Mac Theme For Ubuntu

admin 12/12/2021

Give Ubuntu 14.04 a makeover. Transform Ubuntu 14.04 into Mac OS X. Zukimac is a GTK 3 theme which can transform your Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop look like MAC. Zukimac is free to download and provides support for both GTK 3.10 and GTK 3.12. Please note that it does not include an Mac OS X icon theme similar to Apple.

  • Windows 10 Theme. Feels quite strange that I am starting with a Windows 10 theme for your.
  • Ubuntu Themes will help you to improve the whole desktop environment, and it’s straightforward to use with little Terminal Commands and Tweak Tools configurations. Resource Link: Ubuntu Mac Theme: A Tutorial to Make Your Ubuntu Look Like Mac OS. Don’t worry; I am here to help you.

How to Install Mac OS X Theme (Zukimac Theme) on Ubuntu 14.04

  • Install Mac OS X Theme (Zukimac Theme) For Ubuntu 14.04 from the download link given below:

I would like to set the Max OS X Terminal theme for Ubuntu Terminal. I really like the fonts and the colors. This is how the Mac Terminal does look: Image source. There are few things that I want to see in the Ubuntu Terminal: I want to replace [email protected]:/Dropbox$ with the username and the computer name in this format: desktop:Dropbox. For themes, icons and cursors. Sudo apt-get install macbuntu-os-icons-lts-v7 macbuntu-os-ithemes-lts-v7 To install Slingscold Launcher. Sudo apt-get install slingscold For Spotlight. Sudo apt-get install albert For Plank dock. Sudo apt-get install plank macbuntu-os-plank-theme-lts-v7 Finally install some tweak tools to select mac theme.

  • Extract the You will find two directories in there, Zukimac and Zukimac-ml. Copy the contents of the downloaded folder to .themes directory in your home directory. If you cannot see .themes directory, go to Home and press Ctrl+H to show all the hidden folders. Ifyou don’t find any .themes folder here, please create one.
  • Now open the Unity Tweak Tool and change the theme of Ubunutu 14.04. Open the Unity Tweak Tool. Click on Theme under Appearance section and select the Mac OS X Theme (Zukimac Theme).

Further changes to get Mac feel in Ubuntu 14.04

Install Mac OS X icon set

Icon theme: Feanza



How to use a new icon set in Ubuntu 14.04:

You can install a new icon set in two ways – adding a PPA or download the compressed icon file and extract it to ~/.icons folder. If you cannot find ~/.icons folder, create one using the following command:

By default, the icons extracted in the ~/.icons directory are only available to the current user. Extract the icons to /usr/share/icons folder to make it available to all users.

Once installed, you can set an icon set using Unity Tweak Tool. If you haven’t installed Unity Tweak Tool, run the following command to install Unity Tweak Tool:

Once installed, open the Unity Tweak Tool. Click on Icons under Appearance section and select an icon set.

Mac Theme For UbuntuMac

Install dock launcher like Plank or Docky.

Install Synapse indicator as an alternative of Mac Spotlight.

Debian Mac Theme

Install Slingscold launcher, alternative of Mac OS X launchpad.