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FaceTime is an excellent chat application that's certainly the best option for communication between your Mac and friends or family using Apple devices. Calling an iPad or iPhone is easy, once your contacts are added via your Apple ID. Image quality is excellent,. Start a Group FaceTime call from the FaceTime app. Go to Settings FaceTime, and make sure that.

To use Group FaceTime video calls, you need iOS 12.1.4 or later, or iPadOS on one of these devices: iPhone 6s or later, iPad Pro or later, iPad Air 2 or later, iPad mini 4 or later, iPad (5th generation) or later, or iPod touch (7th generation). Earlier models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that support iOS 12.1.4 can join Group FaceTime calls as audio participants.

FaceTime isn't available in all countries or regions.

Start a Group FaceTime call from the FaceTime app

  1. Go to Settings > FaceTime, and make sure that FaceTime is on.
  2. Open FaceTime and tap the Add button in the top-right corner.
  3. Enter the name of your contacts, phone numbers, or emails.
  4. To start your FaceTime call, tap Audio or Video.

You can add up to 32 people to a Group FaceTime call.

Start a Group FaceTime call from the Messages app

In a group conversation in Messages, you can start Group FaceTime right from the group conversation. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Messages and start a group conversation. Or go to an existing group conversation.
  2. Tap the contacts at the top of the group conversation.
  3. Tap FaceTime , then start your call.

You can add up to 32 people to a Group FaceTime call.

Join a Group FaceTime call

There are a few ways to join a Group FaceTime call that someone else started:

  • Tap the notification from the Notification Center or the Lock screen, then tap .
  • To join a Group FaceTime call from Messages, tap the notification at the top of your screen or tap Join from the group conversation in Messages. After you tap Join, you're automatically connected.
  • To join a call from the FaceTime app, just go to the active call in FaceTime, then tap .

From a notification

From a group message

Add a person to a Group FaceTime call

  1. From the call, tap the Add button .
  2. Tap Add Person.
  3. Enter the contact's name, phone number, or email.
  4. Tap Add Person to FaceTime.

When you add someone to your call, you can tap Ring next to their name so their device alerts them of the incoming call.

When someone is added to a Group FaceTime call, they can't be removed from the call. The person who was added to the call needs to end the Group FaceTime call.

Add camera effects to your Group FaceTime calls

If you have an iPhone X or later, or an iPad Pro 11-inch (1st and 2nd generation) or iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later), you can use Animoji and Memoji in your Group FaceTime calls. On devices without Face ID, you can use other camera effects, like filters, text, and shapes in your Group FaceTime calls.

To use an Animoji or Memoji:

  1. During a FaceTime call, tap .
  2. Tap , then pick your Animoji or Memoji.

To use other camera effects:

Facetime For Macbook Pro

  1. During a FaceTime call, tap the Effects button .
  2. Tap Filters , Text , or Shapes , Memoji stickers, *, and Emoji stickers *.

You need an iPhone X or later, or an iPad Pro 11-inch (1st and 2nd generation) or iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later) to use Animoji and Memoji. Not all filters and effects are supported on all devices. You need iOS 13 or iPadOS to use Memoji stickers and Emoji stickers.

Change FaceTime audio and video settings

You can change the audio and video settings in the FaceTime app at any time during a call. To change your settings, tap the screen, then swipe up to see more options or tap one of these options:

Tap Camera off to turn the camera off. Tap it again to turn it back on*.

Tap Flip to switch to the rear camera. Tap it again to switch back to the front-facing camera.

Tap Mute to turn off the sound. Tap Mute again to turn the sound back on.

Tap Speaker to switch between mute and the speaker.

If you don't see the Camera button , check to see if your device is compatible.

The tile of the person speaking gets larger automatically during a Group FaceTime call. To disable this, go to Settings > FaceTime. Under Automatic Prominence, turn off Speaking.

* To use Group FaceTime video calls, you need iOS 12.1.4 or later, or iPadOS on one of these devices: iPhone 6s or later, iPad Pro or later, iPad Air 2 or later, iPad mini 4 or later, iPad (5th generation) or later, or iPod touch (7th generation). Earlier models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that support iOS 12.1.4 can join Group FaceTime calls as audio participants.

Do more with FaceTime

  • If you have an iPhone X or later, you can use FaceTime with your custom Animoji and Memoji.
  • Learn more about FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Learn more about FaceTime on your Mac.

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If you see a triangle with an exclamation mark , it might mean the connection is slow or other users are streaming audio or video on the same network. You and your recipients need a strong cellular or Wi-Fi connection to use Group FaceTime. Over Wi-Fi, FaceTime requires a broadband connection.

Facetime is one of the most popular and interesting in-built apps available on iOS devices. Like other entertainment apps, it also helps you to communicate with others by making video calls to them. Every iOS user has this app because it is per-installed in it. Being a default app, it can be used on all iOS devices, like iPads, Mac, and iPhones. Of course, this app is not available for Windows and Android users, but in this post I will explain how to install Facetime on PC.

Install Facetime for PC and Enjoy Hanging Out With Loved Ones

If you are using the Windows mobile or PC/laptop, then you do not need to worry that you cannot use this app. Now, a non-Apple user can take the pleasure of its features without any hassle. You can use the Facetime on pc, with different versions of the Windows OS, like 7 or 8. In fact, this app can be used on Wi-Fi or mobile data plan to make free conversations with your loved ones.

The more chances, all of your friends or relatives do not have iOS devices, making it difficult for you to communicate with them. This is why there is an alternative for you, which can help you in connecting your loved ones, even on the non-Apple devices using the Facetime app on laptop. If you are android user then Skype on android is act like facetime on android.

What is Facetime ?

Anyway, Facetime app on iPhone is the most famous and user friendly video calling application. It is specifically developed by Apple for iOS users and applicable on different ios platform. It came in 2010, it is available in all the iPhone versions.

Now days, social media has become an important part of our life. All users want something different to socialize with their friends. Facetime on PC will create social connection and it best way to video chat with family friends. Even you can use facetime for official video chat.

Apple created in build Facetime especially for apple users to enjoy the video calling feature. Due to its awesome features there are many android and Windows users trying to experience Facetime on Android or Facetime for Windows computer even facetime alternative available in market like Google Hangouts or Skype.

How do you connect with friends on Facetime? How to use Facetime on iPhone?

Face Time For Mac Free

One of the best feature of Facetime is, it is very simple app. If you are looking for communicating your friend using Facetime on another iPhone, then just open your facetime and enter his/her phone number and call him. If your friend is on iPad or Mac PC or iPod and you are using iPhone then submit his /her email id and start Facetime calling.

It is free app and similler to Skype and google hangout but it require Apple Id to start Facetime Video Chatting. Compare to Skype and hangout Facetime gives you full HD video quality and awesome audio quality while talking to your family or friends. You can block any Facetime call with help of block features.

Facetime also provide Mute features, so that you can mute our communication if you don’t want to cut the FaceTime call. If you mute facetime call then the receptionist will be only seeing you and won’t be able to hear you.It is very easy and user-friendly application that work on 3G connection, so you don’t require any expensive internet connection.

What is needed to use the Facetime on laptops?

When you are willing to use the Facetime on computers or laptops, there are some requirements, which are important to fulfill. On the priority basis, you need to check whether your PC or laptop is compatible with this app or not by taking a look at the below mentioned specifications. Start reading them:

  • Check; whether or not you have the windows version, like XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
  • CPU should be single core 1 GHz.
  • A webcam must also be there.
  • The RAM must be of 2 GB capacity.
  • A microphone or headset must be connected.
  • The internet connection must have a bandwidth of 512 kbps.

Once your PC or laptop fulfills these specifications, then you are eligible to use this app even on a windows device. Using facetime on PC windows 7 or Facetime on PC windows 10 is not a big deal.

If, I don’t have 2 gb RAM then ?

Yes! Still it is possible to install facetime on PC, but you have to understand how to install bluestacks on 1 GB RAM PC.

Features of Facetime app for PCs or laptops

Following are important features of facetime for windows 8,10,7 that make facetime on PC is one of the important app for video chatting on windows laptop.

  • You will get a clear conversation with other users using the Facetime app
  • There is no need to set up a screen name or a special account.
  • It is very easy to use and can be installed on any platform.
  • Facetime can be downloaded without paying anything.
  • It has a friendly user interface and gives you better navigation.
  • You can share what you see using your back camera.
  • Facetime can be used for video conferences with groups of your friends.

Can you use facetime on a computer?

Directly FaceTime on PC not possible. You may see several sites that claim valid software to connect FaceTime for a PC. However, as per Apple’s website, there is no official app for a Windows device and thus all of these claims are false. But using emulator it is possible to use facetime on PC. So, Checklist of IOS emulator

So here I will show you tricks that help to use Facetime on PC, instead of downloading Facetime for PC.

Install Facetime Apple

Now, you can easily use the Facetime app on your Windows based device, either it is a computer or a laptop. Of course, it seems to be a very simple process, once you understand it very carefully. This way, the Facetime on laptops or computers can be easily accessed to get connected to the people all over the world and also the interesting features of this app, as with the iOS device. Hence, start installing it now.

Install FaceTime on Computer

How to use the Facetime on windows 7 computers or laptops?


Now, you must proceed towards the right way to install this app and then use it for what purpose you want. Users must take some important steps into account, without which the installation of facetime on pc is not complete.

Prior to any of the below mentioned steps, check whether or not you have Ipadian iOS emulator installed on your device. To avoid error check complete guide to install iPadian ios emulator on windows PC. If not, then firstly install this software, making the installation process very easy and quick. Afterwards, proceed with the below mentioned steps:

  • Download the Ipadian iOS emulator from the online resource, which must not carry any viruses or malware attacks to harm your device.
  • After installation, you need to search for this app by typing the ‘Facetime’ through the search bar.
  • Now, you need to select the app. See its details. Now, you need to click on the ‘Install’ button so that the installation process can be started. The app will be downloaded according to the speed of your internet connection. So, wait and see the progress, as the installation moves towards the completion.
  • Now, after the installation is completed, there will be a presence of the app on your menu. Check it.

FaceTime for PC using bluestacks – Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Alternate method – Facetime on PC using bluestacks.

Here I will show you how to install facetime on windows 7 using Bluestacks. Before going to step by step guide learn how to install bluestacks on windows PC.

  • Download bluestacks emulator on your laptop/ Computer.
  • Install bluestacks.
  • Set up you gmail account with bluestacks.
  • Download FaceTime APK from Here.
  • Open Factime apk in bluestacks.
  • It will automatically start installing FaceTime on PC.
  • Once installation completed start using it.
  • If you don’t have bluestacks then check bluestacks alternative android emulators.

FaceTime for Mac

Installing Facetime on Mac PC is very easy and simple process like tubemate on iPhone. Follow the steps to install facetime for mac.

  • Go to App Store.
  • Search for FaceTime for MAC
  • Install Facetime apk on MAC PC.
  • Setup your apple id and password to video chat on MAC PC.
  • Download Facetime For MAC from here

Still you have problem then check how to install ipa file in MAC PC. Sometimes you will get error while connecting to iTunes store, then learn what to do if my Mac pc cannot connect to iTunes.

Download Facetime for Windows 10

Facetime is also work on Windows 10. The running Facetime on Windows 10 is same like using Facetime on Windows 7 or other windows version. You need an Android emulator to install Facetime on windows 10 PC. That’s it!!

Is it Possible to run Facetime on Android?

Currently, it is not possible. You can’t install Facetime on Android Smartphone. Facetime for android is not possible but, you will try facetime alternative for android like Skype or hangout.

Alternatives of Facetime

Due to full HD video calling, awesome audio experience facetime become first choice for video calling. But it is not possible to run Facetime on Android so there are alternative which you can use as Facetime app. Tango, Viber, Skype, Google Hangout are facetime alternative. All these alternative apps are compatible with Windows PC as well as android smartphone. You can download facetime alternative from android store.


Best Method – FaceTime On PC Using Remote Desktop

Can you get FaceTime for your PC without any emulator? The answer is YES, but there are a few requirement.

To use facetime on windows PC without emulator you need another Mac machine, So remote desktop is best and valid solution to run Facetime on PC.

Facetime For Mac 10.6.8

The Google Chrome Remote Desktop is best tool for factime video calling on windows PC. You will need a working Mac computer, Google account and Google chrome for this option. If your friends, colleagues, etc. have a Mac PC. Ask them for remote into their Mac to run FaceTime. Follow these steps to run facetime with Chrome Remote Desktop.

Facetime on windows PC without emulator.
  1. Install Chrome on both PC. Mac and windows computers
  2. Search for Chrome Remote Desktop.
  3. Give full access to both computers.
  4. Go to the Chrome App Launcher and launch the remote desktop app.
  5. Enable remote connections setting on PC on Chrome.
  6. Download desktop host installer.
  7. Install the Desktop Host Installer.
  8. Create a secured PIN to access your computer.
  9. On the Mac PC go to System Preferences and open Chrome Remote Desktop Host Preferences and enter created PIN number then click enable.
  10. Now find and connect remote to your Mac PC from your windows PC.

Using above step you will easily able to connect your windows PC with MAC PC. Then, from windows PC you can remotely connect to MAC PC and use FaceTime on PC as much as you want.

This is one of the best method to use facetime on PC without bluestacks.

Learnhow to use google chrome remote desktop.

Conclusion – :

Facetime For Macbook Pro Download

Facetime is one of the famous video calling app on IOS devices. Facetime on PC windows 7,8,10 is possible with help of emulator and remote desktop. Download Facetime on android is still not possible so Facetime alternative like Skype, hangout are useful on android smartphone.