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Jabra SDK (Gen2) for Mac OS

This Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a Telephony Application Programming Interface (API) towards Jabra USB HID headsets and speakerphones for easy call control integration with softphones and other telephony applications

Jabra SDK provides application interfaces to:

Jabra Evolve Pro Headset For Mac 2-Device Bluetooth Pairing Support Headset For Mac Features To Look For When shopping for a headset to compliment your Macintosh computer setup, consider the varied uses and OSX applications you'll likely use. For iTunes music enjoyment, ponder headsets with larger 30mm to 50mm driver elements to reproduce deep. Find all Jabra's support content. This includes bluetooth pairing guide, FAQs, documents, videos, firmware, software and apps for your product. Jabra Link 230 and 260 product support in Jabra Control Center; Jabra Link 14201-41 product support in Jabra Firmware Updater (Jabra Link 14201-41 shows as Link 14201-33/41) Jabra PC Suite SDK version 1.6 (Evolve features supported) (SDK backwards compatibility issues fixed) System requirements &.

  • List and connect Jabra devices
  • Read and change settings in Jabra devices
  • Perform Remote Call Control (RCC)
  • Configure and subscribe to button events
  • Dongle support (Link360, Link370, and Link380)
  • Device events logging
  • Device firmware update
  • Log file size and backup
  • Child and Dongle separation


  • Mac version 10.12, 10.13 and 10.14, Xcode
  • Curl libaray (libcurl.X.dylib) to make HTTP request to get serial number of the attached device from service
    Curl will be installed by default in the mac system. This can be viewed in the path /usr/lib
    If curl library is not present, use Homebrew to install the same
  • Uninstall Jabra Suite for Mac application from preference pane before starting test application


Unzip the SDK archive to a folder on your file system.


Major Changes

1) GN USB HID usage pages always used in communication with devices

*Potential breaking change*

Jabra suite for mac download

In previous versions of the SDK, the Jabra core library would use the HID usage pages (Standard USB or GN) configured through using the Jabra_SetHidWorkingState function to exchange commands and data with a Jabra device.

From this version, the Jabra core library now always uses the GN HID usage pages to communicate with the device. In fact, this was one of the original design goals of introducing the GN specific usage pages, allowing better support for multiple concurrently running softphone applications on the client computer.

This means that it is no longer possible to communicate with a device through the Jabra SDK libraries using the standard HID USB usage pages. For most application developers, this will make very little difference. Only if you rely on operating through the SDK libraries in standard USB HID protocol for whatever reason will this be a breaking change. However, this also means you can stop using Jabra_SetHidWorkingState to switch to GN HID when you need to communicate with the device, as this is no longer needed.

2) Expanded support for device telemetry:

Reading telemetry data (aka “the logging interface”) can now be enabled for Jabra Engage 50, 65 and 75, as well as Jabra Evolve2 40, 65 and 85.

Note that the scope of telemetry data varies slightly depending on the capabilities of the device. For example, only Jabra Engage 50 supports boom arm position data and defective microphone detection.

3) Support for DECT telemetry from Jabra Engage 65 and 75

Jabra For Mac

Jabra Direct For Mac

A new callback function for DECT reporting has been introduced to allow receiving DECT density and DECT error counters telemetry data from Jabra Engage 65 and 75 devices.

Minor changes

- Various minor incremental bug fixes and enhancements

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Jabra Direct For Mac

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