Logitech K400 For Mac

admin 12/14/2021
K400Logitech k400 for mac trackpadFor

I've just bought a Mac Mini on eBay to be used primarily as an HTPC, and I need to find a reasonably priced wireless keyboard/trackpad combo to control it. Since I just spent $500 on a computer, and will have to spend more in the near future on a RAM upgrade and an external super-drive, I can't really stomach the $170 or so it would take to get Apple's wireless keyboard and magic trackpad and one of those gadgets to connect the two. I've used the Logitech K400 before on a Windows machine, and it was fine—everything you could want for the price really—but I don't know how it performs with OS X. Do multi-touch gestures work at all? I can't live without two-fingered scrolling at the very least. Are there any other decent brands or models for somewhat less than $100?

Logitech K400 For Mac Windows 10

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