Chicken Spaghetti – Food Wishes – Chicken Pasta Sauce Recipe 2020

Chicken Spaghetti

I’m very excited to show you my take on this delicious pasta dish which should not be confused with a certain casserole that goes by the same name and I believe features a can of condensed soup but with this version lacks and hard to pronounce and possibly dangerous ingredients it more than makes up for by being super easy extremely comforting and of course very very tasty so with that



1 giant whole chicken (4 one/2 to five pounds), with bag within cavity removed
1 jar (24-oz) marinara sauce (about 3 cups)
6 cups water or chicken broth
2 anchovy fillets
2 teaspoons salt, plus more to taste
red chili flakes to taste
To finish the dish, for each person:
4 ounces spaghetti, cooked, drained (not rinsed!)
enough chicken spaghetti sauce and to please you
more grated cheese
1 tablespoon cold butter
1/4 cup thinly sliced basil leaves
salt and hot pepper to taste
at least 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano or Pecorino cheese

Preparation method

that let’s go ahead get started by transferring a big old chicken into a pot and actually it doesn’t really have to be old but it should be big this chicken right here went about 4 and 1/2 pounds and then to this what we’ll do is add 1 24 ounce jar of the

finest store-bought marinara sauce or of course the same amount of homemade and then in addition to that we’ll add twice as much water as we do sauce which is going to be very easy to measure if you did use jarred sauce so we’ll go ahead and fill that up with nice cold freshwater you give it a little shake to rinse out any of the sauce

left inside and then repeat that one more time with another jar of nice cold freshwater and then before we head to the stove we will add one more semi-secret ingredient and that would be two fillets of anchovy or as we sometimes refer to it around here Italian msg and if you’re nervous

about that don’t be you’re not going to be able to taste it this is really only gonna affect the taste if you don’t put it in and then what we’ll do is head to the stove and bring this up to a simmer on high heat and yes it’s totally fine

the chicken is not covered in the liquid all right as long as you’re coming up to about the kneecaps you should be in good shape since we are gonna cook this covered

that means gonna get cooked through no problem but anyway like I said we will
bring this up to a simmer at which point we will back the heat down to medium-low
cover this and simmer it exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes

and during that time what I want you to do is absolutely nothing don’t take off the lid don’t stir it don’t turn it do nothing except maybe possibly watch it simmer through the
glass and after simmering for exactly 65 minutes this is what mine look like
and then what we’ll do at this point is very very carefully grab some tongs and

carefully transfer this into a large bowl to cool
and I know it does already look delicious so we’ll go ahead and very
carefully remove our chicken from our cooking liquid and we’ll simply let it
sit in that bowl cooling off until we can pull that chicken meat off the bones
without burning ourselves and what we’ll do

while we’re waiting for that to
happen is crank our heat up to medium-high because we’re gonna want to
reduce this sauce or actually I should say we want to reduce this liquid to
make a sauce and I’ll say we want to reduce this by at least half but it’s
probably going to be a little more than that okay

we want to sort of boil this
down until it starts to thicken up a little and of course anytime we’re
reducing something like this that had meat in it we’re almost always going to
have some fat floating on the top which you can certainly spoon off if you so
choose and I usually do remove most of it especially since I’m going to throw a
a little bit of butter in here later but anyway

we’ll go ahead and let that
reduce and while we’re keeping an eye on that waiting for it to reduce to the
perfect thickness we should have just enough time to do our chicken so
assuming this is cool enough to touch what we’ll do is touch it and by touch I
mean tear so we’ll go ahead and remove that meat from the bone and pull off the
skin and any other non-meat

connective tissue and we will transfer that into a
bowl breaking it up into as small pieces as we want as we go and as you can see I
do like to leave this in some fairly big pieces and while I’m happy to spend a
few minutes trying to pick out every last scrap of meat I’m not gonna go too
nuts because I’m gonna make a stock out of this and of course it goes without
saying that if you get any accumulated juices in this bowl you will be required

to strain those back into your saucepan which now that our chickens been picked
we should probably go back and check and for me at least this time this is about
how far I’m going to reduce it okay it’s just starting to thicken up a little
and then regardless of how thick or thin,

we want this mixture to be once it
reaches our desired viscosity we will reduce the heat to low and we will go
ahead and add all our beautifully poached chicken back in along with a
little bit of red chili flake to heat things up and because we’re using this

we don’t need any Cayenne that’s cayenne pepper and flake form
and it will also toss in a nice big pinch of salt and we’ll stir all that
together and as soon as that chicken heats through and we’re happy with how
this tastes we’re done so we’ll go ahead

and give the sauce a taste and check for salt and other seasoning and while we’re at it we’ll also taste a piece of chicken to double-check and that’s it assuming it’s looking and tasting
exactly how we want we’ll simply keep that on low heat while we go ahead and
cook our pasta which for me is gonna be 1/2 pound of spaghetti or as your kids
might pronounce it spaghetti and

I’m gonna go ahead and cook that in some nicely salted water for about one minute under the package directions and if you want a different pasta shape use what you want
I mean you are after all the Lawrence Ferlinghetti of your chicken and
spaghetti so if you want to goal a different noodle

feel free but I am using the pasta that’s in the name but no matter what shape pasta we’re using once that’s done we’ll go ahead and drain it and return that back to the
stove and place it over low heat and we’ll go ahead and ladle in as much
chicken and sauce as we see fit and by the way I mentioned I’m doing 8 ounces
of pasta but this sauce recipe will make enough for about a pound to a pound and
a half of pasta and then besides our sauce we’re also going

to go ahead and grate some cheese which can be Parmigiano-Reggiano but this time I’m
using pecorino which for whatever reason I think pairs a little better with this
and then after the cheese what we’ll do is go sauce Segreto on this thing by
adding a chiffonade of basil plus a couple tablespoons of butter so yes you
are allowed to steal ideas from your videos that you stole

from other people’s recipes legal and we’ll go ahead and straw that together over a
low heat for about a minute or until the butter melts and while we’re doing this
our pasta is gonna be absorbing all that goodness from the sauce which is why by
the way we never want to dump cook pasta in a bowl and then just ladle the sauce

over the top okay as science has proven that’s just not going to be as good
and then what we’ll do as soon as that butter melted is turn off the heat and
then we’ll grate in one more addition to cheese before performing the old cover
and wait all right so what we’re gonna do with the heat off is stir in that cheese
and then we’re gonna cover this and let it sit for one minute and me that 60

seconds well-spent and that’s it after a minute we’ll uncover it and give it one
last stir and assuming we’re happy with how it’s tasting we’ll go ahead and
serve that up which as usual we will do in a warm bowl and we’ll make sure we’re
getting plenty of chicken as well as that simple but gorgeous sauce and maybe
we’ll top that little more cheese and maybe a little more basil and that’s

it what we’re calling chicken spaghetti is done so let me grab a fork and spoon
and dig in and even though this sauce is relatively light texture wise it is
still extremely flavorful and very satisfying so that’s one reason I love
this dish and the other reason is that incredibly moist succulent tender

chicken because we poached that first and then just added it back to the sauce
in the end, we don’t have to worry about any tough dry meat and yes you’ll be
happy to know I eventually figured out which side of the spoon to use turns out
the concave side is the one to twirl the pasta in see I’m one of these people

that never reads the owner’s manual and by the way that butter and basil we
added at the end were optional but for me ties this simple pasta
together so I really did love how this came out and it really is a beautiful