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The protocol, termed adaptive slotted ALOHA protocol (ASAP), is motivated by the need to significantly improve the total read time performance of the currently suggested MAC protocols for RFID systems. In order to accomplish this task, ASAP estimates the dynamic tag population and adapts the frame size in the subsequent round. ASAP ia an automotive service database management system. This system is self-contained and is an important and useful tool for automotive service garages to manage customer data, to enter service.

The ASAP Program is designed for non-accounting majors who have been admitted to the Online or On-Campus Jenkins MAC Program. Students must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher. The program is intended to provide coverage of fundamental undergraduate concepts/topics necessary for MAC core courses and electives. All modules are self-paced and offered asynchronous online with program support.


The ASAP Program courses are not for credit, but will allow students to complete all prerequisites required to enter the MAC program. Upon successful completion of ASAP, students will be able to start MAC courses.

Once enrolled in the ASAP Program, students will first be required to pass a proficiency exam that covers accounting fundamentals (basic financial statements, the accounting cycle, etc). An online tutorial will be made available for students to review these materials before taking the proficiency exam. Once the student passes this proficiency exam they can move on to the other modules. Modules can be completed at their own pace up until the start of classes.


Fundamental Accounting Tutorial Review

This no-cost online tutorial does not grant course credit to the participant. Its purpose is to allow incoming MAC students a brief review of key topics from a common undergraduate introductory financial accounting course before taking the entrance proficiency exam. The successful completion of an entrance proficiency exam with a minimum score of 75% is required for all students planning to participate in any portion of the ASAP Program. The entrance proficiency exam must be completed before the start of the ASAP Program.

Cost: No Cost Course
Duration Estimate: Varies based on experience

Intermediate Financial Accounting I

Intermediate Financial Accounting I builds upon certain topics first introduced in the Financial Accounting Fundamentals Review. The course covers more advanced topics related to the accounting cycle, major categories of assets, current liabilities, and the preparation of the balance sheet, statement of stockholders’ equity, and income statement. Topics covered closely align with those covered in intermediate accounting courses offered for course credit.

Cost: $1,000
Course Duration Estimate: 2-3 weeks
, 50-60 hours

Intermediate Financial Accounting II

Intermediate Financial Accounting II builds upon some of the topics first introduced in the Financial Accounting Fundamentals Review and introduces new topics unique to intermediate accounting courses. The course covers more advanced and specialized topics relating to long-term liabilities, investments, stockholders’ equity, deferred income taxes, revenue recognition, pensions, leases, accounting changes, and the statement of cash flows. Topics covered closely align with those covered in intermediate accounting courses offered for course credit

Cost: $1,000
Course Duration Estimate: 2-3 weeks, 50-60 hours

Business Law

Business Law covers topics generally included in an undergraduate level introductory Business Law course. The course provides a basic introduction to the American legal system, including legal terminology, court systems, procedural rules for lawsuits and applicable law for certain torts, crimes and contracts.

Cost: $750
Course Duration Estimate: 1-2 weeks, 20-25 hours


ASAP Audit covers topics generally included in an undergraduate level introductory Audit course. The course provides a basic introduction to the audit profession, ethics, audit evidence, planning, materiality, strategy, risk, sampling and completing the audit.

Cost: $1,000
Course Duration Estimate: 1-2 weeks, 20-25 hours

Income Taxation

Asap Utility For Mac

Income Taxation covers topics generally included in an undergraduate level introductory Income Taxation course. This course provides a basic introduction to topics including: business taxation, property acquisitions and dispositions, nontaxable exchanges, sole proprietorship and flow through entities, corporate taxation, business entity choice, jurisdictional issues, and individual taxation and compliance.

Cost: $1,000
Course Duration Estimate: 2-3 weeks, 50-60 hours

After each module is completed, students will be required to pass a proficiency exam. Failing this exam requires the student to re-take the exam until earning a passing score. If a student is unable to pass a proficiency exam by the end of the ASAP Program, they will be ineligible for MAC course work.


The total cost of the ASAP Program is $4,750. This cost includes the five ASAP Program modules, online tutorials and proficiency exam assessment. If a student does not need to enroll in all five modules (due to completion of equivalent undergraduate coursework), individual modules may be taken at a prorated cost.

For more information please contact MAC Associate Director of Admissions: Jay Arrington, [email protected]


What is the cost to complete the ASAP Online Prerequisite Program?

There is a cost associated with each ASAP Course. See pricing above in module drop down descriptions. Payment is due at the time of registration. If you have payment questions please contact the MAC Admissions team at [email protected]

Should I register for all of the ASAP courses I need at one time?

The ASAP courses can be registered for at one time or individually. Payment is due at the time of registration. Course access is available for one year from the time of registration.

How do I know which ASAP courses I need for the MAC Program?

MAC Admissions determines and communicates the needed ASAP courses based on your transcript history. If you are unsure of what courses you need reach out to Jay Arrington, Associate Director of MAC Admissions, at [email protected]

Will these courses be reflected on my transcript? Do they count for course credit?

No and No. ASAP course are non-credit prerequisite courses. They will not show on your transcript. Your pass/fail status will be communicated by the Online Coordinator to the Associate Director of Admissions prior to the beginning of MAC courses.

What is required to pass an ASAP course?

Each ASAP course contains a series of topics broken down into modules accompanied by a practice exercise. There is no grading of these exercises. After completing the modules and exercises you will take a proficiency exam. Achievement of 75% is required to pass. You will have up to three attempts to pass the proficiency exam, with the highest attempt taken. If a passing score is not achieved you may need to retake parts of the ASAP course. Your exam results will be communicated to MAC Admissions.

Asap Formal

How long do I have to complete each course?

The pace at which you take the ASAP course is up to you. We require that the ASAP prerequisite course be completed prior to taking its advanced equivalent in the MAC program (e.g. ASAP Audit before ACC 550 Advanced Auditing). An ASAP course is considered complete upon achievement of 75% or higher on the proficiency exam.

Asap For City Tech

How long should I give myself to complete each course?

See time estimates in the drop down module descriptions above.

Are there textbooks I must purchase for each ASAP course(s)?

No. Taxation is the only course that uses a textbook and the MAC program is providing access to the e-book at no cost to you, the student. Contact the MAC Online Program Coordinator, Jessica Moran, [email protected] for questions related to the textbook.

Even though I’ve completed a course along with its practice exercise, I still have a few questions about the material. Can I ask questions and , if so, how do I go about it?

Yes – please ask questions! For efficiency, as well as to address similar questions other participants may also have, please post all questions in the question forum rather than via an email. The MAC Online Coordinator will monitor these forums regularly to answer your questions. Remember you are not expected to be an expert at these topics.

Will the proficiency exam be proctored?

No, the exams are not proctored. The exam is given online and students are given two hours and three attempts. Participants who do not pass the proficiency exam on their own are unlikely to be successful in the MAC program.

Jenkins MAC ASAP Program Prepares Non-Accounting Majors for Future Success

“We want to offer a lot of flexibility in our MAC program to accommodate students from different backgrounds and life experiences. The ASAP program does a great job helping our students – many of whom aren’t coming straight from undergrad – get acclimated with being back in an educational environment.”

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