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BH Cosmetics has an expansive collection of quality products, from foundations to. Lipstick: the iconic product that made MAC famous. Shade, define, and accentuate the lips with hundreds of hues in high-fashion textures.


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Mac Makeup Online


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Every single lady in this world loves to flaunt her own cosmetic collection and loves to adorn herself with these. There are a number of brands which offer a huge variety of cosmetics for women. However, there are some brands that are too expensive and buying those products proves to be not worth it.

Cheap Mac Cosmetics Online

To the relief of many, Aliexpress, an e-commerce site, houses products which are the exact replicas of these high end cosmetic products. The replicas MAC products like lipsticks, lip balms etc. are available on Aliexpress, available worldwide.


This section illustrates a clear comparison between a MAC lipstick bought from Aliexpress and a MAC lipstick bought from the retail store basing on certain user reviews. User reviews suggest that the MAC lipstick bought from Aliexpress was equally smooth when compared with the original MAC lipstick.

The colour shades of the lipsticks available on Aliexpress completely clash with the original lipstick shades of the brand. Talking about the lasting of the lipsticks on the skin, both the original one as well as the one bought from Aliexpress lasted for 8-9 hours easily.

The lipstick bought from Aliexpress glides smoothly on the skin just like butter and this smoothness is comparable to the original lipstick from MAC.

However, the users have found certain differences between the packaging of both the products. The hue of the outer packaging was slightly different.



The original one sporting a greyish packaging and the one from Aliexpress with a blackish packaging. The lipstick cover of the original lipstick does not match the one bought from Aliexpress and vice versa.

There is also a minor difference in the weights of both the products. When the quality of both the products are comparable, these are some things which of course can be neglected.

MAC Makeups on Aliexpress 2019 Product – MAC 9 pcs Makeup brush Makeup Set Powder Foundation Eye shadow Make Up Tools Cosmetics Soft Synthetic Hair With PU Leather Case Product – NEW MAC Makeup Natural color – New Face Powder Banana Powder Oil-Control Powder Foundation Make up Powder for Women Glitter Product – SAFEBET Storage makeup organizer mac makeup for brush storage cosmetic storage box Cosmetic organizer box cosmetic case

Talking about the pricing, if a person buys a MAC lipstick from a retail store, he needs to pay about 25 bucks for a regular shade. On the contrary, the same product is available on Aliexpress at a much lower price which is about 3-5 dollars. So, why not pay less for a product that lasts equally well?

POSSIBLE DRAWBACKS for Buying MAC Makeup Replicas

The first drawback includes the shipping time. If you order a MAC lipstick from Aliexpress, it would easily take about 1.5 months to reach your destination while getting an original product is much easier, provided you have the money in hand.

Secondly, no one can actually vouch for the quality of ingredients used in the products on Aliexpress and the comparison is made basing on some reviews only.


If one is getting a replica of a MAC product at such a lower price from Aliexpress, she should definitely give it a shot rather than going for the original ones.

Where Can You Buy Mac Makeup Cheap

Try the MAC makeup on Aliexpress pieces by pieces first and if it suits your skin, go for the haul!

However, if a person is brand conscious and won’t use any product other than the branded ones, she needs to give a second thought before buying any cosmetics product from Aliexpress.

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