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A native Mac audio and music player that supports crystal-clear bit-perfect gapless playback of all popular lossless and lossy audio formats, uses only a tiny amount of computing power and offers a clean and intuitive user experience – it only ‘does what it says on the can’.

As one of the best media players that works on both Windows and Mac operating system, Leawo Blu-ray Player is the first choice for a lot of professional users to play FLAC files as well as more than 180+ other audio and video files because with the powerful decoding technology. Pi Music Player. I am personally using Pi Music Player on my Android phone, and this is one of the.

macOS 10.10+ / 64-bit

Try the freeColibri DAC/DSD Test app

  • Saves your battery

    Uses a barely noticable amount of computing power, Colibri is built using state-of-the-art Swift programming language while the BASS audio engine is bundled as machine code and the interface uses built-in components by Apple. This was done in order to achieve a tiny footprint and to be as native to macOS as humanly possible.

  • Plays your audio

    Colibri supports the most widely used range of file formats in terms of lossless audio: FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, APE, TTA, DSD, WavPack, popular lossy formats: Ogg Vorbis, MP1/MP2/MP3 and AAC/M4A, network streams/online radio, MOD and MIDI files (with per song SoundFont support)! For your undisturbed listening pleasure, Colibri supports Exclusive/Hog mode as well. A lossless audio player at heart with love to other popular formats as well0010.

  • Handles CUE Sheets

    Complete Cue sheet support: malformed and disordered content is reprocessed during loading along with a painless and quick way to add your whole collection – Colibri will analyze and decide whether to load the Cue sheet in the folder or queue every song one by one for every added/dragged folder recursively.

  • Supports gapless playback

    Extensively designed from the ground-up to provide a true gapless listening experience. Colibri prepares the upcoming song for playback in the background to further eliminate gaps for (slower) external drives or network shares without pushing the entire song into memory, meaning that no extra CPU or RAM usage is needed!

Next-generation BS2B support

Individual Song & Audio Device Profiles
Custom Processing Order
Automatic Profile Switching

  • Picks up where you left off

    Saves or empties your current playlist upon quitting and re-opens your songs when you start it up again. Furthermore, Colibri can also save and load its’ current playlist to a custom format that can even be appended to an already existing playlist. Loading and appending is also available for M3U and M3u8 playlist files.

  • Avoids most problems

    Colibri does its’ best to avoid most problems before, during and even after playback. Loading unsupported files show up as an error message and files that have disappeared since loading are automatically removed and skipped upon being reached in the playlist. A Mac lossless player developed with flexibility and error correction in mind.

  • Understands your language

    Capable of rendering the song information as it was intended to be shown: of all the tried metadata it had no problem with displaying Cyrillic or kanji/katakana/hiragana characters mixed with ASCII. All known metadata types readable by the BASS engine and macOS are supported by Colibri.

  • Respects your privacy

    Colibri does not phone home, collect usage data, spy on you or modify files in any way. It also does not contain DRM routines, have features hidden behind a paywall or bind functions to a subscription model. Colibri is an audio player that respects your privacy to the fullest and this will never change.

10-band Peaking Equalizer

Individual Song Profiles
Automatic Profile Switching
Adjustable Bandwidth

  • Displays album art

    Displays embedded cover art for FLAC files and ID3 / iTunes artwork metadata (mainly for ALAC / M4A and MP3 files). When that yields no visible results then Colibri looks around the folder where the current song resides for a cover art image and shows that. See the FAQ for details on the exact files Colibri looks for. FLAC files with embedded picture data or supplied album art images are displayed automatically.

  • Resides in your Menu Bar

    Colibri can place an unobtrusively small icon in the Menu Bar for easy access and playlist control: you can either start/pause the playback, skip to the next track or go back to the previous one. It also displays the info and cover art image of the current song. Control Colibri from even multiple Spaces desktops away with the MenuBar Controller!

  • Integrates with Finder and your Keyboard

    Colibri conforms all of Apple’s strict requirements – which means that it shows up in Finder as an option in “Open With” when a supported file is selected. Colibri can also open all files of a folder by opening just one of them from Finder – see the Settings – Behavior screenshots in the Gallery.

  • Adjusts to your Display

    Colibri’s interface elements scale themselves nicely on every screen resolution and pixel density, while Colibri also offers a wide range of usage modes from small condensed to fullscreen complete with multiple types of column layouts and a resizable player window.

Colibri 1.9.1 Changelog

Thank you for using Colibri! This updates brings a bunch of bugfixes (codec errors, SoundFont usage, per-Song BS2B/EQ profiles, various crashes), eight new playlist columns (…and sorting for all!), a new ‘insert’ mode for the Playlist, switchable Auto-Play and Permanent Pause options – among other smaller enhancements. Happy listening!


  • Updated codebase to Swift 5
  • Settings -> Output now better fits all kHz entries
  • Volume is now automatically raised to 100% for DSD files when DoP/DoPA mode is selected and restored to previous volume level for non-DSD files (and PCM mode)
  • Unsupported DST encoded DSD and DTS encoded WAV files will now show proper Unsupported Codec error messages
  • added an alternate fallback method for Automatic Sample Rate Switching for stubborn DACs (Colibri uses it automatically when needed)
  • Finder sorting order is used to enqueueing files to the Playlist
  • Playlist will be rendered with system default monospace font when available (macOS 10.11 and up)
  • added a ‘Use Default SoundFont’ option for MIDI files to the right-click context menu of the Playlist
  • removing the default SoundFont will automatically set the next available SoundFont as the default
  • if the SoundFont list is empty, then the first SoundFont will automatically be marked as the default
  • removing a SoundFont only causes playback restart if the currently played song is affected by the removal
  • importing a new SoundFont will automatically set it as the default
  • new switchable option in Settings -> Playlist: “Dragging to the Playlist via Mouse / Trackpad”:
    • songs will be added at pointer position (insert)
    • songs will be added at the end of the list (append, like before)
  • added ‘Permanent Pause’ to Settings -> Behavior (Off, by default):
    • pause will ‘hold’ until the Play button is pressed again
    • switching to a different song will ‘arm’/prepare the song for playback
    • seeking repositions the playhead and it will play audio from the selected spot once unpaused
    • removing songs from the playlist does not affect the paused state
  • added ‘Auto-Play’ to Settings -> Behavior (On, by default):
    • On: Colibri automatically plays the next song
    • Off: Colibri stops when the current song ends
  • Playlist Columns have been rewritten from scratch for improved stability: see Settings -> Columns
  • Columns are now sortable:
    • click on the header once to sort playlist by that column
    • clicking once again switches between Ascending/Descending sorting
    • sorting is supported across all columns
  • added new Columns:
    • Length, kHz, Codec, Year, Track Number, Disc Number, Composer and Bit Depth
  • Playlist Columns can now have vertical and horizontal Grids:
    • they help in finding the columns boundaries during reordering and resizing
    • Grids can be toggled on/off in Settings -> Themes
    • a color picker has been added to Settings -> Themes for the Grid
  • new Loop option ‘Random Round Robin’ in Settings -> Playlist:
    • each song in the Playlist will be played once per “round”
    • when all songs were played once, a new “round” begins
    • removing a song causes the “round”
    • double-clicking on a song does not reset the “round”
    • a great way to have a balanced, random playback order
  • monospace system fonts are now used in both the Title bar and Status bar (10.11 and up)


  • Colibri would not display its’ name in the Force Quit and Activity Monitor windows
  • Colibri would prevent the system from entering sleep state
  • Colibri would fail to play the upcoming song under very high system load
  • Playhead wouldn’t always continue from the same spot on output device change
  • Playlist would have a weird glitch on startup
  • Force Sample Rate would cause crash on startup
  • Online Streams wouldn’t always start playback
  • Random playback order would sometime cause Colibri to crash
  • BS2B and EQ profiles wouldn’t property restore on next startup
  • After starting Colibri, the playlist would become disorganized/chaotic if files had gone missing since last start
  • Automatic Sample Rate Switching wouldn’t always switch properly after the end of the playlist had been reached
  • Menubar Controller didn’t always refresh the data on song change
  • some built-in Audio DSP hardware wouldn’t switch sample rate properly (mainly newer MacBook Pros)
  • SoundFonts won’t always properly reload on next launch
  • SoundFonts won’t properly switch on a per-song basis
  • custom SoundFonts could disappear from the SoundFont list
  • setting a custom SoundFont as default wouldn’t always save properly
  • network streams won’t trigger a ‘Problem calculating song length’ error
  • Menubar Controller properly shows Light/Dark control buttons as per system theme
  • Colibri could crash by clicking on the EQ button while the Playlist is empty
  • moving multiple songs in the Playlist at once could cause titles to be become disorganized
  • dragging files / folder to the dock would not be added to the Playlist properly
  • Colibri could crash on El Capitan 10.11.6 when switching between Dock and Menu modes
  • added missing keyboard shortcut to DSD output mode menu
  • About Colibri window didn’t properly switch the Light logo in Dark Mode
  • Theme import / export buttons wouldn’t properly spawn the browser windows
  • Pressing Return on an empty playlist could sometimes cause crash
  • Pressing Return while nothing is selected in the playlist could cause crash
  • Color Pickers in Settings -> Themes should now behave as expected of them

Thank you Henning Gärtner for all-around essential feedback and testing, Rick Ernsting for feedback on the SoundFont issues!

I’d like to thank the artists who have shown their love and support for Colibri by granting me permission to use their album artworks:

Colibri is the passion project of Gábor Hargitai, brought to you by countless sleepless and caffeine-induced nights.
Support Email: [email protected]

Learn what is the best FLAC player for Windows 10 PC? List of top 10 best FLAC players for Windows 10 operating system, Best free FLAC player Windows 10.

Wmv mac player

Finding the best free FLAC player for Windows 10 PC is a super easy task if you will look into right directions.

All Windows users will swear by the fact that Windows 10 is probably one of the best Windows operating systems that they have come across. This is the reason why it is available on almost all platforms including laptops, desktop computers, tablets as well as on various smartphones.

While listening to music on the latest Windows 10 operating system, sometimes you might have come across some FLAC format files (a file with the FLAC file extension) which are not supported by your media player.

If it happens a lot of times with you then you should install a powerful and multitasking media player which supports not only the FLAC file formats but also plenty other common and uncommon audio and video formats that you might run.

If you have been searching wide and large for the best Flac player for Windows 10, then you have come to the right place.

Below is an updated list of the best Flac player for Windows 10 operating system. You can select any Flac music player out of these to use on your Windows 10 laptop or desktop computer.

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Flac On Mac

Top 10 Best FLAC Player for Windows 10

Basically, FLAC (free lossless audio codec) is an audio coding format for lossless compression of digital audio. FLAC format works exactly similar to MP3 format but is completely lossless which means that there is no loss in quality in audio players which support this format.

In simple words, FLAC is an open source audio compression format which is used to compress an audio file down to around half of its original size.

Flac on mac

Although, there are plenty of free audio players which support this functionality. In case if you are looking for some most powerful and best FLAC players for Windows 10 operating system then let’s have a look at the list of top 10 best FLAC players for Windows 10 computers:

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an absolutely free of cost, portable and open sourceFlac music player which supports almost all audio as well as video formats. It does not support the converting of formats but can play different devices, discs and even stream media from the internet. This open source Flac player is available for Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android as well.

Download VLC Media Player for Windows 10 (Developer: Video LAN)

Best Flac Player For Mac Os


SM Player is one of the best Flac player windows which supports multiple formats, both audio, and video. This Flac player is rich in features and makes use of GUI widgets that too for free of cost.

This Flac player platform is open- source and it allows the creation of playlists. It is full of features and is available in 30 languages.

Download SM Player for Windows 10 (Developer: Ricardo Villalba)

GOM Player

This is one of the best Flac player Windows 10 which supports both audio and video media with great quality without any loss in bandwidth. It has a stylish and sleek design and is absolutely free. GOM Player offers high levels of customization and offers features like subtitles in multiple languages and 3D audio effects.

Download GOM Player for Windows 10 (Developer: Gretech)

Real Player

Real Player supports Flac and is compatible with Windows 10 OS. It is available for free and also comes in a premium version with additional functionalities and features. This Flac player has a stylish and easy interface and you can use its unlimited version by paying just $9.99 per month.

Download Real Player for Windows 10 (Developer: Real Networks)

KM Player

It is the best portable Flac player for Windows 10 and is one of the best audio players for Windows. KM Player is a versatile and lightweight player which supports both audio and video. It is also highly customizable and is available for free of cost.

Download KM Player for Windows 10 (Developer: Pandora TV)


Winamp is one of the best portable Flac players for Windows which comes with features like playlist creation, media library, plugins, skins, and music visualization. It is one of the free Flac players and has millions of users across the globe.

MacBest Mac Player For FlacBest Mac Player For Flac

Download Winamp for Windows 10 (Developer: Radionomy)


Foobar2000 is one of the best Flac players with a modern design, increased flexibility, and a plethora of features. The code of this best Flac player is closed source and supports several audio formats. Its features include organization of files, folders, metadata, and converter interface.

Download Foobar2000 for Windows 10 (Developer: Piotr Pawlowski)


MusicBee is probably the best Flac player which supports audios in Windows 10. It is capable of automatically taking lyrics from songs and is a great podcast manager. Its sleek design supports attractive skins, playlist creation, extended libraries, and plugins for better user experience.

Download MusicBee for Windows 10 (Developer: Steven Mayall)

Media Monkey

Media Monkey is one of the best Flac players for Windows 10. It is basically an audio and music player which supports several different formats. You can also sync music from your computer across different devices and it makes use of the freemium licensing model. Its features include third-party plugins, multiple media collections, and extension scripts.

Best Mac Player For Flac Files

Download Media Monkey for Windows 10 (Developer: Ventils Media Inc)

Windows Media Player

Last in the list of best Flac music players, Windows Media Player is a video Flac player which supports large libraries. It supports all audio/ video formats and has a simple and stylish user interface. Windows Media Player is available for free of cost.

Download Windows Media Player for Windows 10 (Developer: Windows Microsoft)

Best FLAC Player for Mac

Vox Flac Player

For Mac users, we recommend trying Elmedia Player. It is one of the best free FLAC Players for Mac. Playing FLAC files on Mac with Elmedia Player is super easy and very customizable.

Flac File Player

System Requirements for Elmedia Player: OS X 10.9+ , 53.6MB free space Version 7.1(1650).


Microsoft’s default media player which is specifically designed for Windows operating system may be a very popular tool for playing digital music, but when it comes to supporting unlimited audio and video formats it can be rather antiquated.

We hope now your search for the free Windows 10 Flac player and best portable Flac player for Windows 10 operating system ends here. You can select any Flac player out of this list for your Windows 10 computers.

Currently, we are using VLC media player as the best Flac player for Windows 10 and it’s working just awesome on our PC. Let us know through comments – which best free Flac music player is working perfectly on your Windows 10 computers or laptops?

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