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Cyberduck, FTP Client for Windows and Mac. Cyberduck is one of the most beloved FTP clients around, especially by Mac fans. If you ask a web developer what the best free Mac FTP client is, they’ll often say Cyberduck without hesitation.

  • In this article I would like to share with you 75 FTP clients that you can use to transfer files online. The initial list supports multiple formats including Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix. Later, I have listed FTP clients that are exclusive to Mac, Windows and Linux. I hope you find it useful:) Note: Applications are listed in no particular order.
  • May 23, 2020 The best FTP Clients for Mac must allow the transferring of the large size file. The downloading and uploading limit must be high. Now without further ado, let’s discover the best FTP CLients for the Mac: FileZilla. FileZilla is undoubtedly one of the most popular and best FTP Clients.
  • Download FileZilla Client 3.50.0 for Mac OS X. The latest stable version of FileZilla Client is 3.50.0. Please select the file appropriate for your platform below.

When you set out to build a website, you require a lot of content that has to be stored on folders. At some point, it can get overwhelming trying to keep track of where it’s all located. For anyone seeking to develop or build a complex site, keeping track of every last bit of information is crucial.

It all plays a major role in the outcome of what you are designing. Not knowing where you placed a certain folder could lead to countless wasted hours trying to locate it. Here is where you learn how vital a good FTP client is to a web designer.

The Purpose of an FTP Client

When you come across the abbreviations FTP, know they stand for File Transfer Protocol. By using an effective FTP you can connect all the folders you require from your computer to a server that is online. A good example of this is when you are building a new website. You can start by creating it on your computer then when finished, you transfer its content online and launch it.

Once it’s launched, interested users can see what is on it. A good FTP comes in handy when you have too much information in folders that needs to be organized. It’s better to work on the website on your computer then launch it and an FTP plays a role in this. Everything that needs to be edited is done with privacy only launching when the site when done.

The best way to choose an effective FTP is to keep in mind that it needs to work with your operating system. A friendly interface makes it easy to organize, edit, and keep track of all the folders in that FTP client. When you are just starting out in web and design or plan to launch your first WordPress, make use of an FTP client. This way you can keep track of everything you feed into a certain site.

Best FTP Clients’ Features to Consider

FTP clients share a lot of similarities but this does not mean they are all the same. Each has unique features that you must keep in mind. With these features, you get to pick the one that is compatible with your Windows or Mac computer. Still, there are those features that you must find in the best FTP clients and they include:

  • User-friendly Interfaces

The best FTP clients have advanced but user-friendly interfaces that you can master easily. You don’t need to put in a lot of hours to learn how to use them because they are not complex. The interface is beautiful and engaging. Seek out one that has functionalities such as drag and drop for added benefits to the interface.

  • Compatible with Operating System

Every FTP client you come across is designed to be compatible with some operating systems and not all. You must seek one that fits with your Mac or Windows operating system otherwise it won’t work. When it comes to operating systems, it goes deeper than just the basics but also the version. OS comes in various versions and you must get the right one. OS version support is important in getting the best FTP for your computer.

  • Additional Tools

An FTP is as efficient as the additional tools it has in its bag of treasures. You need one that can bookmark a folder for easy location and identification as you create your site. Another important tool to consider is ‘search’ for easier location. Remember you might have hundreds if not thousands of folders to sift through. It’s best to have a search tool to help you cut through it all.

  • Speed

An FTP is as good as the rate at which it transfers a file from your computer to the online server. A slow FTP delays and cuts into your time. A dedicated developer understands how vital time is and seeks ways to save it. An FTP that operates at the highest speed is the best to get for your computer.

  • Protocols

There are certain protocols you need the FPT client to support such as SSH and SSL. Ensure the one you get supports the protocols you need.

  • Large Files

Not all files are small and bulky ones need to move as well from your computer to the online server. Seek an FTP client that can handle the maximum folder size that you have or intend to have. This way you don’t get delays or the FTP refusing to work with the larger files and folders.

Ftp client for mac free
  • Security

How secure if the FTP client that you have chosen to use? Check out the security features in all the FTP clients compatible with your OS. Choose the one that is most secure and has all the features you need.

The Best FTP Clients to Get for Windows and Mac

Forklift for Mac

Forklift is an FTP client specially designed for Mac computers only. It has dual panes that you can use to compare files located in different areas on your computer. You can move these files around easily and can connect to several servers at the same time.

There are remote connections for this client for both Google Drive and Amazon S3 popularly used by many people today. Anyone seeking to test out the FTP client can start with the free trial. Here you observe all the features and see if they meet your needs. After that, you have to pay for a license to use it on your Mac computer.

The good news for students and teachers is that there are discounts that apply to them. The company charges $29.95 when you apply for a singular license used on one computer. Three computers get what is known as a Family license costing $49.95. For five or more Macs you pay $95.95.

The FTP client has a file manager that acts as the focal point where all other servers link to. The interface is beautiful and you can use the drag and drop system to move the files around. By placing the folders side-by-side, you can easily compare the content and move from one to the other.

Forklift Features to Enjoy

  • Discounts

Teachers and students are at an advantage with great discounts from the software developer. They can use the product for a long time paying a smaller amount because the software is not free.

  • Remote Connections

Remote connections are crucial when storing information and you must connect to them to retrieve their content. With Forklift, you can connect to Google Drive, Amazon S3, and WebDAV.

  • Side by Side Comparison

You can make use of the dual pane feature to compare two folders. This way you can move content from one to the other using the drag and drop system.

  • Brightness Features

At times working for long hours on a bright screen can strain your eyes. With the FTP client, you can adjust the brightness features of your screen. Simply use the ‘Dark Mode’ feature to make the adjustment.

  • Multi-rename Tool

FTPs are crucial for locating multiple files stored on your computer or on other remote servers. At times you may want to rename a bunch of them at once. Simply use the multi-rename tool specially designed for this purpose.

  • Optional Editor

You have the option of using an external editor to make adjustments on your work then place it back. This is achieved by synching the software and you are at liberty to use any editor you want to use.

  • Preview Panel

Before you can transfer any file, it goes through the preview panel where you can check is it’s up to set standards. This way everything is in the right order before

FileZilla for Windows and Mac

For anyone familiar with FTPs, FileZilla is not a new name. It’s one of the most popular and widely used types because it’s compatible with Mac and Windows. For one, it’s free software that anyone can download on their computer and use without any restraints.

FileZilla is a fairly easy FTP client and it takes a few clicks to master how it works. Its simplicity attracts many users but its interface is not attractive. Still, it plays a crucial role when you need to link to your files and folders. FileZilla is popular among users with Windows OS even older versions such as Windows 7.

The main feature is a key window, a filter area for all file names, and a site manager. The key area has a main menu with several tabs on it. With these tabs, you can shift from making a search to changing settings with the click of a button. The key window is where you shall spend most of the time working on the content of your files and folders.

Once you download the software onto your computer, you must create an account. Get a unique username and password which you shall be using to log into the software. The good thing about this FTP is you are always alerted in case you made a mistake. This way you can make the necessary correction and stay on track.

FileZilla Features to Enjoy

Free Ftp Client Mac Os

  • FileZilla Community

Since the software is used by many Mac and Windows computer owners, it’s only logical for there to be a community. Here you get to share ideas and learn of changes happening with the software. This way you can get updates on time and additional features as they come in.

  • Multi-lingual

FileZilla is available in multiple languages taking into account the diverse group of people using it. You can check the language you want to use then set the software to that. This way it becomes easy to work.

  • Compatible with various OS and Versions

The best FTP clients are compatible not only with various types OS but with multiple versions of these OS. The reason why FileZilla ranks among the best is the fact that is works multiple versions of Windows and Mac.

  • Side by Side Comparison

It’s easy to check the content of multiple folders with side by side comparison. You can easily see where the files are being moved to and what changes must be made.

  • File Search

With many files to sift through, simply make use of the file search tool on the software. It saves you time and you can complete the task on time.

  • Drag and Drop Tool

Side by side comparison is made even more efficient and effective by using the drag and drop tool. You can move around files as it suits you without much strain.

  • Bookmarks

A bookmark is an important tool to help you remember a file and where it’s located next time you need it.

  • Remote File Editing

Every time you want to make a change, you don’t have to log in. Simply access what you need and use the remote file editing feature.

WinSCP for Windows

WinSCP is an FTP client only compatible with Windows OS. The good news is it’s free of charge and helps you keep track of all your files and folders. It’s a popular and free FTP software that you can easily download onto your computer. The main page is where you spend most of your time similar to that on the FileZilla.

Several tabs are available to customize the key page to suit your needs with various sessions and commands. The advantage here is you can access several sessions. This way you can accomplish much more in a short period. It’s an easy FTP client to use meaning even as a beginner, you can easily find your way around.

WinSCP Features to Enjoy

  • Administrative Restrictions

If you intend to use this FTP for office or in other restricted areas, then it’s best to set up the administrative restrictions. Once you set this up, no unauthorized persons can access the files and folders on it at any time without your blessing.

  • Adjustable Interface

When you download the software, check the user-interface. In case it doesn’t meet your needs, make adjustments accordingly before you start your work.

  • Workspace Connection

WinSCP remains connected to your workstation at all times unless you decide to disconnect it.

  • Beautiful Interface

The user interface is attractive making it interesting to work on. You won’t get easily bored as the hours drag on.

  • File Encryption

Any file that you send through WinSCP is automatically encrypted for its safety and protection.

  • External Editors

Use any external editor you prefer. All you should do is link it with WinSCP and you are good to go.

Cyberduck for Windows and Mac

Cyberduck is another best FTP client to keep in mind when seeking one compatible with Windows and Mac. Many users applaud it for its simplicity and a fast transfer rate of files and folders. You can access content from a remote location or a local one without any fuss.

Cyberduck can be downloaded from the Mac and Microsoft app stores. Another option for this is on the main website www.cyberduck.io The FTP is generally free to use but the developers request users to make a donation of $10. However, this is optional and you can opt to ignore it altogether.

In case you are searching for an FTP client that connects to remote storage locations such as Google drive then this is the one for you. It’s more advanced with a sophisticated interface that you are bound to enjoy. A great feature to keep in mind is the Cryptomator which adds an added layer of protection in terms of encryption. This makes the transferred files even more secure.

Cyberduck Features to Enjoy

  • URL Generator

The URL generator benefits you by making work easier. It makes it simpler to share files without any fuss.

  • Free to Use

Apart from requesting a donation of $10, Cyberduck is a free to use FTP client. You can opt to ignore the donation request ad keep using it.

  • External Editor

Take advantage of this feature to use an outside editor to make any required changes to your work at any time.

  • Transfer Support

Some of your files and folders are stored on remote storage locations such as Google Drive and Amazon S3. The FTP client offers you transfer support to easily retrieve this content.

  • Drag and Drop System

You can easily transfer anything on this FTP by using this system. This way nothing important is left behind because you can’t relocate it.

  • Quick-Look

This acts like a preview where you go through everything you have created so far. You can keep track of your progress and make changes where necessary before moving forward.

  • Cryptomator

An additional layer of encryption is always welcome when transferring important files. With the Cryptomator, you can rest easy knowing everything is safe and secure. No back door exists which is another advantage to keep in mind.

  • Bookmarking Tool

The bookmarking tool comes in handy when you want to review your access history. This way you view what is done and what is yet to be accomplished. You can also not where all files and folders that you accessed are located.

Tansmit for Mac

As a Mac user, you can opt to use an FTP client that is only compatible with your OS and no other. With Transmit, you get important features that make your work much easier in the long run. The user-interface is friendly and easy to master without needing much assistance. You can even link it to remote storage locations to access files and folders.

The one feature that makes it not ideal for all users is the fact that you have to pay to use it. There is a free trial available but has limited features. For more in-depth work, you have to get the main software. Transmit charges clients $45 for one license that you can only use on a single computer. In case you want a license for multiple computers, there is a discount that applies.

The FTP client is enjoyed by many users for fast transfer rates of files. This comes in handy when you have a lot of work or are working with a deadline.

Features to Enjoy on Transmit

  • Easy File Location

By using a key, you can pick the name of a singular file and get redirected to its exact location fast. You save a lot of time searching through multiple locations for a specific file or folder.

  • Beautiful Interface

Ftp Client For Mac Catalina

Mac interfaces are attractive and it’s no wonder the Transmit interface is characterized the same way. You will enjoy a beautiful interface that is easy to use.

  • Batch-Edit

With this feature, you can choose the folders you want to edit and make changes to all the content easily.

  • Panic Sync Tool

Ftp Client For Mac Free

In case of unauthorized access or something goes wrong, the FTP client has a Panic Sync feature. You can rely on it to lock your work away in a different location until the threat has been thwarted. This additional security feature keeps your work safe and secure at all times.

  • Drag and Drop System

Enjoy the fast and efficient file transfer drag and drop system from Transmit. Locating and moving files happen in a matter of seconds without any unnecessary delays.

  • Large Files Transfer

Some files are too big to be handled by many FTP clients but not Transmit. You can easily move the largest files you have without worry from one location to another.


Finding the best FTP client for Windows and Mac takes time and dedication. Not all FTP clients are compatible with these OS and even their versions should be taken into account. Are you willing to pay for the FTP or do you want to use a free version?

In this comparison, you get both paid and free versions to compare and choose from. The basic features are similar in most clients but there are additional ones to look out for. The bulk of the files and folders play a crucial role as well. You should choose an FTP that can carry the size of files and folders you use.

You finally had the courage to sign up with a web host and make the website of your dreams. But there’s a problem. Your new server is located hundreds of miles away.

How could you possibly move your computer files to the server hosting your website?

Last week we discussed IMAP and POP3 for email clients, but this is where File Transfer Protocol (or FTP) comes in.

While sipping your morning coffee with your Mac computer in tow, you can use FTP clients to interact with your new web server in the comfort of your own home.

Better than knocking on the door of the server farm, no?

There are countless FTP clients available on the market, but not all work for Mac computers, and fewer still actually work well. As Mac aficionados ourselves, we’ve done the work for you.

Take a look at our choice of the top 5 FTP clients for Mac users, so you only have to focus on the one thing that matters: Making an amazing website.

1. Transmit

Many consider Transmit to be the best of the best. It’s easy to see why.

This client boasts powerful synchronization features and a drag-and-drop file interface with a native Mac OS X design. And unlike many other clients, it supports the vast majority of cloud-based services.

With powerful customization preferences, you can macro mouse commands to manipulate files to your liking.

Want to edit the file when you click twice, or simply transfer it to your computer? These rule sets allow users to personalize their user experience for speed and ease of use.

Features like these make this client an easy choice for handling a large number of files.

The file control in Transmit is nearly unparalleled. It can, for example, allow you to include custom headers on your files to ensure they are categorized on the server.

If this all sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry! There are simpler FTP clients to come. Transmit is very much an application for professionals.

Unfortunately, this professional client also comes at a professional price that starts at $35. For more information, check out the company site.

2. Cyberduck

While not as pretty as Transmit, Cyberduck is a very popular free FTP client. Don’t be concerned about this piece of freeware. It features support for so many service providers that it’s sure to get the job done, whatever that job may be.

Have a lot of files to manage? Cyberduck has you covered. Its bookmarking options are user-friendly and feature a filter field to make your life that much easier when you’re searching for that one specific file or group of files.

Something dubbed the Cryptomator encrypts your server files individually and also hides the directory, increasing your website’s security and overall health.


Sounds great, right? Well, there’s also a cherry on top. Since Cyberduck is an open-source program, it receives daily development activity from a variety of talented programmers. And as previously mentioned, it’s absolutely free.

While some FTP clients have come and gone, Cyberduck has proven it is here to last.

3. Cloudmounter

Now for an FTP client that’s quite a bit different: Cloudmounter. Rather than an independent client application, Cloudmounter does as its name entails and mounts your remote server as if it were an external drive.

It’s an extremely intuitive solution that feels wholly natural as if you’re actually directly connected to your web host’s server.

But that’s just the thing: You’re actually not. And that comes with a few limitations.

Since there’s no physical connection, the speed of file transfers relies on the speed of your internet connection.

Transferring a 2 GB file on a Wi-Fi network would certainly be an extensive endeavor. But that isn’t to say that Cloudmounter isn’t a great choice for smaller files.

For something so simple, it certainly comes at a high price. The Mac edition starts at $45, but the company does offer a 15-day trial.

4. Commander One

If you hate Finder (Mac’s file manager and GUI), then you’ll love Commander One.

The free version of Commander One is intended as a Finder replacement and features customizable hotkeys and improved file management operations.

These features are a natural fit for FTP clients, and one $30 personal license later will see the inclusion of an FTP manager.

The standard array of FTP compatibility is all here, including two panels for dragging and dropping, Amazon S3 protocols, and file queues.

Also included is a WebDAV client that operates in the same vein as Cloudmounter, allowing you to mount a remote server to your computer’s external drive.

Ftp software for mac free

If you’re looking for something a bit more comprehensive than a simple FTP client, this file manager replacement is certainly worth your time.

5. Forklift

Forklift and Commander One share a lot in common. They’re both meant to be finder replacement tools, and both also double as FTP clients. But their differences aren’t small.

Unlike commander One, Forklift offers both file and folder synchronization, allowing users to verify their remote servers are up-to-date with current local files. This is performed through a single, personalized sweep.

This client also bolsters a significantly more powerful sorting feature compared to Commander One’s limited 5 parameters.

Multiple remote connections are allowed simultaneously in Forklift, which situates the program as an excellent coordinator for managing a variety of networks.

Forklift isn’t a free program with a paid FTP attachment: It’s a complete, one-package application. Even so, it shares the same price tag as Commander One’s Pro version at $30.

There’s More to Running a Website than Just FTP Clients

Now that you’re equipped with our five favorite FTP clients for Macs, you’ve probably finished that coffee and are ready to continue constructing the website of your dreams.

But FTP clients alone don’t get the job done.

Have one of these FTP clients but still don’t have a remote server for your website? We can help! We offer web hosting solutions for both individuals and large corporations, starting as low as $2.95 a month.