Istatmenu For Mac

admin 12/13/2021
iStat menus is a complete system of statistics about the real-time performance of the Mac that takes advantage of the menu bar to show information.
The user can easily personalize the information offered by iStat menus: use of the CPU, RAM status, free space on the hard drive, network traffic, temperature of the internal sensors of your computer or the revolutions per minute of the fans.
Each piece of hardware has its own space in the menu bar. If you click on it, a small menu opens up with relevant information.
In the same way that it is possible to select the type of information that the program will show, iStat menus also allow you to choose the way it is displayed: textually or graphically.

Istats Menu For Mac

Istat menus for mac free

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Istat Menus Mac Free

Istat menus

Istat Menu For Mac

IStat menus is a good way to find out what’s going on under the hood of your Mac. Those who don’t like how it crowds your menu bar can try iStat Pro, but if you want to have instant access to. Mac has a tool named iSTAT MENUS as is shown below. It's pretty useful in that it shows all the computer status (memory usage/CPU usage/network) real time on.