Kvm Switch For Mac

admin 12/14/2021
Greetings all,
I currently have a PC (unfortunately) and am looking to buy a Mac mini for the eventual day when this thing will decide to crash for good on me. But in the meantime I was hoping to be able to use both at once without getting a new monitor/keyboard etc. A friend of mine has used something he called a KVM switch to hook up a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to two different computers and, with the flick of a switch, go from one to the other. Is this feasible with a Mac mini and a PC? My understanding was that the Mac mini had been set up to take the non-USB PC monitors through their special ports with an adaptor (forgive me, I don't know any of the names) but, upon looking at the pictures, it doesn't seem like it'd be able to take a standard PC keyboard with the little weird purple plug in thing? I know there is both a KVM switch which can share a monitor and PC style mouse/keyboard, but I've also heard there are USB switches that do the same thing. Has anyone tried this, or knows enough to tell me if it's feasible or not? And forgive me if this has been posted here before, I wasn't really sure what to search for.
  1. Kvm Switch For Virtual Machine
  2. Kvm Switch For Mac

Kvm Switch For Virtual Machine

While supporting PCs, this DP KVM switch is also compatible with Mac computers using a Mini DisplayPort adapter, including laptops, notebooks, and tablets. Simple to Operate. The front-panel pushbuttons make it easy to switch between systems and activate the auto scan. The hotkey functionality makes accessing each system quick while a buzzer. Rosewill RKV-2UC 2-Port USB KVM Switch. Type: D-Sub, USB. Computer Connections: 2 Ports.

I've had good results with the KVM switches from IOGear:


Kvm Switch For Mac

I have a couple of the four-port units, one VGA and one DVI, and they've been problem-free.



Kvm Switch For Mac

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