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admin 12/12/2021

First on our list of 12 best video editing software for Mac is Final Cut Pro.

  1. Imovie Editing Software For Mac
  2. Apple Imovie For Mac
  3. Imovie 11 For Mac
  4. Imovie Video Editing Software For Mac
  1. The iMovie split video in half. It’s free and excellent for Mac and iPhone users. Other features that make iMovie the first preference for the people are because it instantly shares your beautiful moments, helps in creating Hollywood style trailers, easy browsing of clips, and much more. IMovie helps in creating stunning movies in 4k resolution.
  2. IMovie for Mac is a powerful video-editing program that among other things can turn iPhone-recorded video footage into stunning movies. Here is our guide to using iMovie for Mac, including our.
  3. Our Features Cross-Platform OpenShot is a cross-platform video editor, with support for.

Create a new iMovie project

Learn how to set up a new project and add content to it on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

MacLearn how to make a new iMovie project

Add photos and videos

Add photos and videos to your iMovie project on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Learn how to add photos and videosSoftware

Use effects in iMovie

Imovie Editing Software For Mac

Change the way the video clips in your movie look with video filters, color adjustment tools, the Ken Burns effect, and more.

Learn more about how to use effectsMac

Edit video in iMovie

After you create your iMovie project and add video clips and photos to it, fine-tune your movie by making clips longer or shorter, changing the sequence of clips, and more.

Learn how to edit videos

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