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  • Screen blank mode If the time set on the “Turn off monitor” timer in the operating system expires, the LCD backlight turns off. Page 32: Hibernation Mode Lenovo V560/B560 Hardware Maintenance Manual Hibernation mode In hibernation mode, the following occurs:. The system status, RAM, VRAM, and setup data are stored on the hard disk.
  • Operating System Versions: Windows 10 x86. Category: Lenovo laptops. Subcategory: Lenovo B560 laptops. Are you tired of looking for the drivers for your devices? DriverPack Online will find and install the drivers you need automatically. Download DriverPack Online for free.
  • Lenovo B560/V560 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0Lenovo B560/V560 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 Lenovo B560/V560 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0Lenovo B560/V560.

The MacBook Pro is having 2.5 GHz Processor while there is 2.13 GHz processor in Lenovo B560-20068. There is 4 GB of RAM in MacBook pro while its 1 GB in Lenovo B560-20068. On the basis of Storage, Color Display, Graphics & Video Support MacBook Pro is awesome. There are more connections and expansions in MacBook pro than Lenovo. I have lenovo ideapad 320 E i5 8gb RAM etc I installed MacOs in it and ran perfectly alright. Still with many issues. Front camera doesn't.

1. Do this things only when you are good with computers
2. Remember that not all LapTop-s with the same name are the same!
3. I'm not responsible for any of your acts.
Firstly I would really like to share basic informations about my computer.
It is Lenovo IdeaPad B560. I obviously don't have pre-installed Windows, because I'm not fan of Windows and as a high school student I have right to download original Windows for free.
Mac Os For Lenovo B560Well, the most important thing about computer for installing any Apple Operating system (OSx) is hardware. To see what kind of shit is in your computer, the best way to see this is that you install CPU-Z (Windows) or CPU-G (Linux). I hope you know how to install *.tar.gz files on computer via terminal on linux. If not, google it.
Well, as I said, I'm not fan of Windows, but I have them because of some programs, I did this stuff with my Ubuntu 12.04. CPU-G gave me, that I have Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 520 @ 2.40GHz processor, Lenovo MountCook motherboard, 39CN21WW Lenovo BIOS and 4GB+2GB

Lenovo B560 Drivers Windows 10

The best thing to know about OSx is that this OS is made only for Apple devices. And Apple produce their computers with special components, and most of them are unique. And other are not compatible with ordinary PC's. Well, Apple machines has also a 'program' which says to the system that machine is produced by Apple. System needs it in Booting up. For this act, you'll need only one DVD, the second thing for OSx is OS itself. The problem in this is, that Apple has it's own format for burning discs. OSx after download should looks like *.dmg instead of *.iso (normal format for burning images). You are able to convert *.dmg to *.iso file, but it is quite difficult. The easiest way is to download Hackintosh which includes OSx and Bootloader.
BEFORE YOU DO complete shit on your computer, backup your files and burn all DVD WITH verifying discs. For this you will also need or wired internet connection or downloaded some files (Multibeast and other what you like). Before you do this, find yourself a computer master to prevent computer from injuries.
Well, let's go on my way to install SnowLeopard (tripleboot with Ubuntu 12.01 and Windows 8). And remember, follow me step by step!
Tools I needed:
4 writable DVD-s
1 USB stick
1 External Hard Disk
External mouse (very important)Lenovo
Mac Snow Leopard for PC's iATKOS S3 v2 (downloaded from slovenian The Pirate Bay (registration needed))
iBoot-Legacy (It should probably work also with only iBoot) (downloaded from (registration also needed))
Windows (not necessary)
Linux (not necessary)
MultiBeast for snow leopard (also available on
1. Burn DVD-s and write what is on them. You should use 4 DVD-s One for iAtkos S3 V2, one for iBoot, one for Windows and one for Linux.
2. Backup all your files on other Hard disk, because you will have to completly format your disk!
3. save MultiBeast on USB stick
4. restart your machine. And when first screen (Lenovo) appears press F12. Put iBoot DVD inside and with arrows on your keyboard choose DVD. Wait for some seconds untill blue screen with some pictures appears.
5. Eject DVD and insert iATKOS DVD inside. Wait 5 seconds and press F5. After some seconds an icon of iBoot will be changed with the icon of iATKOS. Select iATKOS and wait some minutes.
6. After some minutes of viewing Apple icon, iATKOS (SnowLeopard installer should appear). Select forward. Confirm terms and conditions. After this step, choose DiskUtility in topbar. Delete all the partitions and repair disk. Disk must be in GPT format, not MBR. After formating your Hard disk, create partitions (50GB for each operation system is required for the easiest work (in my opinion)). Format partitions. Partition for OSx must be for Apple Mac OS Extended (Journaled),

Lenovo B560 Manual

for Windows and Linux both MSDOS (FAT).Close DiskUtility
7. Install iATKOS on the right partition. and wait.
8. As soon as it is installed, computer is going to reboot. Insert iBoot once again and boot from it (second part of step 4). Select SnowLeopard (ot the other name as partition was named).
9. After a few seconds (it depends on the speed of your computer), you should see a video. Wait until it ends. Press the key NEXT TO left shift in order to recognize your keyboard).

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10. Set your OSx as you like it to be.
11. Insert your USB stick. and run MultiBeast. Install.
12. Reboot as you did in Step 4.
Now your SnowLeopard should do right. Join your wireless network (if you have one). (AirPort Utility)
Install Windows and after windows also Linux.
In case of any trouble, send post a comment.