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Intel GMAs that don't support Pixel Shader 2.x: 740, i752, IEG, IEG2, GMA 900, GMA 950, GMA 3000, GMA 3100, GMA 3150 Chrome VIA chipset Windows. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 是 Intel 於2004年至2008. 整合 Intel Atom N4xx, N5xx (代號. Mac OS X 10.4 支持 GMA 950 Mac OS X 10.5 支持 GMA X3100 Mac OS X 10.6 支援 GMA 950/X3100 (32Bit) FreeBSD. The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 or GMA 3150 is an integrated (shared memory) graphics card that is located on the processor package of the Intel Atom N4xx processors. The graphics core.

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Intel 3150 Driver Windows 10

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Intel 3150 Driver

Offering up to an astonishing 2.4x of extra processing power for your computer's integrated graphics engine, the GMABooster is a must-have tool for every user interested in advanced 3D gaming, truly flawless Windows Vista and Mac OS X experience, smoother operation of Google Earth, improved video playback, and performance gain in a variety of professional applications!
GMABooster is a free ('donateware') program, available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. You can endlessly use it without charge: just download a new weekly build once the previous weekly build has expired. However, if You like GMABooster and use it often, You are welcome to make a voluntary donation.
Supported operating systems: Mac® OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or higher.
Prerequisite: free Apple® CHUD Tools 4.6 (needed to enable raw hardware access).
Program usage: unzip, then double-click a GMABoosterX_CLI icon and follow the simple on screen instructions. Important! Please make sure You logged in as root (or just run the program with administrative privileges).
Supported chipsets: Intel® 945GM/GME/GMS/GSE and 943/940GML/GU Express featuring GMA 950.
Supported Apple® devices: Mac® Mini, MacBook® family (models built on a compatible chipset).
Supported PC devices: any device built on a compatible chipset with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or higher installed.
How does it work?
A short preamble is needed to explain what makes a GMABooster technology possible. Let's consider an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (GMA 950). This integrated solution, while not fully supporting the latest and the most demanding games, still allows a user to enjoy the mass of brilliant gaming hits of all genres. GMA 950 does also fully support Aero and QuartzGL (enhanced GPU-driven user interfaces of Windows Vista and Mac OS X). It features a basic video playback acceleration, as well.
However, if You have own a laptop/netbook/nettop computer built on Intel 945GM/GME/GMS or GSE943/940GML/GU Express chipset, the above statements may not be truth for You. These all chipsets are LV (low voltage) versions of what we normally call Intel 945. Thus, integrated graphics core has been underclocked dramatically: 166/133 MHz instead of 400 MHz (default GMA clock in a 'normal' Intel 945 chipset). But the truth is, the indicated devices could handle up to 400 MHz with ease: at a nominal low voltage, without the loss of system stability, and with minimal to none impact on thermal specifications/battery life (proven by preliminary testing).
Here the GMABooster comes! It allows a user, not a manufacturer to choose the desired GMA speed. It combines a sophisticated assembler-level technology and the user-friendly graphic user interface, offering You to near double the GMA core perfomance without even a need to restart a computer. GMABooster may be considered as a safe, free, 'software-level' GPU core upgrade!

Mac Os For Intel Gma 3150 Driver

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