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admin 12/13/2021
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Extract Audio from Video with Filmora Video Editor. Filmora Video Editor is a very easy to use. Our free online audio extractor allows you to extract audio from uploaded video file. It is operated in three simple steps. Click the button: Upload, and select a video file within 500M. Click button 'Extract Audio' to start extracting. Once done, click the 'Download Audio' button to save the audio file.

When we go to a concert, we always can't help but record videos to save memories. After that, we may just want to listen to the song of the recorded video. When we watch a movie and the background music impressed us, and we want to extract it, is there any way? Yes, there is. In fact, there are several ways to separate and extract audio from any video file including MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV and more.

How To Extract Audio From Video in Windows 10/8/7

In fact, this job can be done with professional audio extractors. There are so many audio extractors online allow you to extract audio from video with ease. Here I first recommend EaseUS Video Editor.


EaseUS Video Editor makes it easy to import any media files from PC disk or videos shot by camcorders, DV cameras, vidicons, webcams, cell phones, etc. Every element in your daily life can be turned into a personal masterpiece. What's more, you can perfect your audio files with audio editing tools such as apply audio fade effects, change audio speed, and of course, extract audio from video.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Editor on your computer. In the Media part, click the 'Import' button in the upper left corner to load the source video. Or you can directly drag files to import. You can choose to import a file or import a folder.

Step 2. Click the Add button to add the video file to the video track. Or you can right-click the video and choose 'Add to Project'.

Step 3. Right-click the video on the video track, and choose 'Audio Detach'. Then, the audio file will be loaded to the soundtrack. If you want to export the subtitle, select 'Extract subtitle'.

Step 4. Click the 'Export' button to save the audio file locally. You can choose MP3 or AAC format, and set the name and destination folder of the Audio file as you need. Besides, you can click the gear-shaped button to choose to export the audio file in high quality. Then, click 'Export' to start the process.

How to Extract Audio from Video on Mac

If you are using Mac, you can also separate your audio from video easily and quickly. There are two easy ways, one is using Audacity, the other is using QuickTime.


1. Using Audacity to Convert Video to Audio

Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. Follow the steps to extract audio from video:

Step 1. Open the video file in Audacity

Step 2. Select 'Export' and choose 'Export as MP3', 'Export as WAV' based on your needs.

2. Using QuickTime to Export to Audio

It couldn’t be easier to extract and save the audio from a video on a Mac with QuickTime Player. You can simply open the video file in QuickTime, and export it to save it as an audio file.

Step 1. Open your video in QuickTime Player. Select 'File' from the menu bar.

Step 2. Scroll to 'Export As' and in the pop-out menu, click 'Audio Only...'

Step 3. Name your file, choose its location, and click 'Save'.

How to Extract Audio from a Video on iPhone/iPad

Things could be a little bit difficult to separate audio from a video. While you can detach audio from your video with EaseUS Video Editor on a Windows device, how can you extract iDevice audio? There are also two solutions. One is to transfer iDevice video to PC and then extract the audio from a video (refer to Part 1). The other one is to use iPhone/iPad audio extractor. I have tried several apps to extract audio from video, MP3 Converter is a better choice. The app is free with ads.

Step 1. Tap on the Settings icon to select a different audio and video format. The default is set to MP3 and MP4 respectively. Moving on, tap on the '+' icon and select the video file you want to extract audio from.

Step 2. Once the video appears, tap on it to reveal a menu and select 'Convert' to begin the extraction process.

Step 3. There are two options. The Default Mode will directly extract audio in the format you have selected in the Settings. In the Advanced Mode, you can control variables like output format, audio encoding, audio range, bit rate, and more. Once the app converts the audio, it will appear under the 'Converted Media' tab.

Summary & Suggestion

Extract Audio From Video For Macbook Pro


Extract Audio From Video Macos

Now you know 3 different ways to extract audio from video easily and freely. The online audio converter can help you achieve your purpose for free, but it's time-consuming, unstable and full of ads. If you have a high demand for quality, try EaseUS Video Editor.