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9/16/2020:.Canon EOS Webcam Utility - Windows Official. 5/27/2020:.Now Available for Mac. EOS Webcam Utility Beta Software: Share Your Feedback. 4/28/2020: EOS Webcam Utility Beta Windows Software: Share Your Feedback. 4/23/2020: NOTICE re: Cleaning of imageCLASS Products. 3/27/2020: NOTICE re: Cleaning of Broadcast and Cinema Lens Products. Other programs to consider include Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Lightroom for Mac. A free alternative is Unidentified Flying Raw and Microsoft Raw Image Extension. Due to the large size of CR2 files or the unavailability of advanced editing software, a lot of users may prefer to convert CR2 to JPG. Developed by: Canon, Inc. Initial Release: 2004.

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You are a photographer who takes photos in a raw format like CR2 (Canon Raw Format ver.2). Wouldn’t you like to convert this file into JPEG files and distribute it? The CR2 to JPG software does just that for you. We will have look at the top 7 CR2 to JPG conversion utilities or software. This software is available online as a service or a downloadable software. It is easy to use software.


Zamzar-CR2 to JPG

Canon Cr2 Converter For Mac

It is an online, free tool to convert CR2 to JPG files. It has a simple interface to use. The first step is to select the raw file on your computer or point to a website. You can have up to 50 MB files or pay for larger files. Then give the format you want to convert to. You then need to give your email address and then press the convert button. It will convert to JPG and send it to your mailbox.

Free CR2 to JPG Converter

The free CR2 to JPG converter can be download from the website and installed easily on your computer. The software is crash free and has an intuitive graphical user interface for choosing the raw format file and converting into a JPG file. It has a batch mode conversion facility. The user needs to add the folders and files which will be converted simultaneously.

CR2 Converter

CR2 converter is a free converter to convert the raw CR2 files to JPG files and also other image formats. The software supports batch conversions and you can add the raw files which need to be converted at a time. It does not have any complicated settings. It’s very simple software to use.

Canon Cr2 For Mac

Other Platforms

We will now review CR2 to JPG conversion software which runs on Windows, Mac, and other platforms. If you need a platform specific software then you can choose the one which runs on your platform. It will help you to make an informed decision.

RawDroid Demo for Android

RawDroid Demo runs on the Android platform. A workflow management software which allows you to work on raw files. You can now take a snap and instantly show to your customer on a 10” tablet. You can back up your shots to MicroSD and convert to JPG for sharing with friends.

Converting CR2 to JPG for Windows


It is easy to download this software and install on Windows platform. You can select the folder or just drag and drop the files into the window. It supports batch processing and will process all files in the folder. One the file selection is over you needs to select the output folder to choose the JPG format. It converts the files easily.

Rawker for Mac

Rawker is a conversion software available on the Mac platform. It has a simple intuitive graphical user interface which allows file management. It helps to configure the input files and the output destination. It allows editing the JPG files if needed. It supports batch processing of the files. There is no development happening on this software.

CR2 to JPG Converter – Most Popular Software

This is an online convertible and available at You need to just drag and drop your raw files into the window for conversion. There is no signup required and it is an ad-free service. It supports batch processing and you can edit the files before it gets saved as JPG.

What is CR2 to JPG Converter?

All photographers amateur or professional photographer using the Canon camera will have the raw files as CR2 files. These files are large files but cannot be used by any application. It needs to be converted into a JPG file to be distributed and viewed. The CR2 to JPG converter understands the CR2 format and converts into a JPG image file. You can also see Raw File Converter Software

The converter has tools to edit the picture and modify it if necessary. The software can integrate with other social media software if required. The main task of this converter is to give the user a simple interface to select a single file or multiple files. The user needs to define the output folder where it will store the converted image files. It supports the batch mode.

Canon Raw Cr2 Codec For 'mac'

If you are a photographer with a Canon camera and would like to convert the raw CR2 files to JPG then you can choose from these 6+ converters we have reviewed above. You can evaluate and have an easy time to convert your photos.

Canon Cr2 Raw File Converter For Mac

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