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Magic Bullet Looks 4 Full Version is here! – Magic Bullet Looks is an advanced visual effects (film looks) plug-in for some video editing applications. The program is fully compatible with Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, Avid Media Composer, Edius, HitFilm Pro and more. Magic Bullet Looks is a powerful looks and color correction plug-in with hundreds of customizable presets. It is commonly used by professional film makers or film editors for footage on films and TV shows.

Magic Bullet Looks 4 includes new looks management, new looks (UI), new tool presets, new keyboard shortcuts, new pinning tools, and so much more.

Magic Bullet Looks After Effects Cs6 13 - DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1). Magic Bullet Colorista IV Windows 7, 8 & 10: 64-bit Mac: OS X 10.10 or later Host Applications: Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CC and CS6, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion 5.2.3 and up. Magic Bullet Denoiser III Mac: OS X 10.10 and later Windows: 7, 8 & 10 64-bit.

Key Features:

  • Ability to quickly balance skin tones
  • Color correction and grading process
  • Hundreds of fully-customizable presets
  • Intuitive looks and color finishing tool
  • Powerful beautiful camera-based effects
  • Professional color scopes RGB, Graph, etc.
  • Reducing skin wrinkles and blemishes
  • And so much more.

What’s New in Magic Bullet Looks 4:

  • New luminance control for every colors
  • New powerful 3-way color corrector
  • New faster OpenCL and Cuda support
  • Dozens of new fully-customizable presets
  • New looks management and tool presets
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

Magic Bullet For Mac Cs6 Software


Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 7 SP1/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (32 bit or 64-bit systems)
  • 3 GHz multi-core processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 GB free disk space
  • 1024 x 768 display
  • 2 GB VRAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Host (After Effects CC 2014, Premiere Pro CC 2014, Magix Vegas Pro 14, Avid Media Composer 8.5, Davinci Resolve 12.5,EDIUS 8.2, HitFilm Pro 2017)
Magic bullet for mac cs6 download

How to install/Activate:

  • Disconnect from internet (most important)
  • Unpack and install the program (run setup)
  • Use provided serial number & click ‘Submit’
  • Never let the program to go online, block!

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MAGIC BULLET PHOTOLOOKS – PHOTOSHOP CS6 PLUGIN . is a plugin for many softwares, as photoshop cs6, adobe after effects, adobe premiere pro, avd media composer, final cut pro, & more a short intro to PHOTOSHOP CS6 PLUGIN..MAGIC BULLET PHOTOLOOKS.


Red Giant Software, note software house in the world of professional video editing, founded in 2002 has now carved out a leading role in the Pro scene thanks to its Suite of plugins and software that have always enhanced the potential of the main software used in video and graphics: After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Light room, Aperture, Avid, Nuke. Used in many productions as angels and demons, the curious case of Benjamin Button, The Social Networks, and Red Giant Software has released version 11 of the famous Magic Bullets. This very important update, which offers nine powerful software professionals, for professional color correction, improvement, skin toning, post production, conversion and video sharing. Magic Bullet Suite 11 also includes in the lineup, Magic Bullet Looks V2, Cosmo, the new instrument for the improvement of skin and cosmetic effects; In addition, we also find Grinder, 1.5 software released in the spring, useful for encoding of material shot with cameras, in a more “friendly” to edit. In addition, the suite has only one installer and one serial, to simplify installation and registration, what this very welcome and request a loud voice.Red Giant Software has created a short film about 9 minutes to demonstrate the potential of new suite: the short can be seen at the following link. Let us see together now on the news of Magic Bullet Suite 11 and how it behaves. Let us start with the plugin that most impressed me.


  • Redesigned interface, more modern and professional time to optimize your workflow:
  • 64 presets, new and updated, created by professionals for professionals
  • New Scopes, including Hue/Lightness, Skin Scope, Hue/Saturation and Memory Colors
  • Six new tools that understand 3-way Colorist, Ranged and Pop, HSL leading Colorist’s II, which Looks. New tools like Cosmo, Haxe Lens Distortion and Flare open endless possibilities creative professionals
  • Implemented support for Video cards Out as Black Magic and Aja, professional users request function
  • Improved speed, the size and the resolution in order to manage more effectively hi-res footage
  • Fully compatible with Looks V1.

Looks 2 is undoubtedly very sensitive and faster than the version 1: partly thanks to code optimization and in part because of its new user interface. There are some new presets like “Red” and Lens Distortion tool useful to fix or create lens distortions, also checks for the vignette effect has become much more powerful and flexible with the ability to be able to intervene both horizontally and vertically. 3 Way Color Correction, Ranged HSL and borrowed from Pop Colorist II, are a pleasant surprise and welcome addition to the package Looks 2: thanks to this including the suite is much more powerful, but more importantly, in many cases, you can save time, as you no longer need to use Colorist II. The redesigned interface, minimal style, it is very simple to understand, even for those who have never used the previous version: many functions are automated, if in the lower part of the interface select for example the Lens, on the right side under the menu Controls appear all Lens options.


New very powerful tool that allows you to easily create effects on the skin, clean it and soften the colors: all thanks to technology that is behind the Colorist II. The main functions are:

Magic Bullet For Mac Cs6 Crack

  • Ability to identify the precise and rapid skin tones: Cosmo uses the same auto-detection technology used by Mojo and skin Looks 2.
  • More detail: the Cosmos does an excellent job in smoothing out the skin, giving the user the control to adjust that detail is always on top.
  • Color correction: thanks to the slider Skin Color and Skin Squeeze you can revive a range acceptable and pleasing skin color
  • Smooth Skin: Skin Softening allows you to hide stains, and soften wrinkles, maintaining the natural gradation of skin

Simple, fast and powerful Colorist technology II, Cosmo blend power and simplicity, even with the default settings, to improve your footage with a single step without having to further customize or touch-ups long, boring. Using Colorista II technology, the universe does not require motion tracking or keying to detect skin tones, making the process really fast and easy to perform. On the other hand though, because there is always a downside, it is difficult to isolate completely the skin in those situations in which the face and the surrounding area have a huge very similar. In such cases you must get down to a compromise, but aside from that little problem, Cosmo plays an exemplary work and turns out to be useful in many situations.


Grinder 1.5.

Become the latest fashion shoot video with digital SLR cameras, see Canon 7 d or similar Grinder 1.5 helps us in this video transcoding and adds support for Apple ProRes codecs. While Adobe Premiere CS natively import material 5.5 HDSLR, programs such as Final Cut Pro 7 need to convert videos to be edited: here’s that Grinder 1.5 turns out to be absolutely vital in this situation, giving you the ability to somewhat older software to work. In this new release, listening to users ‘ requests, Grinder 1.5 as well as support for Apple ProRes codecs, reads the time code from camera EXIF data, and manages and encode the video at 25 p or 24 p as frame rate. Personally, I do not like the videos shot with cameras, apart from rare cases and details, given the poor quality of the material for the professional sector, difficulty in postproduction for lack of precise references to the color, as well as the low bitrate, which is raised, and the erratic frame rate. Certainly, an economical solution compared to using a Red or a P2, but certainly much less professional. Here in these cases Grinder is fundamental. Grinder also works as a standalone program.

Cs6Magic bullet for mac cs6 crack

Colorista II.

Tools, used in many famous productions, Colorist II had also improved, especially with the new 64-bit code, but also to the interface. It is possible to use three Way Wheels for easy retouches and brightness balance, or you can use the new and powerful tool for a Keyer edit more precisely. If this is not enough for you, you can run the correction in three distinct phases: Primary Stage, white balancing, crucial to begin a color retouching, exposure control and the powerful new 8-Way tool HSL (Hue Saturation Lightness – hue saturation, clarity). Secondary Stage, allows for very precise adjustments, acting on specific areas with the new Keyer and Power Mask: Finally the Master finals Stage is where you end the color balance, where you control the contrast and add if necessary a second mask always with Power Mask. Thanks to this system, you can get top quality results without being professionals of color, although it is obvious that the experience helps…

Instant HD.

This filter is useful for converting DV material in different HD formats. There are a good number of presets, to integrate quickly and easily with DV footage in HD projects. In this new version has been integrated and improved the algorithm, which generates sub pixels from SD to HD material, and adds a contrast filter and antialiasing.

Frames 1.1.

Frames is a de-interlacing filter, which thanks to a sophisticated algorithm, succeeds in bringing a video to 24 p cinema classic, look. There are two possible types of choice, a motion adaptive, the other field blended, which differ in the type of material to which they are addressed: motion adaptive is suitable for sports, with video of the action, in fact the algorithm in this case protects the movement. Very convenient as it allows to have directly in the timeline the converted material. This new version is now compatible with Final Cut Pro and Motion.

Magic Bullet For Mac Cs6


As you can understand from the name, this filter serves to remove digital noise, film grain from videos, but without creating that effect blur, kneaded it most of these filters creates. This filter can also work well with a settleable movement parameter, which allows you to set the natural movement of the camera during shooting.

Photo Looks 1.5.

As if that were not enough the contents of the suite, we also find Photo look 1.5, now compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture. Features 100 preset inspired by professionals, with a few simple clicks to get a good result. The workspace and interface are in all respects than Looks 2, so no surprise or distortion: the working method is based on the same steps: Subjects, Matte, Lens, Camera and Post. The interface is very nice and modern, also thanks to the pop-up menu of the workspace is not never clogged or chaotic. The possibility of intervention and creation are virtually limitless, just like in Looks 2. Very useful and effect the Look Theater – Looks 2 – that allows you to automatically scroll all the different preset or to select a category. Certainly, experiment with various presets available is fun and pleasing results and generates quality, but using the various tools available allows you to unleash your imagination and create images of absolute effect in a short time. Tried in Aperture 3, I found no problems, the speed is good, aided by the support of optimized code to 64-bit, GPU’s, which also carries the task to run immediately rendering the preview. Photo Looks 1.5 is a pleasant and welcome surprise in the Magic Bullet Suite 11.

Tested under Mac OS X Snow Leopard, I found 10.6.8 no problem, even with a certain weight as Red 2 k. Red Giant Software has released a few days ago the latest version of Magic Bullet Suite 11, now also compatible with Mac OS X Lion. Magic Bullet Suite 11 is a 64-bit, and is compatible with Adobe Creative Suite, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Motion Studio, Aperture and Lightroom. He was also announced, for the future, support for Final Cut Pro X, via an update for all registered users. I remind you that now the only plugin compatible with Final Cut Pro X is Mojo, which we already discussed in another article.

Finally, on the manufacturer’s website includes several video tutorials by experts and professionals, and presets created ad hoc, that help you get the most from the software. Magic Bullets 11 Suites, the price alone is worth the purchase. Indeed all packets that compose it, if purchased individually would cost more than $ 1,500 to $ 799, you take home one of the best suite of video post currently in circulation are compatible with all major host. Am very pleased also to see a software company attentive to the demands of its customers, and trying to meet them wherever possible. Starting today, thanks to an agreement with Red Giant Software, for all our readers there is a special promotion that allows you to have Magic Bullet Suite 11 with 50% discount: opportunity not to be missed, considering the quality of the package. To access the promotion just go on the site and during checkout type in the coupon code Mac for Dummies to get the discount. You can find the first video about Photolooks 1.5, tomorrow I will upload another one on 2 Look.