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Mac Compatible Headsets With Microphone

Shopping for an Apple compatible wired or wireless headset with built-in mic for Mac Skype, FaceTime, Apple Dictation, Videoconferencing or Gaming?
Universal USB or Analog Apple Headset
For Mac - iPad - iPhone

Currently you'll find three types of wired Apple compatible headset hardware: All-Digital USB headsets with a simple USB cable that's instantly recognized by OSX in Sound Preferences Pane. There are Analog headsets that also include a USB Audio Adapter Dongle that converts the audio and microphone signal to a single USB connection for Mac use. Apple users could also opt for newer TRRS 4-Pole Analog headsets that use a single plug like the iPhone, iPad and newer Mac's use.

Apple Compatible USB Headsets With Mic

Business USB HeadsetBest-Selling Headset
Lightweight Stereo
Ideal For Business
Logitech's Newest Model
On-Ear Volume and Mute

Analog Mic Headsets For Mac : 4-Pole

More recently, Apple standardized on a single 4-Conductor 1/8th inch plug for earbuds and headsets with integrated microphones. This occured both on desktop Macintosh and MacBook laptops - along with iPads and iPhones. The PC and cell-phone world saw the appeal of this and many manufacturers are now delivering Apple compatible TRRS 4-Pole headsets with mic that use a single 4-pole plug that work the same with either Mac's or PC's.
4-Pole Headset With Mic
For Mac - iPad - iPhone

Many older Macs used 'Microphone Level' rather than 'Line Level' input voltages in their audio jacks. The standard 1/8th inch plug looked the same, but many PC analog headsets with microphones with 2 separate plugs, one for it's built-in mic simply did not work on a Macintosh. They failed to deliver adequate volatge to the audio in port for the microphone to produce an audible level of sound. Mono and stereo headsets compatible with Mac have been a bit problematic historically. For a long time Apple used different line voltage standards for 1/8' plug microphones that fractured the Analog headset market into those that were PC compatible and others that were Mac compatible. As such, USB headsets for Mac became a far wiser headset choice for assured Mac compatibility.

Headsets For Mac Gaming Computers

USB-C Digital Headsets For New Macs

A new generation of all-digital Mac compatible USB-C headsets with mic can use the Type-C USB 3.1 / Thunderbolt 3 ports on newer MacBook Pro and Air laptops, as well as the latest iMac and Mac mini desktop computers.
Mac Compatible USB-C Headset
Type-C or 4-Pole TRRS Connection
Headsets For Mac Gaming
Shop carefully if you want a Type-C connector; there's still a million rectangular Type-A USB mic headsets out there. However, you can use them on a newer Mac with the addition of a USB-A to USB-C adapter or hub if needed. Apple compatible USB-C earbud style headphones with inline mic are easier to find because so many new smartphones are also adopting the Type-C USB-C interface for audio and charging.

Wireless Headsets For Mac

For cordless freedom, some may prefer an Apple compatible wireless Bluetooth headset with mic. You can roam a bit while in use, though headset recharging will still need to be done via USB periodically.Headsets For Mac Gaming

Headsets For Mac Gaming Headset

Jabra Evolve Pro Headset For Mac
2-Device Bluetooth Pairing Support

Headset For Mac Features To Look For

When shopping for a headset to compliment your Macintosh computer setup, consider the varied uses and OSX applications you'll likely use. For iTunes music enjoyment, ponder headsets with larger 30mm to 50mm driver elements to reproduce deep bass frequencies most music lovers and gamers prefer. For Apple Dictation needs, some may prefer a lightweight Mac mic headset design that can be worn for extended periods. Some small business and VOIP users might actualy prefer a single-ear monophonic headset so that they can more easily interact with a conventional desk phone or converse easily with coworkers.Cheap gaming headsets for pc

Cheap Gaming Headsets For Pc

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