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File Sharing Software for Mac. Find the best File Sharing Software for Mac. Compare product reviews and features to build your list. Buyers Guide to learn what to look for in File Sharing Software. Onehub is the secure file storage and sharing service built for businesses of any size. File Sharing Software. File Sharing Software is the best when it comes to sharing of files as well as storage solutions. It allows files to be synchronized automatically, it allows editing of files which are shared and backing up of photos as well as sharing of photos and files. Any kind of files can be saved into these file sharing software.

There are different kinds of collaborative or sharing software. These are applications which are used to help people who are able to achieve their goals through common tasks. There is file sharing where they are able to share files with each other, there is a resource sharing software which helps to reduce the cost of buying several resources and better utilization of the limited resources that there are. There are screen and desktop sharing software which help in solving issues or technical problems faced and more.

  • Download and install the best free apps for P2P & File-Sharing Software on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android from CNET, your trusted source for the top software picks.
  • ShareWay IP runs with Mac OS 7, 8 or 9's built-in File Sharing to enable Macintosh file sharing over your home network, intranet or the Internet. ShareWay IP is the only way to have Personal File Sharing on a pre-X system share files with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4), since Tiger cannot access AppleShare files.


Screen Sharing Software

Screen Sharing Software are used for file transfers, sharing of desktops, chatting with remote users and more. It is easy to install and use as well. Some of these are cross platform software. They have a fast display. These software can be used for audio as well as video conferencing, whiteboards as well as it can be used to record the remote control sessions. It helps in creating ad-hoc VPN creations. This helps in even troubleshooting from remote locations.



TeamViewer 12


Zoom Powerful Screen Sharing

File Sharing Software

File Sharing Software is the best when it comes to sharing of files as well as storage solutions. It allows files to be synchronized automatically, it allows editing of files which are shared and backing up of photos as well as sharing of photos and files. Any kind of files can be saved into these file sharing software.

Easy File Sharing Web Server


Folder Transfer 4



Desktop Sharing Software

Desktop Sharing Software are programs which are designed for remote access. It is done with the pairing of the Internet ID. A total of 10 PCs or less can be controlled with different kinds of this software. It can even launch from a flash drive. You can access computers remotely and even not view the screen if you don’t want to. It has access to the command prompt, can launch files remotely, manage system information, have access to the registry, webcam viewing and more.

Any Desk

ScreenStream Screen Broadcasting Software

Chrome Remote Desktop

Printer Sharing Software

Printer Sharing Software are used to print documents, as well as photos on printers, belong to someone else as easily as if the printer was connected to your computer. It does not require any special technical knowledge. It has features which allow printing from different applications without the need to send attachments in the email. It is fast, easy to install and secure. Using this, the printers are better utilized and printers can be shared among different users thereby decreasing the cost of purchasing these resources for each and every user.


USB Printer Sharing

VPN Sharing Software

VPN Sharing Software are user-friendly and excellent where speed is concerned. It has hundreds of different servers all over the globe. These VPN sharing software allows Bit Torrenting. It allows address recycling of IP addresses automatically and it also has a kill switch. It protects the web traffic from anyone that wants to pry and has a number of security features packed in as well. This is very popular by those who want to hide their online activities.



Nord VPN Software

Scanner Sharing Software

Scanner Sharing Software allows sharing of a scanner among different computers. It can be used to scan images, text, image editors and more. The color, size of the image and resolution of the image needs to be scanned. This works on any TWAIN Scanner and even works with scanners which have automatic feeders. All the user needs to do is to select the scanner.




Capturix ScanShare

These sharing software help to share files easily, directly and quickly. These help to decrease the cost of software as well as the hardware as the same resources can be used. This leads to better utilization of resources. It also helps to foster collaboration and better communication. It increases the flexibility and in computing of workgroups and thereby teamwork is fostered. It can be used even to solve technical problems from remote sites.

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Sharing of files between peers in professional organisations is an important task and can easily be achieved by having the best File Sharing Software. Using File Sharing software not only makes work easy and saves a lot of time when sending and receiving files.

In earlier times, when there wasn’t much of technological advancement, people used to share files either in physical form or used storage devices like USB or Gmail to send and receive data or files from one device to another. Using a File Sharing Software ensures the transfer of files is done in a secure manner on the web and offline too.

The best file sharing software includes multiple forms of storage, broadcast, and supply namely:

P2p software networking, Computer networks that consist of local servers, Portable media that can be shared manually, and Hyperlinked data. With so many benefits of file-sharing services, we thought of bringing you some of the best file transfer software. According to our research, Dropbox and Slack are the best File sharing apps for Windows, however we have also listed top 10+ file sharing software along with it.

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Table Of Contents:

Best File Sharing Software for Windows

We have thoroughly reviewed all the leading software’s in the market and finally shortlisted some of the best file sharing software. Continue reading the article to get an insight of the best file sharing apps for PC and decide which one you wish to install.

1. Dropbox:

Powered with Cloud technology. Dropbox is your inhouse for all the work you do. Dropbox is considered as one of the best File sharing service using which you can share or store files, work together with others on different projects and achieve the best from anywhere and anytime.


  • Dropbox lets you store all your work in one place and access it from anywhere. Simply have changes made to your docs and have it updates on all the synced devices.
  • East sharing of files of any file size, Dropbox lets users share files with people, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.
  • Easy integration of common apps used by a team.
  • Ensures safety by letting users control access and sharing rights.
  • It provides automatic synchronization of data.
  • Regular and automatic updates.
  • 256-bit AES encryption security

Having mentioned so many features of Dropbox, it makes a good file sharing software and is used by millions of users across the globe.

What Users Say:

It is useful in making backup copies of all my documents, securely storing all my information and has allowed us to exchange and transfer important documents. I like that it is possible to integrate it with many tools, where you need to use it there will be Dropbox. It works integrated in the cloud with ample storage space, where this capacity allows a wide administration organizing all the work by folders. It is also a meeting point to ensure that each project is carried out collaboratively, everyone at work uses it to make videos and important documents.

Arianna Wilson
Web Design Development Specialist
Thomson ReutersInformation Technology & Services, 201-500 employees

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2. Google Drive:

Let your files dwell at a single safe place with Google Drive. Our list of best file transfer software will be incomplete if we do not include Google Drive. This is one of the most used and secure file sharing tools that enable users to store pictures, documents, videos, etc. in one place. It not only provides easy storing and sharing but also give 15 GB of free storage space with each Google account.


  • Easy storage of data in one place.
  • Automatically synchronization with all the connected devices so that all the changes made are reflected on every synced device.
  • Effective monitoring of changes made in the last one month, with easy redo/undo functionality.
  • Each functionality to invite users so that they can see, download and work together on files.

What Users Say:

We use Google Drive to store, maintain and share documentation about our department’s processes and projects. It’s essential to our business model because it narrows the communication and expectation setting gap with our teams and our customers.
With it, we can share project documentation and keep traceability of updates and with its powerful scripting engine, we can make some amazing spreadsheets that pull data from various sources to keep people up to date with company/project metrics.

Jose F. Gomez
Director of Operations
KoombeaInformation Technology & Services, 51-200 employees

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3. Slack:

Yet another could-based program that lets users collaborate in projects and interact with each other across the same or different organizations. Considered as a hub for collaboration, this file sharing app for PC connects teams irrespective of the work they do.


  • An effective data sharing solution that caters to multiple organizations related to media, retail, logistics, research, etc.
  • Single platform for team discussions.
  • An advanced search engine that lets users search for information from anywhere.
  • Secured with 2FA and SSO to provide a maximum level of security to data.
  • Integrated tools for streamlined data.

What Users Say:

Slack is our go-to quick communication tool for our remote team”
Overall: Before using Slack, we had to wait for people to answer emails or use text messages or chat apps. None of it was organized into a company-wide system where you can have multiple conversations with different people. Slack is the perfect solution for quick communication that doesn’t need to be saved forever.

Eileen Moran C.
Marketing and Operations Manager
Marketing and Advertising, Used the software for: 2+ years

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4. Simple Page:

Samepage is another file sharing app for windows that makes communication, conducting meetings, managing projects a cake walk. It easily integrates team chats, online video conferencing, sharing of screens between people,real-time documenting. With Samepage all the things happen at one place i.e a single cloud-based workspace.


  • It keeps the context and conversation at one place.
  • Online team collaboration to make work easy.
  • Easy syncing of files.
  • Works wonders in managing remote teams.
  • Drag and drop facility.

What Users Say:

“Samepage platform enabled my organizational success as Project Manager for my company!!”

Overall: I was hired on at my company to create a system to manage and track the flow of our construction projects & contracts. I needed exactly what samepage offered: a platform for organization, tracking, integration, and chat all in one. I am thrilled with the efficiency that I achieve using samepage as the software platform to perform my job and manage our company.

Cheryl H.Project Manager
Construction, 1-10 employees
Used the software for: 2+ years

5. Box:

Box is a top file sharing software that delivers sheltered alliances from any number of devices used to share data and files amongst users and companies. This software, as a file sharing program is used by world-famous companies like Gap, GE, Pandora, etc.

It stores data on the cloud in a secure manner, which is easily accessible by everyone from everywhere.


  • Enterprise-grade security provides the utmost security to all the data and documents saved on the cloud.
  • Integration of automatic workflow, teamwork, and machine learning enables easy connecting your business content and its processes using a managed Cloud Content platform.
  • SSL and At Rest Encryption
  • It provides two-factor authentication.

What Users Say:

“Excellent enterprise class cloud storage and workflow integration software”
Overall: Mostly it is a very stable and secure cloud backup tool, great for workflow and content management in groups.

Narasimhan (Nari) S. Chemical Engineer
Research, 1001-5000 employees, Used the software for: 2+ years

File Sharing Mac To Mac

6. Droplr

This again is one of the best file sharing tools for Windows in 2020 which cannot be missed. With Droplr one can easily share screenshots as well as record screens and can share it via the link saved on the cloud.


  • Easy User Interface.
  • Easy Sharing of screenshots and screen sharing.
  • Provides enterprise level security.

What Users Say:

“Great way to share screenshots, recordings and files! ”

Overall: I’m extremely happy with this app, but there’s ONE thing that it doesn’t do that I REALLY need: copying the file into my clipboard right after taking the screenshot/recording. Hope they implement it soon!

Luis P. English teacher & blogger
Education Management, Self-employed
Used the software for: Less than 6 months

7. WeTransfer:

Yet another best File sharing software app, with the tagline of big transfers, bigger impact, WeTransfer gives you the ease of drag and drop facility to easy data sharing.


  • A maximum of 20GB of files can be transferred.
  • Provide 1 TB of storage.
  • Easy tracking of downloads.
  • Resend, forward and delete features provides easy management of files to be transferred.
  • Control access features provide security while transferring the files.

WeTransfer comes in both the free and paid version.

What Users Say:

This is one of the best websites to transfer more data. Thanks for We Transfer.

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File sharing pc to mac

8. ShareFile:

This is again one of the best file sharing software tools lets you work at your convenience. It provides easy access, syncing and sharing of files.


File Sharing Pc To Mac

  • Bank lever data sharing provides security to the files.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Multiple settings can be easily customized.
  • Easy recovery of lost data.

What Users Say:

My overall experience with ShareFile is really good. It is by far the best sharing services I have ever used. I would highly recommend it to any Business.

Eric H.
Associate Engineer
Civil Engineering, 10,001+ employees
Used the software for: 2+ years

9. FileZilla:

When talking about the best file sharing apps for PC, FileZilla is one name we cannot miss. FileZilla is an open source software that is distributed free of cost.


  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • It is a cross platform software that works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and much more.
  • Easy drag and drop facility.

What Users Say:

The easiest, most convenient way to transfer files
By Cat Ellis

Best File Sharing Software For Mac Windows 10

10. FileCloud:

The last file best file sharing tool is FileCloud. It is a simple file sharing software that has one of the best user interfaces for ease of access. Users can use this file sharing app for PC from anywhere, anytime.


  • Provides easy sharing of files, images, database, etc.
  • SAS70 compliance regulations.
  • It provides 256 bit of file encryption.
  • Easy sharing of large files.

What Users Say:

On-prem choice for file sharing and remote file access”

Overall: We have a number of project managers, drafters, engineers, contract administrators, and estimators that need to share large files easily via email links. We prefer to host our own content and keep it under our control, so we used a popular self-hosted product for quite some time. The instability of the product and the politics and marketing of the sponsor company made finding an alternative compelling, as the concept of hosting our own content really worked well for us.

Brian F.IT Manager
Construction, 201-500 employees
Used the software for: 1-2 years

11. Flock

Make collaboration and communication easy with Flock. With Flock you can easily organize apps, conversation as well as the productivity tools all at one place. Flock makes working together easy.


  • Easy discussion and sharing of ideas in real-time.
  • Video and Voice conferencing.
  • AES cipher for file encryption.
  • Easy sharing of live updates.

What Users Say:

“Tuning up business workflow is what I love doing so naturally I’m impressed with @Flock. A non-technical collaboration tool with pricing tiers suitable for a variety of team sizes & functions. #SmallBusiness #collaboration #Workflow #architecture”
John Pugh

12. Egnyte:

Egnyte is one of the most appreciated file sharing software that provides fast, secure and consistent data sharing facilities. Used by some of the best-known companies across the globe, it is power-packed with features delivering business collaborations using Cloud storage platform.


  • Presence of organized and intuitive dashboards that are permission dependent. Using the dashboard facility, users can easily sign-in, create and even sync files, export them among different apps and can be downloaded to all the synced devices.
  • Open API for managing work from any device and multiple software architectures.
  • Data encryption with SSL 256-bit and biometric access.
  • Cross-Site Synchronization.

What Users Say:

Egnyte offers a cost-effective cloud-based way to manage data without expensive infrastructure. It creates a Z-drive on people’s computers and functions just like a local folder structure but with files saved to the cloud. This allows for a fairly reliable system for remote use from home or when travelling. It also serves as the main database for files when working in the office.

John Watson
Director Non-Clinical Development
Auregen BioTherapeuticsBiotechnology

The above-mentioned best file transfer software should be of help when it gets to choose which will suit your or your organization’s needs. While Dropbox can easily handle the organization of any size, Egnyte provides the most secure environment by giving biometric access and 256-bit SSL certificate.

Try installing this best file sharing software on PC and decide for yourself.

What is File Sharing?

File sharing software users to share resources or information in digital form that includes documents, graphics, multimedia, pictures known as file sharing. The sharing of digital information may be distributed in a public or private network with multiple levels of sharing rights. Cloud sharing is the most used platform for File sharing nowadays.

What is A File Sharing Software?

File sharing tools is a platform that organizations and companies use to share files and data over the web or local network or through a cloud storage platform. Data/File sharing software enable the transfer of digital data in multiple forms that may include text files, audios, videos, pictures, etc.


One of the best uses of file-sharing tools are seen in companies where employees transfer and share their projects locally or over the web with other employees. In a nutshell, sharing files using these file sharing programs help companies to accomplish their business goal

Features Of A File Sharing App On Windows:

Owing to the tough competition, manufacturers keep on adding features to their software, see what are the most common features of a data sharing app:

  • You can share as many files and data.
  • Many file sharing software offers secure space by paying a small amount. You can always buy the space as per requirement.
  • Easy backup recovery option to recover deleted data.
  • File sharing apps can also have permission access to allow access control through the administrator.
  • Files can be password protected using file sharing apps for Windows.
  • Real time access on the dashboard.

Advantages Of Using A File Sharing Software:

Below are the array of benefits of using a data sharing program:

  • Sharing files is extremely convenient as it saves time as well as effort.
  • No expenditure in maintaining the infrastructure hence reduces cost.
  • No manual intervention while sharing files hence saves time.
  • Eliminates using physical storage of physical files. The sharing of files using the data sharing program saves storage space and makes it convenient to access files.
  • Data shared is secure as file sharing applications use secure algorithms.


File Sharing Macbook

Having read the article you must have educated yourself about File Sharing Software, best file sharing apps for Windows, their benefits and their features too. We hope that you will now be able to decide and choose amongst the different options available.

Windows 10 File Sharing Mac

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