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The latest Apple release, Mac OS X El Capitan comes loaded with an array of new features and improvements to offer enhanced use on Mac systems. Major improvements in the OS are designed in the way so that it makes the use of the system convenient along with added utilities. Upgrading to a new OS is never an easy task as you get accustomed to the running OS. Since majority of the Mac programs are designed over the running OS, upgrading the OS can cause certain problems and issues. One of the problems that you may face while upgrading to latest OS is the inability for YouTube downloader for El Capitan to work. So if you also wish to enjoy the features of new OS without having any issues with YouTube downloader for Yosemite/El Capitan, read below.

While many want to download YouTube videos, the only way to do so responsibly is on iOS and Android, by paying the $11.99 for YouTube Premium. Otherwise, you're violating YouTube's terms of.

  1. Parallels Desktop - Run Windows and other OSes simultaneously with Mac OS - Download Video Previews by DownloadNow. Disk Drill - Back up, recover, and manage data on Mac - Download Video.
  2. Free YouTube Downloader. This is a highly recommended tool to download YouTube videos on.
  3. VideoDuke for Mac. Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 23.9MB free space. Version 1.8.269.
  4. Download with Safari web browser. This is the most easy and highly practiced method to download.

Part 1. iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac – YouTube Downloader for El Capitan/Yosemite

Upgrading to the new OS always brings in some or the other issues with the installed software, and if you are having troubles related to YouTube downloader for El Capitan, then iTube HD Video Downloader is the solution. iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac is excellent YouTube downloader for Yosemite/El Capitan that allows quick downloading of YouTube videos to your Mac. The software allows downloading in different resolution and quality including HD 1080p/720p quality. Batch downloading of YouTube playlist/channel is also supported by the software, and it can convert the downloaded videos to over 150 formats. In addition to YouTube, iTube HD Video Downloader supports downloading from more than 10,000 sites.

iTube HD Video Downloader - YouTube downloader for Yosemite/El Capitan

  • iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac can be considered as the best YouTube downloader for Yosemite/El Capitan as it allows downloading videos in different resolution and quality. HD video download with 1080p/720p quality is also supported.
  • The software allows batch downloading of entire YouTube playlist and channel with just a click.
  • The downloaded videos can be converted to over 150 formats so that they are compatible with music player and other portable devices.
  • The trial version of the software comes with limited options, and if you want to enjoy all software features you have to buy the software.

Steps to download YouTube videos using iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac- YouTube downloader for El Capitan

MacDownload video for youtube mac os 10.13

Listed below are the steps to download YouTube videos with YouTube downloader for Yosemite/El Capitan.

Download Video For Youtube Mac Os

Step 1 Open browser and search for the YouTube video that you wish to download. Copy the URL of the video.

Step 2 Download, install and launch iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac. On the main software interface, click “+ Paste URL” at the upper left corner. Select the video quality you need, and click the Download button at bottom to start downloading video.

When the downloading process finishes, you'll get the downloaded video in Downloaded library.

Part 2. Free Online YouTube Downloader for Yosemite/EI Capitan

Download Video For Youtube Mac Os

If you do not require downloading YouTube videos very often, or do not wish to buy any software, using an online YouTube downloader for El Capitan is the best choice. Using the online downloader, you simply need to copy paste the YouTube URL and the desired video will be downloaded. The downloader also allows selecting the format and the quality of the downloaded videos.

Steps to download YouTube videos using online YouTube downloader for El Capitan

Step 1 Open YouTube video that you wish to download and copy its link.

Step 2 Visit on your Mac, paste the copied link and click Download.

Step 3 After the site analyzed the video, you can click the Download button to download the videos from YouTube to your Mac.

It is not possible for anyone to stay connected to either Wi-Fi or data connection, hence the YouTube videos cannot be accessed if in case the connection goes down. These days there is enough demand for converting the videos to downloadable videos in Mp4 format, to understand how to download YouTube videos mac.

For mobile phones, YouTube has made a way to get videos which makes it easy for YouTube videos on Mac. This means that one will have to go out of the way for downloading the video in a different method. Still thinking what may be at risk by standing against YouTube’s guidelines.

How the YouTube videos could be converted from the downloaded MP4 files on Apple Mac?

This is how to download a YouTube video mac.

The method of sidestepping YouTube’s rules and protocols are not very simple and specifically safe. Moreover, the best YouTube downloader which works on Mac is the one that runs on the website itself such as OnlineVideoConverter.

Let’s see how it’s done

1. First, you will have to copy the URL of the YouTube video.

2. Next step is opening as there will be a need to reject an invocation for the notifications.

Here You can Get The List of Top 10 Best YouTube Downloaders for MAC

3. Get the copied YouTube URL pasted which was copied in step 1.

4.Next step is choosing the file format. As one can see it is set to default in MP4 format, the format may vary from user to user.

Download Video For Youtube Mac Os Catalina

5. Get in the settings Tab to get the resolution options available.

Youtube Downloader For Mac Free

6. Choose any resolution (Larger size means clearer picture quality).

7. Make sure to uncheck the convert from and convert to options if you wish to opt-out for the complete video.

8. Hit the start button

9. Press the download dialogue box.

10.Next step is to close down the popped up windows dialogue box which opens up. They may ask you to download the flash update, but it is nothing like that.

11.Click to leave, as the pop up is of no use at all.

There you go, the video has been downloaded to the Mac.

How to save the videos for Mac directly on a mac?

The videos can be saved from YouTube with the help of screen capture/record tools that are in-built on a Mac OS. On Mac OS Mojave, press Command + Shift5 to pull up the screen-section, drag and drop to choose the video. Press the record button and next click ok. After that press the play button and once done viewing you can press the stop button in the extreme right corner of the screen.

Which will be the best software for saving videos from YouTube on Mac?

According to the Mac users, it is best to opt for the most dependable and efficient application known by the name Parallels Toolbox. It is a premium version application which will cost annually 20 USD. The parallel toolbox is the most recommended option to go with. This app is believed to be the best free YouTube downloader for Mac.

Download Video Youtube Mac Os X Safari

Once this application is downloaded on the Mac, you need to access Toolbox (which is a complete plethora of extremely productive tools) by selecting the Toolbox Menu on the bar icon. After that proceed to click download which will trigger the download. As the Toolbox will ask you whether to install it and get the extension attached in the Safari web browser, however you can skip this part if you prefer Google Chrome which majority of the people opt to.

1. Get the URL of YouTube video copied you want to download.

2. Access the Toolbox menu which is at the Menu bar.

3. Select the download video dialogue button to trigger the download.

4. This is the safari plugin which we just discussed above. Just in case you have set the Safari as the default browser then there is nothing to be worried about anything else, so go ahead with the installdirections.

5. For more options, press the Settings icon.

6. Here you will get all of the options for choosing the video quality.

7.Next step is the option to select the download destination folder.

8. Finally, move the mouse cursor and hit the paste option to paste the copied URL inside the utility box and begin downloading.

Let’s discuss the free applications available for downloading YouTube videos on the Mac

One is always on the hunt for the free option. So the best choice for the perfect YouTube downloader application on Mac is Free YouTube Download. Said to be one of the best YouTube downloaders for Mac.

As this application works perfectly fine, there are some hindrances. Initially the standard application is free of cost, still, you need to pay up 20 USD annually. Same is applicable for the Parallels Toolbox which costs about USD 30 for lifetime validity. This will also allow you to download movies which have a duration of more than 180 seconds. As this application is flooded with several features there are some limitations though. This application is hence acclaimed as the best mac YouTube downloader.

Violating the terms of service: YouTube

As most want to download the YouTube videos, the only method to get it done by paying attention to the guidelines of YouTube on Android or iOS, one will need to pay 12 USD for the YouTube Premium version. Or else you are breaking the YouTube’s terms of service as described below:

You will be able to access the content for personal and information use entirely as supposed across the offered service functionality and is allowed only under such terms of service. You will not have any downloads concerning content until and unless you are looking at a download or same link which is shown via YouTube of service for the respective content. Just in case if you have violated the Terms of Service of YouTube, the organization has the full-fledged rights to delete or terminate the respective account who does so. It will be mentioned as “YouTube is blocking the service access for the user. And in any conditions, if the user is sure that he is again going to repeat the act of violating the Terms of service once again.


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