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Description of Caesar III Windows

Caesar III is a video game published in 1998 on Windows by IQ Media Nordic AB, Havas Enlight Interactive Nordic. It's a strategy and simulation game, set in a managerial, real-time, city building / construction simulation and classical antiquity themes, and was also released on Mac.

Starting as governor of a newly formed province in the Roman Empire your goal is simple: advance up the empire's political ladder to become the next Caesar.

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Comments and reviews

Fija2017-10-263 points

One of the best games I've ever played.

dlwodusl2016-12-22-41 points

how should i install this to my mac?

blackbird2016-09-241 point

Cesar For Mac Download

this is one of my favourite game. thanks

dianaaa2016-02-21-7 points

how to transfer game downloaded from osx el capitan to sheepshaver, i don't get it.
i can't figure how to make share folder or what ever

d2015-12-020 point

got this message: Can't open aplication “Caesar™ III Installer” due to Classic environment is no longer compatible.

nene2015-11-193 points

se funcionar tudo bem

lance2015-05-16-4 points Mac version

nearly all the games here are for Mac OS 9 you CAN'T run them on OS X. Get a emulator and it will work.

Caesar Mack Actor

kwack2015-05-031 point Mac version

yeap, doesn't work on OSX. Even when allowing all apps. Sad thing, really wanted to play that game. Nostalgia, nostalgia.

Jordan2015-04-230 point Mac version

If it says the file is damage go to the apple in the top right corner, system preferences, security, and make sure you can run apps downloaded from anywhere or else it will say the file is damaged.

ipz2015-04-090 point Mac version

Caesar Mack

same thing... downloaded (waited more than half hour), then after extracting it said the file is damaged .... wasted!

aFriend2015-01-091 point Mac version

Tried it on Mac OS X (10.10), says damaged or incomplete file. This seems to be a Power-PC Mac OS game, so beware. as 'EKO' mentioned, there might be options that allow you to use it.

EKO2015-01-072 points Mac version

I have succeed install the game using SheepShaver, but as usual this game is required the CD to play. Is there any 'No CD patch' as available on Windows PC?

Saumitra2014-11-025 points Mac version

I installed it and extracted it. When I try opening the installer it says the file is damaged, and thus cannot be opened. Was so looking forward to playing this game!

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  • Year:1999
  • Publisher:Sierra On-Line, Inc.
  • Developer:Impressions Games

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