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admin 12/14/2021

In such cases, flushing your Mac OS DNS cache may be necessary to pick-up the updated entries without waiting for the TTL to expire. Unfortunately, there is not one consistent way to do it as it will depend on which Mac OS version you are running. VPN Setup for MAC OS X: OpenVPN Protocol. This article explains how to set up an OpenVPN protocol connection on a MAC OSX. Below the informative video, you will find step-by-step instructions. The video covers Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. In this article, I have mentioned the steps to use OpenDNS or Google DNS on Apple Mac OS X. The steps for Windows are almost the same, but I’ll prepare another article for that exclusively soon. Go the Apple Menu “System Preferences” (or you can also use the Spotlight Search for this, just type the words “System Preferences” there).

Follow these simple steps to change DNS in Mac OS X and secure your VPN connection.

Mac Os X 10.11 Download

Step #1: Left click on “Apple Logo' and select 'System Preferences'
Step #2: Then select “Network'Dns For Mac Os X as shown in the Internet & wireless.
Step #3: Now depending upon themac os x connection type you are using either 'wifi' or 'ethernet' select it then select Dns For Mac Os X'Advanced' from the bottom of the same window.
Step #4: Select 'DNS' and Now select the '+' button to add a DNS address:
Once you are done press “OK”
You can also choose from the DNS given below for DNS switching.

Dns Benchmark Mac Os X

Google DNS
If you want to use Google DNS servers, you can add the choose from these two.

Flush Dns On A Mac

You can also use OpenDNS instead, which has extra features, you can choose from these two.

Dns Benchmark For Mac Os X

That all you are done with this; these are all the steps you want to do one by one to change your DNS for Mac OS x