil which is highly pigmented and gives a lot of colour pay off and lastly MAC Pro Long Wear Lip Pencil which has 8 hour wear time and is waterproof. Here are some universal lipliners that you can include in your collection or your makeup kit.

Spice- MAC Lip Pencil formula which is a pinky brown lip liner it goes with most nude and brown lip colours. It’s a universal colour and suits most skin colours.

Oak- is MAC Lip Pencil and is a beige lip pencil it goes with any nude col

Brick- Is a MAC Lip Pencil which is a red that suits most lipsticks it can help darken lipsticks

Cherry- is MAC Lip Pencil and a true cherry colour it goes well with blue toned lipsticks.

Magenta- which is a lip pencil that can be used for more purple lipsticks.


Lip Gloss

MAC has a whole range of lip glosses under their Lipglass collection. They are fairly long lasting but eventually do come off like lips. If you’re looking to make the lips look more fuller and with a lot of shine then a Lipglass is good to consider.

MACS Lip Glass Clear- this is a clear lip gloss it works well on top of any lipstick and gives the lips a lot of fullness. It’s worth having on your to make your lips look fuller and with high shine.

Which MAC Lipstick Is The Best

MAC is well known for their lipstick collection. They have so many to choose from. There is defiantly one for every single person out there. Their lipsticks have this beautiful vanilla smell. So it is hard to say which is MAC’s best lipstick.

There are four formulas they carry in their main line of lipsticks being Matte, Lustre, Frost, Amplified, Metallic, and Crèmesheen.

Matte- is a formula that has no shine and just a bold colour. This formula is more long lasting and can be drying to the lips. The pigmentation is usually more intense than an average lipstick.

Lustre- is a lightweight lipstick that has a sheer to medium finish in which can be buildable

Frost- is usually in paler colours and have a shiny and almost metallic finish. It has small micro flecks that give it that shine. It has medium coverage that can be buildable.

Amplified- is a really creamy formula that has full coverage. It does have a bit of shine and lasts longer due to its colour pay off.

Cremesheen- is more of a lip balm and has sheer coverage that can be buildable and has a lip balm feel to it.

In regards to MAC Lipsticks, I have included some of the most popular colours that compliment the different undertones. Hopefully, this will help guide you as to which lipstick to consider purchasing in the future.


Warm undertone- Lady Danger

Cool undertone-Diva

Cool undertone- Ruby Woo


Warm skin tone- Crème denude

Warm Skin Tone- Freckletone

Cool Skin Tone- Cream Cup

Neutral- Hug me


Warm skin tone-Pumful

Cool skin tone – Smoked Purple

Neutral- Up The Amp


When it comes to MAC foundations there is a good collection. There are various types of formulas and colours. MAC foundations have a wide selection in colour ranges a lot with undertones. You’re able to determine the undertone through the labelling The higher the number the deeper the tone. To identify the actual undertone is by looking at the lettering. For example N= Neutral C=Cool W=Warm

NW= Neutral Warm is for cool pink undertones

NC= Neutral Cool is for warm yellow undertone

An important to remember with how MAC label their foundation colour selection which is that the colour pink is known as warm while yellow is known as cool. It’s the opposite of what is taught about warm and cool tone colours. Some people have identified it by say NC= not cool and NW= not warm. I personally think its best to get a colour match done at a MAC counter so that it eliminates all confusion plus its good to see.

The formulations of the foundations can really compliment and help certain skin types. Its best to identify your skin type so that you know which foundation would work well with your skin type.

Liquid Foundations

Liquid foundations are the most popular types of foundations and are usually suitable for all skin types.

MAC has a variety of liquid foundation such as:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation: SPF 15- This foundation is suitable for oily skin types because it has an oil control formulation. The finish of this is a matte finish and has medium coverage that is buildable. This formulation comes in 42 different shades. Its also supposed to be photo friendly so while taking pictures there shouldn’t be any flashback. Lastly its also a long-wearing formulation.

Studio Face and Body Foundation: This is a liquid foundation that can be used on both the body and the face. It’s suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It has a sheer coverage which can be buildable. When it comes to delivering moisture to the face its very moisturizing. This is suitable for someone who just wants a bit of evenness to the skin. This foundation has 11 shades.

MAC Mineralized Moisture with an SPF 15: This formulation is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin types. This foundation has minerals in it that can help improve the skin and is also infused with vitamin E and shea butter. The coverage is medium to buildable coverage. It gives instant radiance to the skin and hydration. It can blur out fine lines and wrinkles which also makes it suitable for more mature skin types. This foundation has 16 shades.

Powder Foundations

Powder Foundations- Are usually suitable for all skin types but are especially suitable for oily skin types because powder formulation can help absorb oil on oily skin. Its also used to set the foundation so it stays in place.

  • Studio Fix Plus Foundation- This is a pressed powder and is probably MAC’s most popular products. This foundation is medium coverage. It helps absorbs oils in the skin without drying out the skin. I personally found this foundation to work best with a kabuki brush. It doesn’t leave any streaks and blends in smoothly with the skin which helps minimize the look of pores and it’s defiantly photoed friendly. This particular product is one of MAC’s most popular products because it has 50 shades to choose from.
  • Mineralized Skin Finish Natural- This foundation is a baked foundation. It’s a mineralized foundation that has low-level pearlized pigments, which gives the skin a natural glow. This foundation has sheer coverage. It works well in setting liquid foundations. It has really great benefits such as multi-mineral complex and vitamin E. It has multiple uses such as a setting powder or a contour powder. The Mineralized Skin Finish Natural comes in 18 shades.
  • Next To Nothing Powder- This is a lightweight pressed powder. It has a naturally luminous finish with a buildable medium coverage. It is good for setting liquid foundations because of the sheer coverage it can provide. Another benefit is that absorbs oils. Depending on what type of a look you’re going for this foundation can be a nice sheer natural looking foundation. This comes in 9 shades.

Cream Foundations

Cream Foundations work well when it comes to full coverage. It usually has multiple uses such as being used as concealer, contour or a base. Due to the formula, it suits dry skin types.

Full Coverage Foundation: This foundation is a cream foundation that has a dewy finish. It’s buildable so it can hide most imperfections. If you are looking for a full coverage foundation by MAC this is certainly one of them. It has multiple uses such as working as a concealer and the darker shades can be used as a contour colour. The claims are that it is water resistant. I personally experienced this having a longer longevity time when the powder is applied on top of it to set. Cream foundations work well with dry skin types so if your looking for full coverage and have dry skin this foundation can help. This foundation comes in 16 shades.

Gel Foundations

Gel Foundations are usually infused with hydrating properties and are good for using in the winter when our skin is drier.

  • MAC studio Water weight SPF30 Foundation- is a very hydrating foundation that hydrates the skin immediately due to its formulation which is a gel-based foundation that has a serum. The coverage is sheer to medium coverage. It lasts all day and has an SPF of 30. This is suitable for all skin types but is most beneficial for dry skin types due to the hydrating properties. This foundation has 23 shades.
  • Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation- This is another gel-based foundation by MAC. Its suitable for Normal to combination skin. This foundation is a medium to full coverage foundation. It hydrates the skin leaving it looking hydrated. If you have dull tired looking skin this product will help make your skin look more awake. Therefore, its suitable for more mature skin and it also provides an SPF of 15 to help protect the skin from any sun damage. This formula comes in 19 shades.


MAC’s blushes are a must have. They have a great variety of colours with great pigmentation pay off. Just like their lipsticks, there is a perfect colour or every individual out there. There are five finishes that the MAC blushes carry which are Sheertone, Matte, Satin Frost and mineralized.

Sheertone: is a mixture of a matte pigmentation and a few shimmer flecks

Matte: has no shimmer and has a flat matte finish and great pigmentation

Satin Powder: are typically matte and have small flecks of various undertones in pigmentation

Frost: has more of a thicker glitter formulation, it can be used as a highlighter due to the amount of glitter pigmentation

Mac Makeup Kit

Mineralized blushes: have a natural finish but I find its buildable and doesn’t have a lot of shimmers just enough to get your skin glowing. It’s smoother to apply and is usually a baked product.

I have put a basic guide of complimentary colours for the different undertones which can help compliment your skin (I will soon include a downloadable guide for all skin colours from light to deeper skin types)

Warm skin tones

Peach Twist: has a warm peachy colour which will really warm up the skin. It has a gold shimmer to it.

Foolish Me: is a coral pink and orange type of plush. It has a shimmer finish.

Cool Skin Tones:

DollyMix: is a beautiful natural doll pink colour. It gives the skin a nice flush of colour.

Full Fuchsia: is a bright fuchsia colour that has a bit of a blue undertone which will complement cooler skin tones. It has a satin finish so there is very little shimmer on the finish.

Neutral skin tones:

Pink Swoon: is a neutral colour that is soft pink. It suits most skin colours. (This is supposedly Mariah Carey’s favourite blush) 😊


A highlighter is one of the most famous ways to help give your skin that lite from within glow and it’s also known to bring your features forward. When it comes to highlighters MAC has a few formulas to choose from. The different formulations that MAC carries are Extra Dimension Skin Finish, Mineralize Skin Finish, Strobe Cream, and Cream Coloured Bases.

Extra Dimension Skin Finish: is a pressed powder highlight. The pigmentation on this strong.

Mineralized Skin Finish: It’s a baked product gives a more natural highlight to the skin. It’s buildable and suitable for sensitive skin types.

Strobe Cream: This is a cream highlighter that can be used under foundation and on top of the foundation to get that dewy skin look. It can also be used as a base to make your highlight last longer.

Cream Color Base: is basically a cream highlight which is medium to sheer finish

I have set up a general guide for the different skin undertones out there so that you can know what colour highlighter from MAC can suit you. ( There will soon be a downloadable guide as to what highlighters go with the different skin colours from fair to deep)


Warm Skin Tones

Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle which is beautiful champagne colour.

Strobe Cream in Peachlite which is a hydrating cream with more peach and gold flecks which compliments warm skin tones.

Cool Skin Tones:

Strobe Cream in Silverlight works well for porcelain it has silver and blue reflects

Extra Dimension in Soft Frost which is suitable for porcelain skin and a bit of violet reflects

Neutral Skin Tones:

Cream Colour Base in Hush, this colour has peach with an ice coloured shimmer. It goes well with most neutral skin types.


The purpose of bronzers is to give the illusion that you have a bit of a tan and it makes the skin look healthy and as if you have been in the sun. MAC has Bronzing Powders for various skin colours. I have listed the various colours they have that may help compliment your skin undertone.

Warm undertones:

Golden: which has a golden beige colour to it and some shimmer

Cool undertones:

Refined Golden: suits cooler skin tones because it looks more cool toned.

Neutral undertones:

Matte Bronze: which is a matte bronzer which gives a sheer coverage


Contour powders give the face more dimension and depth. Its usually used to help sculpt the hallows on the face and to bring back the features. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect contour powder you can always purchase one of the Studio Fix Powders two shades darker than your normal foundation. Make sure to note that your contour powder should always be a matte formulation.

Blunt: is a blush powder that can be used as a contour powder its light brown colour that is perfect for sculpting most skin colours.

Setting Sprays

Setting sprays I personally find are essential when it comes to makeup. It serves various purposes such as setting the makeup so it doesn’t look cakey or if you want a more intense look with the different pigmentations you can add it to your eyeshadows for that intensity.

It makes your makeup last longer during the day which is another key benefit. During the hot summer days, some people spray it on their face during the day to keep their skin feeling refreshed.

There are three types of finishes that MAC’s Fix plus comes in a Matte Finish, Shimmer Finish, and the Original Setting Spray.

Prep+ Prime Matte Finish: is supposed to give your makeup a matte look so that it can help with the oils on the skin.

Prep + Prime Shimmer Finish: which is supposed to give the skin a dewy type of glow and it has glitter particles. It comes in two colours a Gold colour and a Pink colour

Prep + Prime Original: Which is used to set the makeup and helps it last longer while keeping the skin feeling refreshed.