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admin 12/14/2021
Empire earth for mac os

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Collect, construct and conquer as you march through the ages.

Empire Earth II. AoE III's pretty close though. However, I much prefer Empire Earth 1 to both.:) Blade8Aus. Empire Earth I was also good though. IT gives you more enjoyment while playing. The Age of Empires Franchise represents the critically acclaimed, award winning Real Time Strategy (RTS) games with a legacy spanning over 20 years and nearly a dozen titles.

Empire Earth is the first in a series of three Empire Earth games. In this game, you start as a primitive race collecting stone, food and other resources so that you may build things and research your way up to a more advanced civilization. You go from people throwing rocks to war machines firing lasers.

The Graphics Are Bad, But Could Be Worse

Earth of empire for mac os

It always seems unfair to knock a game like Empire Earth since it was created in 2001 when gaming graphics were not fantastic. Plus, there are plenty of indie games created these days that have worse graphics. The truth is that if you are playing this game for nostalgia reasons, then you may be disappointed because the graphics are not great.

Watch a video on YouTube of the gameplay, or look at a few screenshots of the graphics to see if they are a deal breaker for you. If you have been spoilt by modern gaming’s graphics, then Empire Earth may not be for you.

The Controls Are Clunky

Empire Earth is not a bad game, but it is not nearly as good as the second version, and the third is not nearly as good as the second version. The point is that if you want this game at the peak of its powers, then try the second version. Controlling your little people can be a little clunky and bothersome to master.

Whom Should Buy Empire Earth?

If you have decided that you want to play the Empire Earth games, then start with the first and complete it. When you get to the second, you will appreciate the additions and the amount of polish the game has. Avoid the third game because it is a watered down version of the second.

What Is The Best Thing About Empire Earth?

When you get the bombers, the game gets a little better. It is especially good if your opponents haven’t researched anti-aircraft defences yet. You can pepper their settlement with bombs from the sky and they have to sit there and take it.

Progressing through the ages is also rather fun, and it would have been nice if Age Of Empires had taken it as far as Empire Earth does. It is good to see one side fighting with advanced tanks whilst the others come at you with elephants and men with crossbows.

Empire Earth 3 free. download full Version


  • Research your way through the ages
  • You can build up a fairly good amount of defensive structures
  • Seek & destroy or evolve & eliminate


  • The graphics are not that great
  • Getting control and maintaining it can be tricky
  • Some enemies make constant and annoying attacks

Empire Earth is a Real-Time-Strategy game stuffed with tons of options that take the genre to the next level. Rather than skill, it’s all about trying to advance your civilization to newer ages as soon as possible.


From caves to space

Empire Earth mixes in some serious excitement, taking average combat and turning it into an energetic display of fireworks.

Empire Earth sticks you into a time machine and sends you off to the past. You get to witness humanity evolve throughout history.

Earth Of Empire For Mac

Starting off, you watch your little cavemen smash rocks together as they collect resources and discover fire. Others will have big sticks, or clubs, as they try to defend themselves from other tribes as you progress through a match. Evolution takes the limelight in this title, as you decide how to optimize your resource management.

As a match continues, a constant change in strategy is required. Command your troops in battle, where the bigger weapons tend to be better. Advancing in technology faster than your foes gives you a giant advantage. Bombers and tanks tend to decimate enemy forces using muskets and cannons. This growth can be exponential if you do it right. Conquering foes frees up land, and access to more land leads to more resources.

Something that makes this title unique is the intense action. Most games in this genre focus entirely on strategy.

It’s so satisfying watching every unit putting on a show as they strive for victory.

Where can you run this program?

Empire Earth can only run on computers using the Windows operating system. There are currently no other platforms that can run it.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Empire Earth is one of many titles that fit the RTS genre. However, it excels at presenting the player with a great sense of progression. A close alternative is Age of Empires.

Our take

Empire Earth is a great opportunity to jump into the Real-Time Strategy genre. It may have a lot in ways of combat, but it’s a great title to play when you might want to sit back and relax.

Should you download it?

Yes. The game is now available for free. If you’re confident enough to lead a civilization to success, you should definitely give it a try.